Winner-x men’s therapeutic diabetic extra intensity shoe

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  • one hundred% leather
  • rubber sole
  • guys’s athletic shoe – full-grain leather sneaker built ¼ inch deeper for better aid.
  • double touch closure – two hook and loop fasteners guarantees comfort, assist, and a amazing suit.
  • leather uppers – breathable material to alter heat and and maintain toes cool and dry.
  • detachable insoles – footbeds may be eliminated to house your very own orthotics.
  • protective toe container – defensive toe field gives greater safety from toe stubbing.
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product description

approximately winner x : finally, a double depth shoe for energetic men. Built a ¼ inch deeper, the winner x is a complete top-grain leather-based athletic shoe with a completely unique arch stabilizer handing over greater assist and balance. Constructed with two contact closures, this trainer incorporates greater volume for extreme edema, internal braces, and afos. The extensive toe field gives masses of wiggle room at the same time as the padded heel cup and tongue save you skin irritation. Surprise absorbent and supportive, the winner x gives advanced consolation. The winner x is a ¼ inch deeper than the winner plus that is a lace up shoe and the winner that’s a loop and closure shoe. Indications encompass foot problems related to: diabetes plantar fasciitis corns calluses swollen ft osteoarthritis rheumatoid arthritis bunions hammer ft morton’s neuroma injuries related to tendons, muscular tissues, and bones (e. G. Achilles tendonitis) dr. Comfort technology : we use the first-class era, fabric, and craftsmanship in creation to supply cozy and top-nice diabetic footwear. With thorough designs, shoe modifications, 3d technology and greater, dr. Consolation shoes can guard your feet towards the complications of diabetes. Gel inserts : gel insoles come preferred in dr. Comfort shoes. The inserts provide consolation and stability, surprise absorption and further aid for individuals with clinical conditions like arthritis and diabetes.


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8 reviews for Winner-x men’s therapeutic diabetic extra intensity shoe

  1. joemaamah

    I deal with a lot of swelling in my feet, and neuropathic pain as well. This is my second pair of Dr. Comfort’s and they have pluses and minuses over the previous pair. Pluses: Extra “depth” to the shoe – Most of the swelling I have is on the top of my feet, with a little less to the sides. Having this extra depth keeps my foot from feeling mooshed into the shoe, putting extra pressure on the swollen areas. Velco Straps/Tongue design – Someone actually did a little engineering here. Instead of a regular flapper of a tongue this shoe has no tongue but a separation to the side of the shoe that opens wide, allowing a lot easier access to get one’s foot into the shoe without having to yank the things on over your feet. The straps make adjusting the amount of pressure to hold the foot in place highly adjustable. Minuses: Inserts – Although these come with very high quality inserts, they aren’t as comfortable as my original Dr. Comforts. Not as well padded and not as good arch support. It probably would never be noticeable though if I hadn’t had the first pair to compare. Inner Padding – The insides of my originals were soft as lamb’s wool. While these are fairly comfortable, they are the level of cooshiness I’ve come to expect. The minuses are relative though. Compared to other shoes on the market, if you suffer from issues with your feet, these are a heck of a lot kinder to your tootsies than any “normal” shoe you will find. Overall I am quite pleased with this purchase. Read more

  2. Medium Level Tech

    I wear these shoes because I use AFOs (in shoe braces) on both legs. I also have a hip problem and have trouble tying my shoes. These work great. This is my second pair. The others are black/grey. I got these white ones for summer. The extra wide are really wide and work perfect for me. They come with spacers to adjust shoe depth. Read more

  3. Christi

    I’m a type 1 diabetic. As I age, I’ve found it difficult to buy comfortable shoes. I had high hopes for these until I tried them on. There is virtually no padding in them and arch support is inferior. For the price, I expected much more. They’re also huge. My feet rattled around inside even when I used my orthotics. Quality is not as good as I’d expected. Read more

  4. MKZ

    Finding very wide shoes for my partner has always been a challenge. I decided to do research to find a shoe that will fit better and last longer. These shoes are great. The fit is perfect. The shoes are so well made! I will not waste my time or money on other shoes from now on. Many shoes that I have purchased have not been worn long. Just stuffed under a bed or in a closet. These shoes were a hit the first time they were worn. I am a believer. Great shoes! Read more

  5. Amazon Customer

    These shoes are wonderful for my special needs son who wears AFO braces on both legs. These shoes go on easy and come off easy because of the extra shoe depth and wide open access to the shoe. No more struggling and fighting to apply the shoes over the braces. It’s a breeze. Read more

  6. Kindle Customer

    For arthritis, I try to have a steel shank and/or rocker-bottom soles. For the orthotics and my everted right foot, I need a deep and wide toe box, and variable depth shoe. Likewise for my long-standing lower extremity edema. And to keep dressing and undressing from becoming any more theatrical than they already are (compression socks, etc.), Velcro fasteners really help…AS LONG AS they don’t make the top of the shoe too loose around the ankle. Oh, yeah: need 10.5 6E size. These shoes have a very stiff rear sole, though not steel-shanked, and the sole is either a rocker or close enough. The toe box could be a tad more generous, but it’s good enough! Doesn’t come to much of appoint, and the depth is fine. Shoe comes with one depth insert, and I added it to the left shoe because that foot is smaller. Worked. My orthotices go in without difficulty and work, and the top of the shoes is snug but not too tight around the ankle. Good Velcro. Right now Drew doesn’t sell what I need, so I tried Dr. Comfort. Excellent choice! Read more

  7. Bryan

    Ugly but not horrible, fit pretty good, comfortable. Update: Still like them but 3 months in and some of the tread is peeling off. Glued it back on. Update: 5 months in and the interior is crumbling. Heel is worn out and some plastic thing is poking me around the heel. Top layer of insoles is shredding. It’s just the fabric part of it but it makes it uncomfortable to wear because I feel fabric lumps under my feet. I was able to fix it by gluing on some inexpensive thin insoles. But for the price the shoe should have lasted longer. Read more

  8. Toni Callen

    These were great for several months, but recently, my husband was driving our truck, hauling our 43 ft 5 th wheel trailer,er and the shoes had stretched so much that his shoe fell off while driving and got stuck under the brake pedal, nearly causing a very serious accident. Thankfully we have a hand trailer brake he was able to use. We tried tightening these with the Velcro as far as possible but the shoe still slipped off. Is 5 months the average length of use for wear. If so, these are very expensive for the length we have had them. Read more

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