Unisex-baby traditional slip-on middle (little one)

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  • canvas
  • trucks signature waffle outsole

product description

vehicles traditional slip-on – black/white sizes avail- 4- 10. Spot smooth, china


3, 12.5, 3 Women/1.5 Men, 4 Infant, 2 Toddler, 4 Toddler, 4.5 Toddler, 5 Toddler, 5.5 Toddler, 6 Toddler, 6.5 Toddler, 7 Toddler, 7.5 Toddler, 8 Toddler, 8.5 Toddler, 9 Toddler, 9.5 Toddler, 10 Toddler, 11 Toddler, 12 Toddler, 1 Little Kid, 1.5 Little Kid, 2 Little Kid, 2.5 Little Kid, 3 Little Kid, 7 Little Kid, 10.5 Little Kid, 11 Little Kid, 11.5 Little Kid, 12 Little Kid, 12.5 Little Kid, 13 Little Kid, 13.5 Little Kid, 3.5 Big Kid, 4 Big Kid, 4.5 Big Kid, 5 Big Kid, 5.5 Big Kid, 6 Big Kid, 6.5 Big Kid, 7 Big Kid, 12 Big Kid, 13 Big Kid


(Checkerboard) Rainbow/True White, Black, True White, (Checkerboard) Black/White, Black/White Checkerboard/White, Navy/True White, Dallas/True White, Black/Pewter Grey/Checkerboard, Dig Flame Black/True White, Silver, Suiting Black/True White, Black/True White, Iridescent Check Black, Rose Gold, Black/White/Checkerboard, Checkerboard/Black-true White, Black/White, (Checkerboard) Black/Racing Red, Checkerboard/White, Iridescent Check Black Tru Wht, Metallic Pink/True White, Black/Black, Metallic Silver/True White, (Tonal Check) Dress Blues/True White, (Flipping Sequins) Checkerboard Black/White, Glow Hands Black/Lime Punch, Dig Shark Parisian Night/True White

8 reviews for Unisex-baby traditional slip-on middle (little one)

  1. S. L. Meek

    I got the black and white checkered ones for my four year old. He loves them! Finally, some shoes he can easily put on himself. He’s requested to wear them every day. Really happy with this purchase. Remind me of my brother skateboarding back in the ‘80s with his original pair. Read more

  2. Serena Wills

    I was going based off of other ratings that said the shoe fit too small and to size up. When I did that, unfortunately they are way too big. The good news is he will eventually grow into them and I will save them for later. I went back and bought a half size smaller that fits a lot better. Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    Such a cute shoe! My seven year old daughter wears a 13.5 street shoe. Ordered a size 13.5. Unfortunately, she could not get her foot into the shoe (she has a wide foot with a high arch) . The seller approved a return on the product. I replaced the shoe with a size 1, but honestly, I could have gone to a 1.5 to give a little more growing room. My girl loves her Vans! Since this is not a canvas, it cleans up nicely as well. Read more

  4. ljdbs

    I bought these for both of my kids, who are 10 and 5. I had to size up half a size for my 10-year-old, but my little guy’s regular size fit well. I also bought a pair for myself and sized up half a size and they were too big (I have narrow feet.) If you are between sizes and have a wider foot, I would recommend sizing up a bit. If your feet are narrow, your regular size may work. Read more

  5. Emily

    Such a cute shoe! I’m a women’s size 5.5 and bought the kids size 4. The shoes fit perfectly and are so comfortable out of the box. They’re a little more narrow and flop around less than the adult size shoes but still have the same look. I love them! If you have narrow to medium size small feet, definitely consider buying the kids size versus the adult. Bonus- cost savings! Read more

  6. Casey W.

    Really cute as expected. Was a little annoyed to see a $30 price tag on the box when I paid almost $10 more than that. I really should have shopped around to find a cheaper price. Read more

  7. Active4

    Bought these for my son. The right length but he couldn’t get his foot into the shoe. His instep is high but not that high…poor design in my opinion. Read more

  8. Mae Caringal

    I purchased these shoes for my Goddaughter for Christmas. She’s a size 12 and I bought them in size 13 to give her room so she can wear them for awhile. She opened them Christmas Day and they were small for her size 12. I wanted to exchange them for a size 1 but unfortunately I’m out of return policy. I was out of country and could not do it. I’ll make sure I’ll buy them from a real shoe store next time. Read more

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