Unisex-child journey 10 jr sneaker

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  • artificial-and-mesh
  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • shaft measures about low-top from arch
  • isofit era with a unique finger floating cage for an appropriate in shape
  • compression molded eva
  • energy grid heel insert
  • non-marking rubber outsole for sturdiness
  • tri-flex rubberized lugs for grip
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product description

no matter the journey, the experience is clean and sturdy in saucony’s ride 10 jr designed especially for little toes. A midsole for a near the floor sense, anti-stink lining for, properly you realize, and an leather and mesh top for durability and breathability maintains energetic toes transferring!


10.5 Wide, 10.5 X-Wide, 4 Toddler, 4 Wide Toddler, 4 X-Wide Toddler, 4.5 Toddler, 4.5 Wide Toddler, 4.5 X-Wide Toddler, 5 Toddler, 5 Wide Toddler, 5 X-Wide Toddler, 5.5 Toddler, 5.5 Wide Toddler, 5.5 X-Wide Toddler, 6 Toddler, 6 Wide Toddler, 6 X-Wide Toddler, 6.5 Toddler, 6.5 Wide Toddler, 6.5 X-Wide Toddler, 7 Toddler, 7 Wide Toddler, 7 X-Wide Toddler, 7.5 Toddler, 7.5 Wide Toddler, 7.5 X-Wide Toddler, 8 Toddler, 8 Wide Toddler, 8 X-Wide Toddler, 8.5 Toddler, 8.5 Wide Toddler, 8.5 X-Wide Toddler, 9 Toddler, 9 Wide Toddler, 9 X-Wide Toddler, 9.5 Toddler, 9.5 Wide Toddler, 9.5 X-Wide Toddler, 10 Toddler, 10 Wide Toddler, 10 X-Wide Toddler, 11 Toddler, 11 Wide Toddler, 11 X-Wide Toddler, 11.5 Toddler, 11.5 Wide Toddler, 11.5 X-Wide Toddler, 12 Toddler, 12 Wide Toddler, 12 X-Wide Toddler, 10.5 Little Kid, 11 Wide Little Kid, Small, 4 Little Kid, 4 Wide Little Kid, 4 X-Wide Little Kid, 4.5 Little Kid, 4.5 Wide Little Kid, 4.5 X-Wide Little Kid, 5 Little Kid, 5 Wide Little Kid, 5 X-Wide Little Kid, 5.5 Little Kid, 5.5 Wide Little Kid, 5.5 X-Wide Little Kid, 6 Little Kid, 6 Wide Little Kid, 6 X-Wide Little Kid, 6.5 Little Kid, 6.5 Wide Little Kid, 6.5 X-Wide Little Kid, 7 Little Kid, 7 Wide Little Kid, 7 X-Wide Little Kid, 7.5 Little Kid, 7.5 Wide Little Kid, 7.5 X-Wide Little Kid, 8 Little Kid, 8 Wide Little Kid, 8 X-Wide Little Kid, 8.5 Little Kid, 8.5 Wide Little Kid, 8.5 X-Wide Little Kid, 9 Little Kid, 9 Wide Little Kid, 9 X-Wide Little Kid, 9.5 Little Kid, 9.5 Wide Little Kid, 9.5 X-Wide Little Kid, 10 Little Kid, 10 Wide Little Kid, 10 X-Wide Little Kid, 10.5 Wide Little Kid, 10.5 X-Wide Little Kid, 11 Little Kid, 11 X-Wide Little Kid, 11.5 Little Kid, 11.5 Wide Little Kid, 11.5 X-Wide Little Kid, 12 Little Kid, 12 Wide Little Kid, 12 X-Wide Little Kid, 4 Big Kid, 4 Wide Big Kid, 4.5 Big Kid, 4.5 Wide Big Kid, 5 Big Kid, 5 Wide Big Kid, 5.5 Big Kid, 5.5 Wide Big Kid, 6 Big Kid, 6 Wide Big Kid, 6.5 Big Kid, 6.5 Wide Big Kid, 7 Wide Big Kid, 7.5 Big Kid, 7.5 Wide Big Kid, 8 Big Kid, 8 Wide Big Kid, 8.5 Big Kid, 8.5 Wide Big Kid, 9 Big Kid, 9 Wide Big Kid, 9.5 Big Kid, 9.5 Wide Big Kid, 10 Big Kid, 10 Wide Big Kid, 10.5 Big Kid, 10.5 Wide Big Kid, 11 Big Kid, 11 Wide Big Kid, 11.5 Big Kid, 11.5 Wide Big Kid, 12 Big Kid, 12 Wide Big Kid


Toddler (1-4 Years), Little Kid (4-8 Years), Big Kid (8-12 Years)


Pink Metallic, Silver/Orange/Green, Navy/Green, Silver/Pink, Grey/Blue/Black, Grey/Yellow, Purple, Blue/Turq, Turquoise, Blue Flame, Grey/Blue/Gold, Grey/Orange, Navy/Red, Silver/Blue, Pink/Silver, Grey/Blue/Red, Blue/Navy, Black, Purple/Turquoise, Grey/Black/Blue, Grey/Black

8 reviews for Unisex-child journey 10 jr sneaker

  1. DogLover805

    Awesome shoes for thick/wide toddler feet. Prior to finding these I had purchased upwards of 10 different pairs of shoes. They fit my 16 month olds (31 inches tall, 27#) chubby feet perfectly, aside from the fact that the Velcro doesn’t close all the way (but he has the chunkiest feet so not sure I can blame the company for this entirely though it would be nice to have a longer strap especially if you purchase extra wide like I did). My son loves wearing these that the minute he had them on he ran! I’ve already purchased 3 different colors/sizes because toddler feet grow fast (at least for my guy). Read more

  2. PartridgeFamily14

    These shoes were absolutely perfect for my son, especially since they were yellow! His current favorite color is yellow, which is surprisingly hard to find in shoe colors. The shoe was easy for him to put on by himself at age three, which any parent loves. My one and ONLY complaint is that they didn’t carry the next size up in this same color, which was really unfortunate because he loved these shoes. Read more

  3. Azensun

    This is the third pair I have ordered for my toddler who has extra wide feet. The velcro closure allows for easy on-and-off too. The purple sparkly material is perfect for a little girl. I love the dark color because it does not show dirt as much as the lighter colors, and the same applies to the colored sole. I used to be a solely See Kai Run fan because of the generous width and velcro closures; however, my toddler is a dirt and puddle lover, and these fit the bill perfectly. Read more

  4. Kiddoo

    Order this third pair for my granddaughter, that is a different size as she grows. She absolutely loves the color and the fit is perfect for her wide foot. They hold up well as she loves to run and is very active. I hope they stay in style for awhile as I plan to continue to buy larger sizes of these as she grows. Read more

  5. Danny

    Actually had tried these on in a local retail store and decided to order online hoping for a better price. Amazon was exact same price at the retail location anyway. The shoes are nice. Fit is good. And they will definitely outlast the amount of time they’ll fit on my daughters growing feet. I’d buy them again. Read more

  6. Skincare Princess

    My 2 yr old toddler has extra wide feet and these fit him just right! Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    Saucony is the ONLY sneaker brand that fits our narrow-footed-daughter! Great quality. She has 3 pairs & they’ve all held up well. A staple in her closet. The regular width fits her, so if your child has a “normal width,” consider buying the wide width Read more

  8. K

    These seem to run extremely narrow. We re-ordered in XW and it was still too narrow for my son’s wide feet! He loves the look of them, but I’m afraid his feet will hurt. Read more

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