Recreation women’s skech air run excessive fashion sneaker

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  • one hundred% fabric
  • imported
  • artificial sole
  • fashion sneaker with mesh higher presenting synthetic overlays presenting lace-up front
  • reminiscence-foam insole
  • non-marking outsole
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skechers is an award-triumphing worldwide chief in life-style footwear offering shoes that appeal to trend-savvy men, girls, and youngsters anywhere. The brand’s styles encompass the trendy revolutionary athletic, casual and style sneakers as well as sandals and boots

skechers is an award-winning international leader in life-style shoes presenting shoes that appeal to trend-savvy men, ladies, and children anywhere. The brand’s patterns consist of the today’s progressive athletic, casual and fashion shoes in addition to sandals and boots

skechers is an award-prevailing global chief in way of life footwear supplying shoes that attraction to trend-savvy men, ladies, and children everywhere. The brand’s styles encompass the trendy innovative athletic, casual and style sneakers in addition to sandals and boots

skechers is an award-triumphing international chief in way of life shoes offering shoes that attraction to fashion-savvy guys, ladies, and children anywhere. The emblem’s styles encompass the brand new progressive athletic, casual and style shoes as well as sandals and boots

skechers is an award-winning international chief in life-style shoes offering shoes that enchantment to fashion-savvy men, ladies, and youngsters everywhere. The emblem’s patterns encompass the latest modern athletic, casual and style footwear as well as sandals and boots

product description

skechers is an award-triumphing worldwide leader within the way of life footwear enterprise that designs, develops, and markets way of life footwear that appeals to trend-savvy men, girls and youngsters. The company’s success stems from it’s high pleasant, assorted, and low priced product line that meets consumers’ numerous lifestyle wishes. Due to the fact that it’s inception in 1992, the skechers various product providing has grown from application style boots to include seven skechers brands and five uniquely branded fashion lines for men and women.


5, 6, 6 Wide, 6.5, 6.5 Wide, 7, 7 Wide, 7.5, 7.5 Wide, 8, 8 Wide, 8.5, 8.5 Wide, 9, 9 Wide, 9.5, 9.5 Wide, 10, 10 Wide, 11, 11 Wide, 4 Big Kid


Navy Mesh/Light Blue Trim, Black, Black Mesh/Hot Pink Trim, Charcoal/Green, Gray Mesh/Pink Trim

7 reviews for Recreation women’s skech air run excessive fashion sneaker

  1. Stephanie Wolfe

    I can’t even say enough good things about these shoes. I bought them right before I boarded a flight for “Extreme Weight Loss Boot Camp”. I didn’t break them in for even 5 min before I was doing my first bootcamp workout on a wet field doing burps. We walked at the gym from 5am – 9pm every day, worked out 3-4 hours daily, climbed a mountain……all in 5 days and I am NOT in shape. People were soaking their feet, crying because they hurt so bad. At the end of it all, I had one very small blister. I also didn’t get shin splints which is amazing. These are light, cushy, flexible, great for the gym and hiking a steep rocky trail. I will buy a few more pairs just in case they stop making them. Bliss…. Read more

  2. Synergist

    I bought these sneakers at the height of a plantar fasciitis flair. While visiting Mom, her car broke down and hubby and I had to walk miles each day until it was fixed. In desperation, and after reading the many good reviews, I bit the bullet and ordered them online. The fit is snug and I agree that one may want to order a size up, especially if one foot is slightly larger than the other. They are super comfortable. I did add a heel gel pad, but for people with no heel issues, the gel in the sneaker is quite good enough. Overall I am in love with these sneakers and am impressed that they allowed me to continue walking through a painful condition all the while allowing the condition to heal. I have had skechers in the past and found that the soles would wear out fairly quickly. These appear to be made of a different material and design, so time will only tell. If they last longer, when they do wear out I will definitely buy again. Replaced the shoe laces with hot pink lock laces and I absulotuly love the ease of on and off and the look 😍 Read more


    I purchased my first pair in grey and pink. loved them so much that when I started my new job I ordered them in all black to match my uniform. I have Plantar fasciitis and I have tried and spent a small fortune on other shoes and brands. My feet usually hurt so bad that by noon im walking on the sides of my feet to avoid pressure on the bottom of my foot…. which was in turn killing my knees and legs. These shoes are amazing !!!! I can go all day without even thinking about my feet for the most part. They are the best shoes i have ever owned as far as comfort goes. I tell everyone I know about about them. Read more

  4. Traveler

    Love these shoes! I was looking at shoes that would provide lots of cushioning. I have a knee problem right now that need that. These shoes give quite a bit of cushioning. I’m not sure if it’s the memory foam or the air cushioned soles (or maybe both) that are providing the cushioning, but these shoes are just what I was looking for. Very comfortable! Knee feels much better when I walk in these shoes. I ordered 1/2 size up from my normal athletic shoe size after reading the reviews and that is perfect for me. I like them so much I’m going to order another pair to have in reserve. Read more

  5. Chewbaca

    I wore the original Skech Air every day for at least 5 years. I was able to cancel a scheduled back surgery when I first discovered them. The rebound while walking and the cushioning while standing literally changed my life. I couldn’t stand for 5 minutes in the new version. The pain in my back was so acute my legs trembled. I’ve tried several different brands but nothing does the job. Read more

  6. CLM

    I love these shoes. I work 12 hour shifts, and not once did my feet hurt. Not even one blister! I hope they still produce this shoe when I need another pair. One thing I will mention is the size. I am normally a size 6.5 just about everything, and bought according to my size. They are so tight! Very unfortunate because I put inserts in my shoes to scale down the stinky shoe smell. I know gross. The shoe was pretty tight before I put the inserts so, therefore was even more tight with them. I decided to wear the inserts and knew I could get used to the feeling. I am glad I did! My weight has depressed the memory foam and they don’t bother me at all. I do wish I would have gotten a size 7 though. I know for next time. Read more

  7. JenniferCF

    I bought these on May 27th, so I started wearing them early June when they arrived. I have been wearing them for about 28 hours a week ever since. Mainly short, non-soft carpet and concrete sidewalks (most of the time in dry, cool weather). At first, these shoes were quite comfy. The bumpy bottom has kind of a massaging quality about it, especially when walking. I don’t run very often at all, but I do walk fast all the time. It’s kind of a habit. The memory foam is quite cushy, especially in spots on the feet where there is less weight bearing down on it. It’s still like that, and it what I like most about it. However, it started hurting my feet in late September, and it’s grown worse since then. I don’t wear any other shoes until my shoes wear out. Now I need to get new shoes already. In just a matter of 1 or 2 hours, my feet ache. I’m not buying these again, because I need shoes that last longer than this. I’ve had $20 Champion brand shoes from Payless Shoesource last 6 months, and I paid $52.99 for these shoes that lasted only 4 months. I wanted to get away from the Champion-quality by paying more and choosing a brand I once loved for its long-lasting shoes. But maybe I’ll give Sketchers one more shot by getting a different style. You can’t judge a company by just one product. You gotta test your… footing. …Yeah, that was a bad pun. Sorry. Two more things to add: One: Once those ridges wear down like an eraser on a pencil, there’s a high potential of slipping on wet surfaces like the white-painted stripes on crosswalks and wet, covered parking lots. I’ve almost lost my footing several times, and that’s saying a lot because I have good balance and am careful with my footing. Two: Inside the shoes, they wore out similar to how Champion shoes do, which is the reason for my foot pain. The sole sinks in, which is worsened by the outside bottom bumps wearing out in places, and certain spots get rubbed out and create holes, revealing a hard shell-like interior hiding just underneath the memory foam. After trying out three different brands so far, I’ve found that anything with memory foam will have that hard shell. Since memory foam doesn’t seem to last long at all due to getting flattened by 135 lbs of body weight over time, I’m coming to believe it’s the same way for every brand. And that’s unfortunate, because I like memory foam. But until it’s fixed so that it doesn’t disintegrate so quickly like cotton candy and shoes are filled with layers of varying types of foam, I’m thinking I’ll soon go down the non-memory-foam shoe route and wear some kind of gel insoles. Read more

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