Men’s swiftwater river sandal

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  • croslite
  • imported
  • artificial sole
  • croslite foam
  • iconic crocs comfort
  • hook and loop closure
  • strap construction
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feeling froggish? Jump into the active waters of your desire with the swiftwater river sandals, a rugged tackle our famous swiftwater line, designed for amphibious conduct. Adjustable straps offer a comfy suit even as non-absorbent croslite™ construction and siped outsoles channel away water in rapid style. These all-reason sandals are as adventurous as you dare to be.

crocs, inc. Is a hastily growing dressmaker, producer and retailer of shoes for guys, girls and kids underneath the crocs brand. All crocs brand shoes function crocs’ proprietary closed-cell resin, croslite, which represents a good sized innovation in shoes. The croslite material permits crocs to produce tender, relaxed, light-weight, superior-gripping, non-marking and smell-resistant footwear. These unique elements make crocs ideal for informal put on, as well as for expert and leisure uses together with boating, hiking, hospitality and gardening. The versatile use of the material has enabled crocs to efficiently marketplace its products to a huge variety of purchasers.


4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 48/49, 10 Women/12 Men, 11 Women/13 Men, 12 Women/14 Men, 11 M UK


Black/Black, Blue Navy Slate Grey, Espresso/Black, Green (Army Green/Khaki 354)

7 reviews for Men’s swiftwater river sandal

  1. Blood Red

    1. Sperry Top-Sider Men’s Big Eddy River Fisherman Sandal, Grey, 11 M US. Very good grip, excellent stability, average at removing silt, good comfort, rear entry a little awkward for putting on and off. Size runs long and not wide. 2. Teva Original Universal Premier Sandals M’s, 10, Medium D, Beach Break Brown. Mediocre grip, very good stability, average at removing silt, excellent comfort. Size is accurate length and wide. 3. Crocs Men’s Swiftwater River M Fisherman Sandal, Espresso/Black, 10 M US. Mediocre grip, poor stability, average at removing silt, very good comfort, extra loose velcro not reassuring in strong currents. Size is accurate length and wide. Comments. My foot measures 10.5 EE, US. When I tried all 3 on at home, I was sure that the Tevas would be the best since the soles seemed sticky and they were very comfortable. But on slippery rocks they’re not much better than their Vibram-type sole: disappointing. The Sperry’s had much better grip and better stability. The Crocs, for me, were unusable due to their poor stability (with straps fully tightened): when wading across a river my feet kept slipping laterally inside the sandals – to an unacceptable extent. And if you tighten the straps then there is extra Velcro in the current which isn’t reassuring – although I didn’t wait to see how long it would take to wear out. Read more

  2. Thank You For Being Useful

    I like them but a size 12 feels like a size 14. I wear 12-13 shoe depending on the shoe. Adidas skate and trail runners are 12. Vans 12. Nike skate shoes 12.5. Redwing work boots 12-13. Worx work boots 12. Merrels AOBs 12. Salamon hikes 13. Most flipflops 12. Keens work boots 12.5. Keen hikes 12. Walmart shoes 12. Converse 12. Rain boots 12-13. Body Glove sandals 12. Non slips 12. Timberland boots 12.5. These sandals i probably could have gotten away with 10s before foot swelling. 11s would have been ideal. I thought 12 would be the size i need but if i back my heel up to the rear strap, i have 2.5 inches before my toes reach the boarder lip on the front of the sandal (not the outside edge, the actual place your toes are supposed to be). I know feet swell and run a half a size larger by the end of the day at the least, but i also know they wont fill a 2.5″ gap…. Normally i wouldnt mind larger. The problem with larger sandals is that toe area can snag on all sorts of things… like steps, curbs, rugs, etc. im using these for fishing and boats, jetties, piers, and beach stair access will be the “rough terrain” for me. Loose sandals dig into sand and could trip you. A hand full of fishing equipment could result in a snapped rod, which has been a problem once before. So… im gonna debate on sending these back for another size smaller. After my 12 hour work shift tonight, ill try them on again. Read more

  3. Tung Le

    I bought these shoes for my Cancun trip in July. I wore it for less than a month after and it was broken apart. Please do not waste your money on this low quality of shoes. The shoes were properly made in China with the lowest quality that they can find on earth. I would compare with paper shoes that my 5 years old daughter made for her school’s project. I did not listen to one of the reviews up here from Amazon because of this brand name of this shoe but it turned out so true as the reviews said and today I, again, confirmed it. It’s the biggest mistake I had ever made. Amazon SHOULD take it off its selling list to not let them cheat Amazon’s customers like this. I want my money back Please, please, please! I would give it a NEGATIVE star if Amazon offers that option really. Read more


    I don’t freely give items 5 stars. The product really has to impress me. First I wear an 11½ wide in shoes. In other Crocs I’ve purchased I’ve gone up to a 12, & this works for me. After reading the reviews, I decided to risk the 11. This fit me perfectly! I’ve wore these all the time I’m not at work, when I’m wearing my Croc loafers. Once you get the bottom strap adjusted to the ball of your foot, slide your foot in tighten the ankle strap and enjoy the comfort. I’m looking forward to the beach & amusement park visit this summer. I know these will be awesome. Read more

  5. Travis

    Bought these for a trip to disney. First off the arch is a formation I’ve never felt in any shoe. Very uncomfortable. They rub so bad you have to wear socks. So enjoy that look…. might be okay for short periods of yard work or whatever but after an hour of wear you might as well just be sticking your feet in bear traps, about the same level of comfort and you’ll be cleaning the same amount of blood. Read more

  6. Dolphin Dog

    These are probably the best rugged beach/water sandal I have worm. My feet are in the sea all the time. I have tried all the common brands and NONE of them last in salt water. Here is why. Saltwater destroys thread and fabric. So often the strap separates from the soul. These are ONE SOLID MOLD. Brilliant design. 100% waterproof . Super comfortable. Solid. Fit. You dont want your toes on the front or hanging over the front of the sandal. Your sure to STUB YOUR TOE. These are a perfect fit 12 but I might suggest order a half size bigger if you have a long toe. Super happy with these Crocs. A brand you can truly depend on. Crikey……If Steve Irwin were alive I know he would be wearing Crocs……..get them Read more

  7. R. Whelan

    I bought these last year for a trip to Europe….I wasn’t sure how I would like them. They were awesome. Very comfortable and I wore them pretty much every day while I was there. (2 weeks) I’m about to buy another pair for this summer which is why I’m posting this now. I wear a 10.5 and the 10 fit fine…foot is pretty much normal – a little wide but not in need of a wider than standard in most shoes. Only thing that this sandal was not good with was smooth stones in one square in Lisbon – no traction. It was ok to walk on as long as you walked slower than normal for me. That was the only place I had an issue…they were great everywhere else. The biggest thing is how comfortable they were to wear. When I wore the other sandals I brought with me, my feet were more sore/tired at the end of the day than with these Crocs. That speaks volumes to me! Read more

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