Unisex-baby alphacross blast j trail walking

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  • rubber sole
  • youngsters path running footwear: supply your children the advantage with the alphacross blast. This versatile shoe has more grip and safety at the side of a smooth lining and beneficiant suit best for small feet
  • durable comfort: whether you’re education inside the park or hitting extra rugged trails, the salomon’s alphacross line gives maximum traction and sturdiness with light-weight consolation for everyday running
  • go the gap: whether you adore road jogging in your neighborhood, an escape to a neighborhood trail, or something extra rugged, salomon makes shoes that make certain you have got a easy journey on any and all terrain
  • time to play: whether or not you are into trail walking, hiking, backpacking, or mountain climbing, salomon has shoes and tools for kids, ladies and men that will help you triumph over a brand new distance, non-public record, or occasion
  • since 1947 salomon has created innovative outside sports activities tools. From going for walks and hiking to backpacking, snowboarding and more, our shoes, boots, bags, garb and accessories help make any route your own
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designed to be as versatile as viable, the alphacross blast j offers your youngsters all of the more grip and safety they want for off-road exploration. We’ve additionally made certain the shoe is surely secure for small ft with a soft lining, generous healthy and spongy foam. To be had in sizes 31-forty. Get prepared for extra intrepid family adventures! מעוצב להיות רב תכליתי ככל האפשר, ה-alphacross blast j מעניק לילדיכם את כל האחיזה וההגנה הנוספים שהם צריכים לחקר שטח. וידאנו גם שהנעל נוחה מאוד לרגליים קטנות עם בטנה רכה, התאמה נדיבה וקצף ספוגי. זמין במידות 31-40. התכוננו להרפתקאות משפחתיות נועזות יותר! Entwickelt, um so vielseitig wie möglich zu sein, bietet der alpha move blast j ihren kindern den zusätzlichen halt und schutz, den sie für offroad-erkundungen benötigen. Wir haben auch dafür gesorgt, dass der schuh für kleine füße mit einem weichen futter, großzügiger passform und schwammigem schaumstoff wirklich bequem ist. Erhältlich in den größen 31-forty. Machen sie sich bereit für unerschrockene familienabenteuer. مصممة لتكون متعددة الاستخدامات قدر الإمكان، حيث تمنح الأطفال كل الإمساك والحماية الإضافية التي يحتاجونها للاستكشاف على الطرق الوعرة. كما تأكدنا من أن الحذاء مريح حقًا للأقدام الصغيرة مع بطانة ناعمة وملاءمة مريحة وإسفنج إسفنجي. متوفر بمقاسات 31-forty. استعد لمغامرات عائلية لا مثيل لها. Projetado para ser o mais versátil possível, o alphacross blast j dá aos seus filhos toda a aderência greater e proteção que eles precisam para exploração off-street. Também nos certificamos de que o sapato é realmente confortável para pés pequenos com um forro macio, ajuste generoso e espuma esponjosa. Disponível nos tamanhos 31-forty. Prepare-se para mais aventuras familiares intrépidas! Alphacross blast j 設計盡可能多多,為您的孩子提供越野探索所需的額外抓握力和保護。 我們還確保鞋子對小腳來說非常舒適,內襯柔軟、合身、海綿泡棉。 尺寸:31-forty。 準備好迎接更多勇敢的家庭冒險! Alphacross blast j 的设计尽可能多地多功能,为您的孩子在越野探险中提供额外的抓地力和保护。 我们也确保鞋子在小脚丫上非常舒适,采用柔软衬里,宽松贴合,海绵泡沫。 可选尺码 31-forty。 准备好进行更多无畏的家庭冒险! 가능한 한 다양하게 사용할 수 있도록 설계된 알파크로스 블래스트 j는 오프로드 탐험에 필요한 모든 추가적인 그립과 보호 기능을 제공합니다. 또한 부드러운 안감, 넉넉한 핏, 스폰지 폼으로 작은 발에 매우 편안한 착용감을 선사합니다. 사이즈 31-forty 가능. 더 대담한 가족 모험을 준비하세요!


1 Big Kid, 1.5 Big Kid, 2 Big Kid, 3 Big Kid, 4 Big Kid, 5 Big Kid, 6 Big Kid, 7 Big Kid, 7.5 Big Kid, 13 Big Kid


Big Kid (8-12 Years)


Black/White/Black, Orchid/White/Plum Caspia, Meadowbrook

4 reviews for Unisex-baby alphacross blast j trail walking

  1. ligope5

    This is a very nice shoes. It is also very comfortable. The fact walks of more than 3 hours and they hold up very well. I am a size 6.5 for women and I ordered 5 for boys, it is perfect! Read more

  2. Kim holland

    The color is a very pretty lilac. The fit is great!. Love Salomon shoes. I would like to see more variety in color and styles. I have bought this brand for years . Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    My son loves these shoes. They work great for running trails. Read more

  4. Shira

    Fits big so foot slides about Grips well in mud but slips on stone Started to fall apart after 5 uses Read more

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