Women’s tender cable knit slippers with indoor/outside sole

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  • one hundred% synthetic
  • synthetic sole
  • extra-smooth relaxed slippers: these cable knit slippers are the correct pair to wear normal, for a glance thats comfy and polished. Its light-weight production and completely lined fleece material gives more added warmth and relaxation to your ft. These are all you want after long days of labor.
  • sizing tip: slipper is narrow in width, if you have huge feet we advocate shopping for a length up. To be had in size small (us shoe length 6-6. 5), medium (us shoe size 7-7. Five), huge (us shoe length 8-8. 5), more large (us shoe size 9-9. Five)
  • anti-slip and durable sole: the sole of this slipper is truely the most unique you have ever seen! With coronary heart shapes throughout the sole and the jessica simpson brand, it’s going to in reality lead them to stand out! With the textured bottom of the shoe it grips to the floor preventing you from sliding or slipping.
  • style & color range: this informal jessica simpson slipper capabilities a conventional and secure cable knit layout, making them an appropriate pair to wear around the house, jogging errands and next to the hearth region with a warm cup of warm chocolate! Presented in pink, cream, charcoal, burgundy, and black – you may pick out and choose from several colors for any event.
  • device cleanable: do your slippers get grimy fast? No hassle. Truly throw your slippers inside the washer to smooth, and they’ll look as right as new. Pick out slippers which are continually fresh with much less problem.
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greater-tender secure slippers: these cable knit slippers are the correct pair to wear normal, for a look thats comfy and polished. Its lightweight production and completely lined fleece cloth offers more-introduced warmth and relaxation for your ft. All you need after long days of labor!. Sizing tip: slipper is narrow in width, when you have extensive ft we recommend buying a length up. To be had in length small (us shoe size 6-6. 5), medium (us shoe size 7-7. Five), massive (us shoe size 8-eight. Five), greater big (us shoe size 9-9. Five) flexibility and luxury: the specific production and layout of the slippers permit for an excellent fit on every occasion, making it clean to slide them on in only a second anti slip and durable sole: the only of this slipper is honestly the maximum unique you’ve got ever visible! With coronary heart shapes throughout the only and the jessica simpson logo, it’ll surely cause them to stand out! With the textured bottom of the shoe it grips to the floor stopping you from sliding or slipping fashion & color range: this informal jessica simpson slipper features a traditional and comfy cable knit design, making them the precise pair to put on around the house, running errands and next to the fire location with a heat cup of hot chocolate! Offered in red, cream, charcoal, burgundy, and black – you can pick and select from numerous colors for any occasion 매우 부드럽고 아늑한 슬리퍼: 이 케이블 니트 슬리퍼는 편안하고 광택이 나는 룩을 위해 매일 착용하기에 완벽한 제품입니다. 가벼운 구조와 전체 안감 플리스 소재로 발에 따뜻함과 휴식을 더합니다. 긴 일과를 마친 후에 필요한 모든 것! 사이즈 팁: 슬리퍼는 폭이 좁습니다. 발이 넓은 경우 한 사이즈 크게 구입하는 것이 좋습니다. 스몰 사이즈 (미국 신발 사이즈 6-6. Five), 미디엄 (미국 신발 사이즈 7-7. 5), 라지 (미국 신발 사이즈 8-8. 5), 엑스트라 라지 (미국 신발 사이즈 nine-nine. 5) 유연성 및 편안함: 슬리퍼의 독특한 구조와 디자인으로 매번 완벽한 핏을 제공하므로 쉽게 두 번째 미끄럼 방지 및 내구성 있는 밑창: 이 슬리퍼의 밑창은 분명히 가장 독특합니다. 지금까지 본 적이 없습니다! 밑창 전체에 하트 모양과 jessica simpson 로고가 있는 이 제품은 분명히 눈에 띄게 만들 것입니다! 신발 바닥의 질감이 있는 바닥으로 미끄러지거나 미끄러지는 것을 방지합니다. 스타일 및 다양한 색상: 이 캐주얼 jessica simpson 슬리퍼는 클래식하고 아늑한 케이블 니트 디자인이 특징이며, 집 주변에서 착용하기에 완벽한 한 쌍이며, 심부름을 할 수 있으며 따뜻한 초콜릿 한 잔으로 화재 장소 옆에 있습니다! 핑크, 크림, 차콜, 버건디, 블랙 색상으로 제공되며 어떤 경우에도 다양한 색상 중에서 선택할 수 있습니다


Small, Medium, Large, X-Large


Black Knit, Black Metallic, Burgundy Knit, Charcoal, Cream, Grey, Light Grey, Lilac, Navy, Pink Knit, Yellow Speckle, Pink Speckle, Tan

8 reviews for Women’s tender cable knit slippers with indoor/outside sole

  1. Britney Henkel

    Would like to give these 5 stars for being so cute but can only give them 2 because of the horrible quality. Only had them a week and they started ripping. Bought them because my favorite slippers of 15 years finally pooped out on me and these will probably only last me a month. Very disappointed in quality but I’ll still rock them for awhile because they are so darn cute! Read more

  2. Divergirl

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. They’re already falling apart. And not even a month old. Not worth the the money. See pics. Also, the foam inside is cheap thin sheets of foam; not even close to memory foam. My favorite brand Acorn no longer makes the style Slipper I like. I hoped this one would be at least a little similar, but no, not even close. Back to shopping for the “perfect” slipper. Read more

  3. Lauren

    After just a couple hours wearing them on and off around the house, they ripped open (as pictured). I didn’t do anything crazy in them. I was sitting at my desk working most of the day and would just slip them on to walk around the house for a few minutes at a time, then slipped them back off and got back to work… but somehow, they still didn’t even make it through the day without this tear. I wear a 6.5-7.5, depending on the shoe, so I ordered the M (7-8). They are a perfect fit, almost too small – my foot goes from the very top to the very back. If I were a size 8 (which I’ve never been), they’d be too small. I’m so sad they didn’t work out because they really are just as cute as pictured.. The padding is pretty thin, so if you’ve got swollen feet and are looking for comfort, these aren’t the slippers for you. If you want to take the chance on them and hope they don’t rip within a day, maybe try ordering a size up. I’m not sure why mine ripped already. 🥺 I’ll be returning and ordering a different brand. 😞 Read more


    these edges near heels , the plastic sticks out through cloth…….uncomfortable Read more

  5. Barbara lynch

    I bought these thinking that they would be comfortable but the plastic heal edge is not comfortable on my heels. I will keep them and use them as I can but very disappointed in this product, plus I noticed that they are short for being a large size. I bought a large 8 to size 9 and there is not way a size nine could fit the short length of these slippers. Will have to replace them soon. Will not buy them again. Read more

  6. Kindle Customer

    I wore these slippers not even daily and after a little over a month they’re completely breaking. The foot is lifting up from the sole. Super disappointing! Read more

  7. Gina

    Love these so far! Thick sole feels like great and has a nice cushion. I’d expect this to compress over time so the fact it’s thick so start with is great. I typically wear a size 7 1/2 or 8 and I ordered a Large to be on the safe size and I’m glad I did. Perfect fit. Read more

  8. Bill Humes

    I loved these slippers when I first got them, but the second or third time I had them on, I started noticing my foot felt funny in them. There’s a hard spot that feels like something’s poking me in the center of my left pad. And felt it down to the sole. Then I noticed the stitching around the heel was separating the slipper from the sole. After the forth time wearing them, the whole heel part of the slipper has detached from the sole of the slipper. I am also noticing the same thing is happening to the right slipper in the stictchimg. Not impressed after spending almost $20 on a pair of slippers that have lasted less time than cheap slippers from Dollar General. Read more

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