Skinnies lightweight secure slippers for ladies travel flats at the move

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  • portable slippers – those womens slippers are lightweight, smooth, and comfortable for traveling.
  • comfy slippers – those womens slippers are perfect for enjoyable after a protracted day or journeying
  • light-weight womens slippers – those snoozies skinnies are the ideal on the cross slippers.
  • sizes – womens shoe sizes – small (five-6), medium (7-8), huge (9-10) and x-massive (11-12). In shape is based totally not wearing socks.
  • system washer-friendly – each pair of snoozies! Are absolutely machine cleanable and won’t shrink!
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Small, Medium, Large, X-Large


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8 reviews for Skinnies lightweight secure slippers for ladies travel flats at the move

  1. Cassie

    I’m disabled and walk with the aid of forearm crutches, but when I’m inside my house, I kick off my shoes, drop the crutches, and carefully shuffle (my entire home is hardwood and tile). I’m careful to keep weight on both feet at all times, so the socks I usually wear when I do this develop holes in less than 2 months. So I bought these to try, hoping to hit that perfect midpoint of the grippy on the bottom not being too strong while still not being too slick. These are PERFECT for my needs. My feet can shuffle smoothly without ever threatening to slide out from under me. I find them a much safer option than socks. Despite how abusive the shuffling is on foot coverings, I’ve had my current pair for 6 months now and they’re still in EXCELLENT condition. Any dirt washes right out after a quick trip through the washer. Best of all, these slippers are the perfect amount of relaxed in the fit and are just soft and cushy enough to prevent additional pain in my feet. My neurological disorder causes pain, burning, and extreme hypersensitivity in my feet. It’s about 3 times more painful than diabetic neuropathy, or so my docs tell me. These slippers don’t bother my feet at all. They also have never caused issues with my circulation (I have very little blood flow to my legs) or caused irritation to my thin skin. Read more

  2. ConeyIslandMN

    I love Snoozies Skinnies. They are perfect for wearing indoors. They have no arch support. I’d compare them to “no show” socks PLUS the Snoozies Skinnies have a no-slip bottom. They did feel too short at first, but adapted to my feet after just a few times wearing. Pack easily for hotel rooms, visiting other people’s homes where u don’t want to wear shoes or go barefoot. This is the 2nd time I have purchased these. My first purchase lasted over 3 years. Read more

  3. martiniblonde

    I now have four pairs of Snoozies. I have the thinner ones for warm summer days and the furry ones for colder days. They fit true to size and are easily washable. Everyone talks about the pieces of the bottoms to avoid slipping, that they fall off. I really don’t care, nor have I noticed. I did not buy these to keep from falling on slippery floors (well unless vodka is involved). If you don’t want to fall, don’t drag your feet and purposely try to slip around. Common sense, but maybe that is just me. I love the variety of color choices and the prices are just right. Granted they are more like a slipper sock than a slipper with an actual rubber bottom, but that is why I like them. My feet would probably get sore if I wore them all day long on hard floors, but I don’t so they are great and serve their purpose. I bought as gifts for my mom and sister as well. Would make a great gift for someone hard to shop for, but you wanted to get them something “little.” I would completely recommend these. Update 3/8/18: I added a picture which shows how worn down they got. No I did not wear them outside or on a rough floor. It’s just thin material. I still love them and ordered more as a replacement. Read more

  4. Gail

    Looked a long time to replace my worn out Skinnies. Wear a size 6.5 shoe and bought small. They feel comfortable and stay on my feet. Wear them everyday to keep my bare feet cozy. Bought 2 pair! My go to slippers. Read more

  5. Heather Watson

    Ok, these socks are amazing. They are perfect for the Spring weather in NC, when your feet are still a little chilly but you don’t want to wear thick socks. They are comfortable for my long skinny feet. The non-slip grip is great on the hardwood floors. I wear a size 9 shoe and purchased the large size and they are wonderful. I love them and will buy more! Read more

  6. M.Hixx

    Boo!! I wanted to like these SOOOO BADLY! I specifically got them for walking around the hospital during labor so I don’t have to wear the ugly hospital socks (not to mention add a little humor to the labor process), and to wear around the house when baby is born. Glad I got them a few weeks early so I can return them and get something else because they are shaped so weird! The heel has a pooch (see picture) and my toes rub against the inseam. If I wear them much longer, my poor toesies will get rubbed raw! Not something I want to worry about during labor or while relaxing with my new baby! The size is correct, so its not that my toes are rubbing the inseam because they’re too small, but rather, its because the inseam is just really big and prominent (see picture where my thumb is, the inseam is huge). My toes rubbing on it is literally the only thing I can think about, when they should be on my feet so seamlessly that I forget they’re there. I would give this 1 star but I gave it 2 just because I love the cute wine glass design. I’m totally bummed about this. It sucks to have to return such cute slippers but I need them to fit comfortably. 🙁 I’m just gonna opt for some cozy slipper socks instead -and definitely not from this brand. After reading other reviews I see there were others who pointed out the odd shape of the slippers, all the snoozies, so it wasn’t just these wine slippers. It seems to be a design flaw on the manufacturers side. So I won’t bother buying from this company again. Sorry Snoozies, these were a disappointment. Read more

  7. Elizabeth

    I have a number of foot-related problems, including peripheral neuropathy. If you have this condition in your feet you know the burning, numbness and pain can make finding footwear is very challenging. These little Snoozies are incredibly comfortable to wear around the house (I would not wear them outside the home). The ones I ordered are lined with very thin fleece that provides a little insulation from my wood floors without making my feet feel too hot. They are non-slip and stay nice and snug on the foot. I wear size 7 – 71/2, and the medium is perfect. They wash really well. Once I wore them for a few days I ordered 3 more pairs (in the same pattern so I don’t have to match them up!). I don’t know how well they’ll hold up over time, but at this price point, I am happy to buy them as needed. Read more

  8. Crystal

    Look.. my feet hate heat. I hate heat. Thicker slippers do not work from late spring to early fall. But these? These are heaven sent. Thin but sturdy and comfortable. Super cute designs. I wear a 7 1/2 wide or 8 in US sizes so I got a medium. Absolutely perfect. Highly recommend. Already have two more sets coming. Read more

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