Unisex-toddler pre school assert eight alternate closure sneaker

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  • made in u. S. A. Or imported
  • synthetic sole
  • lightweight mesh higher with three-color virtual print grants whole breathability
  • long lasting leather-based overlays for balance & that locks for your midfoot
  • hook & loop strap for easy on & off
  • eva sockliner offers tender, step-in comfort
  • one-piece eva midsole turns cushioned landings into explosive takeoffs
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light-weight mesh upper with 3-shade digital print offers whole breathability. Long lasting leather-based overlays for balance & that locks in your midfoot. Hook & loop strap for easy on & off. Eva sockliner provides gentle, step-in consolation. One-piece eva midsole turns cushioned landings into explosive takeoffs. Strong rubber outsole covers high impact zones for more sturdiness with much less weight.


10.5K, 11.5K, 12.5K, 13.5K, 1 Little Kid, 1.5 Little Kid, 2 Little Kid, 2.5 Little Kid, 3 Little Kid, 10.5 Little Kid, 11 Little Kid, 11.5 Little Kid, 12 Little Kid, 12.5 Little Kid, 13 Little Kid, 13.5 Little Kid


Little Kid, Little Kid (4-8 Years)


Black (008)/White, Nebula Purple (501)/White, Black (001)/Pitch Gray, Red (600)/White, Black (006)/Pitch Gray, Halo Gray (109)/White, Mod Gray (108)/White, Electric Blue (406)/Halo Gray, Beta (602)/White, Halo Gray (103)/White, Pitch Gray (106)/White, Halo Gray (105)/White, Tempest (400)/Fluo Fuchsia, Ash Gray (401)/Wire, Royal (402)/Red, Halo Gray (104)/White, Icelandic Rose (500)/Breathtaking Blue, Comet Green (300)/Halo Gray, Pitch Gray (102)/Versa Red, Black (005)/Black, Mod Gray (100)/Pinkadelic, Black (002)/X-ray, Blue Haze (404)/Orange Spark, Pitch Gray (101)/White

8 reviews for Unisex-toddler pre school assert eight alternate closure sneaker

  1. CSN

    In July, we bought a cheap pair of shoes from wal-mart. Our 4 year old son wore them out in one month – they were totally falling apart. So, I thought I’d step it up and by a “better” pair. When I got them, they looked well built and my son said they were comfortable. They were purchased on August 6th. Now, our son is pretty active and runs around a lot outside, but I wouldn’t think anymore than most 4 year olds. Anyways, 4 weeks later and the velcro strap is separating and the material on the toe is separating from the shoe as well. Also, some of the outside fabric (or fabric covering) has started to wear away. It seems that most of the 5 star reviews were written shortly after getting the shoes. I base that mostly on how clean the shoes were. My son gave these shoes a workout and they are not standing up. If your kid stays on the sidewalk and only walks, these shoes are probably great. If your kid is very active and not afraid to get dirty, these are not the shoes for you. If anyone has any better recommendations for kids that like to live, let me know! I almost gave them two stars because of the three great weeks these shoes held up. But, I just think $40+ dollar kids shoes should be able to handle a lot more. Read more

  2. not a haan fan

    He only wore these shoes 5-7 times the right shoe the silver Under Armor symbol fell off!!!! The left shoe is still on so far 😳🙄🙄🙄 Did not peel literally fell off you can’t even see where is used to be!!! Cheap cheap Read more

  3. ExperiencedBargainMama

    I personally loved the way this shoe looked and was upset my son had to complain about them. (Kinda frustrated as these were actually under $30 on coupons and usually closer to $50.) Unfortunately anything with arch support at all seems to be tight there. This pair was also narrow in the heel for him, but I do think it’s just a preference of his. He refuses all shoes except for most in the Nike Flex line. So if you have a sensory sensitive kiddo, try those out for yours. Read more

  4. ChrisB

    My grandson, who is 7yrs old, loves these sneakers! I always buy him two different types of sneakers at a time so he has a choice to what he wants to wear on a given day. However, he wore these all the time and not the other brand and therefore, he wore them out. I bought him another pair of these sneakers because at least I know I get my moneys worth. Nothing worse than buying your grandchildren items that they do not wear/use. Read more

  5. Heidi Bridges

    My sons been wearing these off and on since late January, and the toe on one shoe is already ripped up. The sole seems to be holding up fine, but the upper is looking shabby already. They’re not up to the same quality as they used to be. This is the second pair of these same shoes he’s had (different size / color), and the first pair lasted well for almost a year. Guessing they’re made in a different place with lower quality. Read more

  6. Lisa

    I was hesitant to order shoes based on measuring my sons foot in inches. His foot is 6 5/8” and I prefer an 11.5K to allow growing room. Honestly an 11 would have been fine, but he’s not going to trip in the 11.5. I love UA shoes. They are durable and even more important light weight. They are not gravy shoes at all. And he is always really comfortable in them. They style is great too. They stay on well and are ray for him to help put on. My so. Is almost 3 and these are perfect. Read more

  7. RHL Bell

    My boys love these sneakers. One is extremely picky about footwear and loves these sneakers. They outgrew the first pairs so I bought larger sized sneakers and they loved the second pairs as much as the first. True to size. I also have these in the women’s version and love them. Bonus: You know how some sneakers the laces are always coming untied? No problems with these at all – the laces stay tied. Read more

  8. SieraBlue

    Again!… This is the reason I’m a “maternal-fan-for-life” of the Under Armour kids’ shoes! I bought 3 pair this last time. This grey and red pair, a black and blue pair in the same styles and a bright blue pair with lime green/yellow symbol. We already have a black and white pair, a grey pair and a red pair. These shoes are 100% true to size, they’re ultra comfortable for my son who has autism and is terribly over-sensitive to touch, rub, itch and just about anything else possible! He has never once shown any signs of discomfort. He looks AWESOME in his shoes too!!! Read more

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