Unisex-infant 888 v2 hook and loop strolling shoe

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  • 100% suede
  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • secure youngsters’ strolling shoes for all-day play: this ultra-comfy runner features an abzorb midsole, which absorbs effect through a mixture of cushioning and compression resistance
  • durable production: a strong, long lasting rubber outsole combines with a cut up suede and mesh upper for a pair of youngsters’ shoes that are an excellent mixture of help and breathability
  • a fab appearance youngsters will love: featuring formidable and shiny varsity shades, these cushioned strolling footwear for kids are a first-rate desire for dad and mom of any fashion-conscious teenager
  • versatile children’ strolling shoes: these footwear are the ideal choice for on-the-cross children and are best for play, practice and overall performance, or whatever else your little one would possibly get up to
  • elegant reflective information: those new balance youngsters’ walking footwear encompass a laugh reflective info that help them stick out from the gang, and help come up with peace of mind
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the new balance 888v2 youngsters’ jogging shoe is a crowd-captivating alternative with many advantages for each children and mother and father. Those youngsters’ overall performance shoes function bright, bold coloring that any child will love to show off as they run around the playground or their backyard. The abzorb midsole guarantees cushioning and impact absorption so that youngsters can wear all of them day in consolation. A flexible pair of jogging footwear for children, the 888v2 is also durably made with extraordinary materials together with a long lasting rubber outsole designed to stand up to playtime wear-and-tear. The break up suede and mesh upper provides flexible guide and breathability, so no matter where your infant is gambling, they are able to feel at ease and assured. Fine of all is the touch of a laugh reflective info on these comfortable kids’ footwear, as well as the conventional new balance branding so your toddler can experience like a mini-me when you each rock your preferred kicks.

new balance, is dedicated to assisting athletes gain their desires. It is been their venture for greater than a century. It is why they don’t put money into superstar endorsements. They spend it on studies and development. It is why they do not layout products to fit an photo. They layout them to in shape. New stability is pushed to make the best footwear for the equal motive athletes lace them up: to obtain the very satisfactory.


2 Infant, 2 Wide Infant, 2 X-Wide Infant, 2.5 Wide Infant, 2.5 X-Wide Infant, 3 Infant, 3 Wide Infant, 3 X-Wide Infant, 3.5 X-Wide Infant, 4 Toddler, 4 Wide Toddler, 4 X-Wide Toddler, 5 Toddler, 5 Wide Toddler, 5 X-Wide Toddler, 5.5 Toddler, 5.5 Wide Toddler, 5.5 X-Wide Toddler, 6 Toddler, 6 Wide Toddler, 6 X-Wide Toddler, 6.5 Toddler, 6.5 Wide Toddler, 6.5 X-Wide Toddler, 7 Toddler, 7 Wide Toddler, 7 X-Wide Toddler, 7.5 Toddler, 7.5 Wide Toddler, 7.5 X-Wide Toddler, 8 Toddler, 8 Wide Toddler, 8 X-Wide Toddler, 8.5 Toddler, 8.5 Wide Toddler, 8.5 X-Wide Toddler, 9 Toddler, 9 Wide Toddler, 9 X-Wide Toddler, 9.5 Toddler, 9.5 Wide Toddler, 9.5 X-Wide Toddler, 10 Toddler, 10 Wide Toddler, 10 X-Wide Toddler, 1 Little Kid, 1 Wide Little Kid, 1 X-Wide Little Kid, 1.5 Little Kid, 1.5 Wide Little Kid, 1.5 X-Wide Little Kid, 2 Little Kid, 2 Wide Little Kid, 2 X-Wide Little Kid, 2.5 Little Kid, 2.5 Wide Little Kid, 2.5 X-Wide Little Kid, 3 Little Kid, 3 Wide Little Kid, 3 X-Wide Little Kid, 10.5 Little Kid, 10.5 Wide Little Kid, 10.5 X-Wide Little Kid, 11 Little Kid, 11 Wide Little Kid, 11 X-Wide Little Kid, 11.5 Little Kid, 11.5 Wide Little Kid, 11.5 X-Wide Little Kid, 12 Little Kid, 12 Wide Little Kid, 12 X-Wide Little Kid, 12.5 Little Kid, 12.5 Wide Little Kid, 12.5 X-Wide Little Kid, 13 Little Kid, 13 Wide Little Kid, 13 X-Wide Little Kid, 13.5 Little Kid, 13.5 Wide Little Kid, 13.5 X-Wide Little Kid


Infant (0-12 Months), Toddler (1-4 Years), Little Kid (4-8 Years)


Grey/Grey, Grey/Rainbow, Black/Grey, Dark Grey/Grey, Navy/Grey

8 reviews for Unisex-infant 888 v2 hook and loop strolling shoe

  1. Oksana Peysakh

    If you’re looking for a shoe to fit over your little ones brace then look no further! I’ve tested out several kinds, with laces and without, tried the Nike flyease (supposed to be specifically for kids with special needs) and a few others. Nothing compares to a pair of newbalances in the XW size. I don’t even have to order a size up! Not to mention they’re cute too! Note to parents: don’t get the ones with laces. Stick to these and you’ll save yourself a lot of time and effort getting them on and off your child’s foot, particularly the one that’s with the brace. My daughter always chooses these over all other pairs we have for her brace, even over other new balances. Something about this model she loves and says are comfortable. Thank you new balance for making a cute shoe that actually fits over an afo! Read more

  2. ☕ Creative Coffee ☕

    My habit is always to wait at least a few weeks before reviewing anything. That way, readers of my comments know I am not just excited about a package coming in the mail but have also tested its durability. My daughter loves these shoes. They are comfortable, stylish, fit TTS, and can be worn for all of her activities. She loves that she can just throw them on and not have to worry about tieing them. My only con would be that my 9-year-old isn’t learning how to tie shoelaces because they have such a convenient velcro strap. She has some motor issues and can’t tie shoelaces very quickly, so she was worried that she would be embarrassed having to ask a teacher to tie her shoes in 4th grade. These shoes look stylish and on-trend, plus they are name brand, so they eliminate any embarrassment issues. Plus, she has XW sized feat, and almost no brands of shoes, except New Balance, make a GIRLS extra-wide shoe. The only con would be that a size 3 XW is the last of the kids XW shoes, so I’m going to have to search for women’s XW shoes–hopefully, they will be easier, not harder, to find. Also, you have to buy the XW shoes online, they are almost never in-stock in a brick and mortar store. And, Amazon always has a fair price on these! Hope you found this review helpful! Read more

  3. MindfulMommy

    Have you gone to every shoe store in town while your child screams that each shoe hurts his/her feet? 8… 8 local shoe stores and I ran out of options. I had to buy online or stick with flip flops until snow season. I was convinced I’d be returning yet another unused pair of shoes. The quote from my child “They’re PERFECT!” It’s now the only shoe I’ll buy! Real bottoms (not that soft foam that shreds after one bike ride). My child needed a very large toe box and frequently complained that shoes rubbed on the back (tendon) of his heel. Problem solved. Read more

  4. myohmy

    This brand and style is the only tennis shoe I buy my granddaughter. They are easy on and off and fit her wide chubby little feet perfectly with a little wiggle room. All other brands of tennis shoe are not comfortable for her. New Balance is the brand I have been buying her since she started walking and she is now 3 yrs old. Will continue to buy this brand for its comfort and quality. I always buy her 2 or 3 colors of the same style when she needs a different size. These shoes always outlast her growth spurts so I have to buy new shoes before the others are worn out so they last very well. Read more

  5. Nisha

    My 2 year old daughter can jump, run, leap, and even nap in these shoes. I came back to order her a second pair and the price jumped up. I should’ve bought two when I read an earlier review as they said… now I have to pay 30% more than what I originally payed. The quality of the shoe is durable. We are outside constantly… I bought them May 25 and today is June 30. They are holding together as expected. I do recommend these shoes. Disappointed the price went up. Read more

  6. Eve L.

    My daughter is 5 and wears a size 11. I bought this shoe in size 11 and it fits her perfectly. Her feet are wide, so I was so happy to see this in w. We needed a sturdier shoe for the colder weather. As soon as she put these shoes on, she did not want to take them off. She danced all around the house. The colors are cute and bright, but not too overwhelming. My daughter loved the bright shoe soles and kept showing those to us. The closure was very easy for her to use and she could put the shoes on by herself. Read more

  7. Lisa

    Usually I am happy with New Balance but this latest pair the sole of the shoe started peeling almost right away. My son is still wearing them as his feet grow so fast I only buy 1 pair at a time ( he is 5). Usually I buy a new pair every 8m or so due to size but then shoe is usually donated since its normally being in good condition but these were bad from the start. Wish someone would contact me about replacing. Read more

  8. TB

    I seemed to be going through shoes quite often with my 4-year-old. I don’t know what he does at preschool to beat up his shoes so much, but after a couple months, they look like he ran across the country in them. These New Balance shoes still look pretty great after a few months. He doesn’t wear them every day, but he didn’t wear his other shoes every day and they didn’t hold up as well as the NB shoes. I got the wide-width for my little husky guy and they fit great! Read more

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