Unisex-toddler m-chameleon 7 get right of entry to mid a/c wtrpf hiking shoe

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  • one hundred% leather-based and artificial
  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • shaft measures approximately mid-pinnacle from arch
  • water resistant cunstruction to maintain ft dry
  • leather and mesh upper for light weight and durability
  • alternative closure for easy on/off and adjustability
  • rubber cup sole and lug sample outsole with m pick grip for superior traction
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from the manufacturer

chameleon 7 wtrpf series

stimulated by the adaptability of chameleons, merrell’s chameleon 7 wtrpf series takes children seamlessly from fishing to freeze tag. Geared up with a water-proof construction to keep feet dry, in mid or low silhouette and available in lace up or opportunity closure ready for any journey.

capabilities & benefits

leather and mesh higher for breathability and durability.

waterproof bootie construction to keep feet dry.

to be had in lace up or an opportunity closure for clean on/off and adjustability.

durable rubber cup sole with m select grip for bendy, non-marking traction.

merrell children

there is a number of nature to do. It’s were given to be hiked, biked and climbed. Merrell kids’ styles are created just for energetic youngsters with long lasting materials, a comfortable match and flexible capability built into each shoe.

product description

inspired by chameleon’s adaptability to converting situations, the chameleon 7 has a water resistant creation to preserve feet dry and superior traction on all kinds of surfaces. Long lasting and light-weight makes it a first-rate shoe for children whether or not they may be taking place a hike or hitting the playground. הזיקית 7 בהשראת יכולת ההסתגלות של הזיקית לתנאים משתנים, בעלת מבנה עמיד במים כדי לשמור על הרגליים יבשות ואחיזה מעולה על כל סוגי המשטחים. עמיד וקל משקל הופך אותה לנעל נהדרת לילדים בין אם הם יוצאים לטיול או יוצאים למגרש המשחקים. Inspiriert von chamäleons anpassungsfähigkeit an wechselnde bedingungen, hat das chamäleon 7 eine wasserdichte konstruktion, um die füße trocken zu halten und überlegene traktion auf allen arten von oberflächen. Langlebig und leicht macht es zu einem großartigen schuh für kinder, egal ob sie auf einer wanderung gehen oder auf dem spielplatz gehen. Inspirado pela adaptabilidade do camaleão a mudanças de condições, o camaleão 7 tem uma estrutura à prova d’água para manter os pés secos e tração superior em todos os tipos de superfícies. Durável e leve o torna um ótimo sapato para crianças, seja para uma caminhada ou para um parquinho. 變色龍 7 受到變色龍適應不斷變化的條件的啟發,具有防水結構,可保持雙腳乾燥,在各種表面上具有出色的牽引力。 耐用輕便,無論孩子去遠足或去遊樂場,這款鞋子都是一款很棒的鞋子。 灵感来自变色龙适应不断变化的条件,chameleon 7 具有防水结构,在各种地面上保持双脚干爽和卓越的牵引力。 耐用轻便,无论是在远足还是去操场,这款鞋都是一款适合孩子的好鞋。 카멜레온의 변화하는 조건에 대한 적응성에서 영감을 받은 카멜레온 7은 방수 구조로 발을 건조하게 유지하고 모든 종류의 표면에서 탁월한 마찰력을 제공합니다. 내구성이 뛰어나고 가벼워 하이킹이나 놀이터를 탈 때 아이들을 위한 훌륭한 신발입니다.


1 Little Kid, 1.5 Little Kid, 2 Little Kid, 2.5 Little Kid, 3 Little Kid, 10.5 Little Kid, 11 Little Kid, 11.5 Little Kid, 12 Little Kid, 12.5 Little Kid, 13 Little Kid, 13.5 Little Kid, 4.5 Big Kid, 5 Big Kid, 5.5 Big Kid, 6 Big Kid, 6.5 Big Kid, 7 Big Kid


Little Kid (4-8 Years), Big Kid (8-12 Years)


Gunsmoke, Grey/Blue, Berry/Coral

8 reviews for Unisex-toddler m-chameleon 7 get right of entry to mid a/c wtrpf hiking shoe

  1. Noelia Nataly

    Not waterproof!!! It poured today and my son’s feet were soaked through and through. Big disappointment, the whole purpose of these shoes were to protect him in the rain. Read more

  2. Carolyn Hansen

    These are NOT waterproof! Not even water-resistant!! I am so SO disappointed. Amazon, please update the product description before other little boys are miserable on an island with soaking wet feet. Read more

  3. Michelle Forshaw

    Bought a year ago, worn a ton, still in great, waterproof condition! My daughter got these for a fall Girl Scout camp a year ago. She wore them for that, through all the Midwest rain & snow let winter, on the many rainy days in the spring, and to many weeks of nature camp over the summer. To summarize, I bought these a year ago. They were worn immediately and frequently outdoors by a 10-year-old who is active and very hard on her shoes. They’re still in such great shape that she could still wear them until she outgrows them. I wish I could afford the adult version for her now. Bought the blue/gray. Read more

  4. V. Webb

    We like the pink, we like no laces, we like the fit Read more

  5. Nichole Hughes

    My son is ROUGH on his shoes. He would go through shoes in a month. We have had these showers for 2 weeks and there is not a scratch on them. He wears them everyday to school and has even worn them to baseball practice! We use them as his everyday show and he says they are not heavy or hard to walk/run in. He says they make him go “super fast”. I like that they are high in the ankle because his ankles roll in a little but when he walks and these shoes help support them. Definitely a great buy! Read more

  6. Big Sky Gal

    Sturdy shoes for 4 year old. Great grippy soles and sturdy uppers. They fit perfectly and they’re my kids favorite shoes. Logging quite a bit of hiking miles through sandy soil and even a couple tiny creek crossings. Great waterproofing for just an inch or two of water. There is definitely wear already on the upper outside part near where the top eyelet would be. Likely from sitting crisscrossed on pavement. i wish that were a more sturdy fabric there. Would definitely buy these again though. Read more

  7. Speedogomer

    I bought these for my daughter who just turned 3. Size 11.5 were just right, they run true to size. I was very impressed with how nice these looked, very cool design, and my daughter loved them too. We’ve worn these in a few walks and hikes, and they have performed really well. The sole provides enough grip without becoming packed with mud or small rocks, and they have proven to be water proof so far. I would definitely buy these again. Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    Definitely not waterproof…..for a 3yr old who loves the AM pasture walks (we’re in a drought so no water anywhere, just short grass dew ) Boots are wet inside from toe to ankle and so we’re his feet. Not what I expected from Merrell after using the adult hiking boots or any “waterproof” hiking boot. This one definitely failed my expectations and I will return and buy another brand. I need a quality boot that keeps my little man’s feet dry and the merrell is not it. Read more

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