Slip on footwear for guys, plantar fasciitis canvas idler footwear with arch support, orthopedic informal non slip footwear with rubber sole

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  • rubber sole
  • 【fashionable design for guys】: mens slip on shoes with a weathered canvas top, the ordinary fashion you can anticipate. These canvas shoes for men are normal with a informal cloth upper with fray details, offer a sleek, cutting-edge silhouette and foldable design, you could both wear them as slip on shoes or flip them into slippers, easily slide in for immediate consolation each time you need your feet secure. It presents a relaxed foot feeling while also can perfectly display the particular style of fellows.
  • 【all day foot care】: the orthopedic footwear for guys with velvet breathable lining are pores and skin-friendly and moisture-wicking which make you revel in the comfortable carrying feeling, bendy & detachable arch support suede insoles enables soak up shock and reduce pressure on the feet, knees, and ankles, which makes the slip on footwear are relaxed enough to wear all of them day long.
  • 【unique arch help layout】: plantar fasciitis? Heel ache? Foot ache? The mens orthotic shoes degree a biomechanically accurate footbed, providing contoured arch help and a deep heel cup that aligns the toes to ease pressure and pain caused by flat feet (pronation) and manipulate foot movement. Plantar fasciitis shoes guys can assist relieve from plantar fasciitis (heel pain & heel spurs), achilles tendonitis, and also the ball of foot ache. It additionally enables to correct the poor posture if lengthy-term use.
  • 【long lasting non-slip rubber sole】: the slip on lofers long lasting non-slip rubber sole with obvious pattern affords superb traction and stability for all surfaces and terrains to provide you with all of the flexibility and aid you need. Environmental pleasant and waterproof sole gives you anti-slip protection, making you walk regularly outside. Side elastic material for clean on and off also ensures a comfy in shape.
  • 【one hundred% pride guaranteed】: with our mens casual footwear slip on, you are taking no chance with your buy. We offer a one hundred% no hazard cash-back guarantee in case you’re not pleased with non slip shoes for any purpose. Simply tell us and we will do our first-rate to present you the maximum exceptional answer.
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8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 13, 14


Beige, Black, Brown, Grey, Navy

8 reviews for Slip on footwear for guys, plantar fasciitis canvas idler footwear with arch support, orthopedic informal non slip footwear with rubber sole

  1. S. Payne

    But they did. (see 6 month update below) I’m 62, 5’8, 170lbs not terribly athletic, but active. My feet were killing me, both heel and ball. Plantar fasciitis seemed likely. We moved to a house with hardwoods, and at work the flooring is hard so this may be a factor too. I was walking around the house a lot in bare feet. I’ve been wearing these for 2 weeks. At the beginning I was alternating with my normal shoes (Clarks, not cheap). With the Clarks, by the end of the day my feet hurt. Switch to these inexpensive Geckos and no more hurt. Using these everyday now. I wish all life’s aging problems were so simply solved. Update: 6 months, April 2021 Shoes are still as comfortable as when I got them. Feet no longer complain at all. The shoes are holding up well after 6 months of 12×7 wear at home and work. No seam or sole separation. Still lots of tread left. Lining is intact. Started using them more abusively while doing home improvement so getting a 2nd pair. While the uppers offer little protection from dropped objects, the soles are strong enough to support you while balancing on joists, etc. Check out Gecko’s slippers, they’re just as comfortable. Read more

  2. Sam

    * Perfect Slip On shoes for daily use or casual wearings. * Quick to wear without any efforts as Slip On or just make them make loafer shoes by putting it back in original shape. * Shoe color will go with any jeans color for men (Blue/Black) * Comfortable to wear for a long period of time and arch support is good. * I wear US 9 for my shoes and this same size fits me for this shoe also. Read more

  3. Andre Shaw

    Love these. I went back and forth about getting these or the slip-on only. These work both ways and it’s not at all uncomfortable with my heal on the folded down back flap. I can’t wear them for a long time right now during the hot/warm Sacramento days and nights, though I think they will be even more “comfier” as it cools down. It’s the perfect – oh crap I gotta put this in the trash can before the truck comes, or the : “sure we’ll walk down and have some beers with you…in your driveway…6 feet away “ or the “Whaaaaaat? But the friggin game is on. Ok ok ok, I’ll just pause it, when do they land? I’m not turnin’ down my music though “…….Pair of shoes! Read more

  4. Steve K

    I wear a men’s size US 10 Wide, and I wear the same size in all shoes. I read other reviews and saw people recommending that you buy a half size smaller to keep them on your foot. I disagree. If you wear a size 10, buy a size 10. They were comfortable immediately, and I wore them for a straight 24 hours. Not a single bit of discomfort, and the footbed is wonderful. Read more

  5. KR

    My teenage son was told to wear slippers with arch support around the house to help with his plantar fasciitis. He has extra wide feet which, I thought, would make finding a pair challenging. I bought several options for him to try and he liked these the best. I ordered him both a half-size and full-size larger. He ended up with the full size larger so he can wear them more comfortably with socks. So far, he has found them very comfortable and supportive. This style was also more palatable for him than something that he felt would make him look “like a grandpa.” Read more

  6. Jay g

    size 10.5 mens. my feet fit most 10.5s pretty well, aside from anything overly narrow like Nike or Adidas. if vans, keen, or certain asics fit your foot like a glove like they do my feet, I’m sure it will be a solid fi for you also. quite comfortable. good support. just a little too stiff for hiking, or walking super long distances, but it’s not terrible if you have to do either of those things for a short while. love the fold down heel flap. very convenient. they look pretty good too. have had several people say they look good, or ask where I got them. I’ll update the review if they fall apart overly early, but so far these have been one of the better shoes I’ve gotten online. very happy. Read more

  7. Peter B.

    These are great, comfortable shoes. Great quality and very stylish for today’s trends. I bought a pair that have no back as well for house shoes. These I use for lazy days out. Keep in mind that if you are going to wear socks with these, they fit as expected but, if you are going to wear these without socks, I would get a half size smaller as they are a bit loose without socks. This also depends on how you like you shoes to fit. If you like them floppy loose, then order normal. If you like your shoes to fit normal, (not quite snug but close to snug) then go with the half size smaller. Either that, or spray the top down with water and let them air dry. The fabrics will shrink a bit and feel a bit tighter. Read more

  8. py6125

    I needed something comfortable and sturdy to wear around the house. Several brands of Slippers I tried were not sized great and the soles wore down so quickly it made them dangerous on stairs. These shoes however are very good. They feel like I’m wearing sneakers. They offer good arch support, they are comfortable and have a rubberish non slip sole. They don’t look very stylish but it’s no matter as I wear them inside. They are great with or without socks- without socks feel even more comfortable for some reason. Downside is they are made in China where labor practices are often inhumane or worse – forced. Unfortunately it’s getting nearly impossible to find anything that is sourced in the US or EU. Read more

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