Overall performance girls’s cross walk four – pursuit walking shoe

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  • one hundred% mesh cloth
  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • notably lightweight. Stabilizing heel cloth overlay panels. Side s-logo. 1. 25 inch heel
  • revolutionary and incredibly responsive 5gen midsole cushioning
  • new goga max high rebound footbed energizes every step
  • smooth mesh top and actually seamless creation for secure suit
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  • what is the difference among sketchers 4 & 3?
  • the large distinction between skechers gowalk3 and gowalk4 is the sole. The gowalk three has 10 massive purple inserts running down the entire center of the only of the shoe; the gowalk four has handiest four huge inserts jogging up the center of the only. Because i have tripped several times within the gowalk3–and under no circumstances in any other shoe–i suppose the difference is probably that the more range of inserts can be a tripping danger for some women. See less

  • heel height
  • question: heel peak solution: the heel on my shoe is two 1/4 inches that is best for me. My width is c/d which i ordered extensive. So this suit is a little cushty, would have appreciated it to be a real extensive better, in any other case like shoe. With the aid of faye hill on february 26, 2018 didn’t get solutions. See greater solutions (5) fall apart all solutions

  • i am getting blisters on my heels without difficulty. I’ve the cross stroll 2 and they’re top notch and soft. Are those similar or do they’ve the tough appear in the heel?
  • query: i get blisters on my heels without difficulty. I’ve the move stroll 2 and they’re top notch and tender. Are these similar or do they have the difficult seem in the heel? Answer: i’ve by no means had the pass stroll 2, however these do not visible to have a seam. And , they require no break-in length. A very cozy mild shoe that seems like a slipper. By way of lsandrei on september five, 2017 didn’t get solutions. See more solutions (6) fall apart all answers

  • i need to use ortho inserts in my shoes. Must i order up a 1/2 length?
  • query: i want to apply ortho inserts in my footwear. Need to i order up a 1/2 length? Answer: my spouse would not use ortho inserts but she believes ordering a half of size larger would be a good concept as they are no longer a free match. Desire that facilitates. By using jim everard on may also 22, 2017 failed to get solutions. See more answers (7) fall apart all answers


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    8 reviews for Overall performance girls’s cross walk four – pursuit walking shoe

    1. HF715

      I bought this shoe with the intention of wearing it as a work shoe for the office. I have “normal” feet (no major issues that is) and am normal for width and arch. I have a bad back, and I need good supportive shoes as I am on the feet and running a lot of the time (I’m in healthcare). I have had Skechers before, but these ones take the cake. Pros: Light – I truly can’t believe how light this shoe is. It’s like having a sock on its so light Comfortable – right out of the box – there is no breaking in. Again – like wearing a sock. Good grip – so far I have not seen any slippage with this shoe as far as traction on the terrain. Flex – it flexes extremely well and allows for natural movement of the foot while staying put so there is no hitting your toes on the front of the shoe (which I’ve had problems with in the past). Support – they really surprised me with the amount of support. I wear them around home now all the time because they keep my hips and lower back from aching. Cons: Style – personally I don’t think they are cute. But I bought some cute ones with my last purchase and I hated them. I’d rather have comfort at my job than super cute if they leave me horrible achy at the end of the day. Stuffy – the shoe doesn’t breathe as well as a tennis shoe, but it’s pretty darn close. My feet do tend to get a little hotter in these than my tennis shoes. Read more

    2. Tony

      Nothing like the original Skechers I Bought from The store ! Super cheap material and super thin Insoles.My heels started hurting after two days of use! I’m attaching a pic of the insoles of my old Skechers that I wore over a year,and the new one that I used for few days. You be the judge! Read more

    3. Kindle Customer

      I can’t describe the level of comfort these shoes possess. I’m trying to walk more but my lower back tends to start hurting so I usually can’t go as long as I want. When I stand for extended periods, I have a tendency to roll my feet out and stand on the edges because it is more comfortable. These shoes have changed that. I can walk for longer periods without pain and can stand properly and it is phenomenal. I purchased the solid black ones so I can wear them to work and walk on breaks without having to lose time changing shoes. I have wide feet and normally wear a size 10 and these fit perfectly. Really happy with this purchase and am thinking about buying again just in case they are no longer available when I finally wear these puppies out! 🏃🏃 Read more

    4. Heather S.

      Had bought a pair of Skechers in a store awhile back in a size 9(I usually wear a 8.5) and they fit like a glove…decided to order a couple of pairs on line in the same size but they were too big. I love this brand, but have found that they really need to be tried on in person, as sizes and styles fit differently even with the same brand. Read more

    5. ChrisNY

      I’ve had a hard time upgrading my GoWalk2s thanks to a design change for the newer GoWalks. My regular size 10 is now a little too short and narrow. Size 11 is a little big, but with an insert and thicker socks, it’s okay. So when I found this model in size 10 1/2, thought I’d give it a try. Perfect fit and I hope they make more of their shoes in 10 1/2. I uploaded a photo so you could see the design change. On the left are the GoWalk2s (they look like they’re leaning because I have a pronation problem…) and you can see that the toe area is rounder and the overall look is bulkier than the GoWalk4 on the right. Read more

    6. Brenda Miller

      So. I’m overweight and started exercising about a year ago thanks to these shoes. It was difficult for me to bend over to put on socks and tie traditional athletic shoes so I got these. They work perfect…you can wear them without socks, they don’t rub or blister your feet, and they provide awesome support. I just ordered my second pair and although I can now bend over to put socks on and tie traditional shoes I’m sticking with these. If you’re just getting into exercising and you’re overweight and you can’t find the right shoes so you’re putting off exercising because of that reason, please try the shoes it will get you on the right path. Literally. Read more

    7. LB

      HELLO the most comfortable shoes I have EVER owned. My god. First of all, where have you been all my life? Secondly, can you please design them so that they’re less granny looking? I currently match my mom and more grandmothers than I’d care to match but these were about the best I could do… Design aside, I love these shoes. Every single time I slip them on, I sigh happiness. They hug my feet as if to say, “I love you.” Like, that’s how good they feel. Just make sure to wear socks (no-show work well to decrease the old-lady factor) because these do not absorb sweat at all. Read more

    8. Sugarbritches

      I read a bunch of travel blogs looking for a good shoe for doing a lot of walking and that looked somewhat stylish for a recent trip to Amsterdam. They were comfortable initially and may be good run around shoes at home, but I would NOT recommend them for travel. They didn’t offer enough support or shock absorption and after a day of walking on brick and cobblestone sidewalks I was almost crippled! My lower back was killing me, my ankles were swollen and my feet hurt everywhere. I was actually limping. The toe box doesn’t allow for movement in the toes and they were crunched up in there- and I have a fairly narrow foot. I rubbed arnica gel all over my aches and pains so that I could get up and go again the next day. The next day I wore different shoes with inserts and felt great all day. I didn’t wear these sketchers again the whole trip and I didn’t have any further issues with aching back, swollen ankles or crippled feet! The girls that recommended these on the travel blogs I looked at were young 20 somethings who don’t really need much support I guess, but I’m 52 and I do need it- so these shoes sucked for me. I’m going to try to return them…. Read more

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