Womens superior comfort cotton slip on scuff slipper with memory foam and anti-skid sole

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  • synthetic sole
  • gentle cozy slippers: those jersey knit slip on scuff slippers are an appropriate pair to put on after an extended day, light-weight, and absolutely lined with a microterry fabric for additonal added consolation, breathability and a tender experience, getting back home never felt better with those slippers to stay up for, wear them after a pleasant lengthy bathe and get in your spa mood for some well deserved me time
  • sizing tip: to be had in wellknown us womens length small (us 6 – 7), medium (us 7 – eight), massive (us 8 – 9), greater big (nine – 10). Slipper is slender in width, if you have extensive feet we advocate shopping for 1 length up.
  • flexibility and luxury: the particular production and layout of these slippers permit for a really perfect healthy on every occasion, making it easy to slip them on in only a 2d.
  • anti slip and sturdy sole: the textured bottom of the shoe grips to the ground stopping you from sliding or slipping.
  • color options: this ordinary hanes slip on scuff residence slipper is obtainable in purple, grey and black
  • gadget washer-friendly: do your slippers get dirty quickly? No problem. Truely throw your hanes slippers inside the washing machine to clean, and they’ll appearance as suitable as new. Select slippers that are always clean with less hassle.
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from the manufacturer

  • faux fur scuff w/ water-proof anti slip sole
  • evaluation cotton scuff w/ waterproof anti slip sole
  • comparison cotton scuff w/ rugged indoor/outdoor sole
  • comfortable & conventional

    hanes girls’s indoor/out of doors scuff slippers are as durable as they are highly-priced, keeping you feeling relaxed and cozy all day long.

    the indoors comfortsoft memory foam cushioning permits the slipper to mildew to the form of your foot, developing the maximum relaxed custom match at the same time as supplying you with all the fashion, flexibility and assist you need in a slipper.

  • smooth slip on scuff creation
  • machine wash, lay flat to dry
  • long lasting anti-skid waterproof sole
  • comfortsoft memory foam footbed
  • breathable fabrication
  • product description

    this hanes womens jersey cotton scuff slipper will maintain you feeling cozy and cozy all day lengthy. The internal cushioning lets in the slipper to mould to the shape of your foot, growing the most cozy custom suit and offers you with all of the fashion, flexibility and help you want in a slipper. This fashion is completely coated with a tender cotton footbed for extra breathability. Plush and quite, our slip on scuff slippers are presented in wonderful fashion alternatives: both presenting a faux fur collar for a high-priced style accent or in a evaluation ribbed collar for some texture hobby and comparison color footbed for a a laugh pop. They are the best everyday slipper to relax and loosen up in and are also a wonderful gift for a person special, making them the correct vacation gift, mothers day gift, commencement or birthday gift. And way to their lightweight creation, they are also a amazing tour slipper to convey alongside for your next ride. 이 hanes 여성용 저지 면 스커프 슬리퍼는 하루 종일 편안하고 편안한 착용감을 선사합니다. 안쪽 쿠션은 슬리퍼가 발 모양에 맞게 변형될 수 있게 해 주며, 가장 편안한 맞춤형 핏을 만들어주며 슬리퍼에 필요한 모든 스타일, 유연성 및 지지력을 제공합니다. 이 스타일은 통기성을 높이기 위해 부드러운 면 풋 베드로 완전히 안감을 댔습니다. 플러시 및 예쁜 슬립 온 스커프 슬리퍼는 두 가지 멋진 스타일 옵션으로 제공됩니다. 고급스러운 패션 악센트를 위한 인조 모피 칼라 또는 재미있는 팝을 위한 약간의 질감 및 대비 색상 풋 베드를 특징으로 합니다. 이 슬리퍼는 걷어차서 휴식을 취할 수 있는 완벽한 일상용 슬리퍼이며 특별한 누군가를 위한 훌륭한 선물입니다. 완벽한 휴일 선물, 어머니의 날 선물, 졸업식 또는 생일 선물로 좋습니다. 가벼운 구조 덕분에 다음 여행에 가져갈 수 있는 훌륭한 여행용 슬리퍼이기도 합니다.


    Small, Medium, Large, X-Large


    Black, Blue/Grey, Burgundy, Charcoal/Blue, Charcoal/Purple, Grey, Navy, Pink, Raspberry, Charcoal/Yellow, Khaki

    8 reviews for Womens superior comfort cotton slip on scuff slipper with memory foam and anti-skid sole

    1. D. Westfall

      (My husband and I share an Amazon acct so I’m writing the review under my hubby’s name) I have a hard time finding slippers that are both comfortable AND durable. If they’re comfy, they don’t seem to hold up well through every day use. If they DO hold up, they’re not the soft-soled kind of slipper I enjoy. These absolutely check both off my list!! I LOVE these!!! They seem to be true to size, so I would order your regular shoe size. They’re warm without making your feet too warm if that makes sense too. I can’t say enough good things about them. I’m getting the pink pair after I finish typing this! Read more

    2. Mary Northrup

      I bought another brand of slippers that hurt terribly if I mis-stepped and my heal landed on the back edge of the slipper. The hard plastic bottom soles were painful and unforgiving. I searched everywhere and MOST ALL of the slippers were similarly made. With the Hanes slippers, the cushioned insole extends beyond the bottom, so even if I step incorrectly, I have NO PAIN. I definitely recommend these for comfort, fit and wear-ability without getting over heated in warmer temperatures. Read more

    3. jbebout1295

      These are the most uncomfortable slippers I have ever used. The memory foam seems to be extremely thin and of poor quality. It feels like your foot goes straight through to land on whatever uncomfortable design makes up the bottom of the shoe. The memory foam also seems to be cut too small for the bottom of the shoe. Every time I tried to take a step, my foot would slip off the sides of the memory foam. In my case, this was especially problematic because I have balance issues so it made my steps unsteady. If I could give these zero stars, I would. Definitely would NOT recommend. Read more

    4. Suzanne lowrie

      My house has zero heating. Nighttime temperatures are about 45. The tile floors are really cold. For the first time in years my feet are warm. I take off the slippers at the garage entrance where my street shoes are waiting. Why didn’t I buy these house slippers before? $20. I must have been crazed by cold feet. How much to install ducts, heating and air con? $35,000. Will I do it? Not a chance. I might buy a second pair of these slippers in pink. So nice. Read more

    5. LT

      Love these slippers! I ordered them to have them in my “go-bag” for the hospital when I give birth in a couple months. I started wearing them and now I can’t take them off! They are so comfy and keep my always-cold feet warm! I will be ordering another pair to put in my “go-bag” since these will be worn out by then! My feet are size 6.5-7 and I ordered the medium – fit perfect! Read more

    6. M. Gardner

      These run wide which makes them hard to walk in. I like tgeir softness and look. Tge length is perfect. I have to wear socks with them so they fit. Read more

    7. Edgar Varela

      We purchased 4 pairs of slippers in the $16-$30 range and this was the best fit, the best comfort and the best value for your money. No frills basic and comfy as you would expect from the Hanes name. Recommended. Read more

    8. ER

      Very happy with my purchase. Worth the money and the fit is as expected. I’m a size 8 and ordered just that and it fit perfectly. Read more

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