Men’s suit strolling shoe

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  • one hundred% leather
  • rubber sole
  • soft-air generation for gentle on foot comfort–gives affective surprise-absorption and protects your joints, and vertebrae
  • caoutchouc rubber outsole retains flexibility – will not harden or crack over time
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product description

comfort on foot footwear. Each toes must be measured, as the majority have one foot which is greater than the opposite. It’s also a good concept to degree your toes on the quit of the day as they may be normally slightly large at that time. Please hold in thoughts length is best one measurement. Ft are three-dimensional, so width and thickness of the toes must also be considered.

this informal oxford from mephisto is a perfect suit. The durable leather-based top and laid-lower back style are exquisite for relaxed outings and normal put on, while the tender-air technology and caoutchouc rubber sole give you comfort and help in which you want it maximum.

mephisto makes some of the greatest walking footwear on the planet. Their consolation, support and durability are recognized wherever human beings are serious approximately on foot. For extra than 3 decades, mephisto has been on the forefront of strolling-shoe innovation. Mephisto’s herbal merchandise are handmade of leather, latex, cork and rubber.


5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 12.5, 13, 13.5, 14, 14.5, 15


Birch Nubuck, Dark Brown Vintage, White Calf Leather, Tan Grain, Black, Camel Velours, White Calf 2, Black Full Grain Leather

5 reviews for Men’s suit strolling shoe

  1. Shabaz K. Morton

    Sadly, Mephisto match shoes are not what they used to be. I bought this pair some time ago, but only recently began wearing them as I was wearing my old pair and trying to get the last bit of use out of that pair. The minute I picked up this pair of shoes, I suspected there might be a problem. These shoes weight about half as much as my old pair of Match shoes. I suspect they use much less material and much lighter weight material in the sole. This is beneficial to Mephisto in terms of production costs and shipping costs, but does little to benefit my feet. My old ones were made in Portugal. This pair was made in Bosnia. I have been a loyal customer of Mephisto for over 20 years (despite the high price) because they were so comfortable, never caused pain and were good for my high arches. Sadly, that is no longer the case. This pair causes me heel pain, knee pain and makes my walks less enjoyable. If I wanted that, I could go to Payless Shoe Source and get two pair for $20 instead of spending over $300 for one pair of shoes. If Mephisto’s production costs or labor costs increased, I would have much rather seen then increase prices, than lower the quality of the product. I must go sit in a hot tub now and soak my aching body. Goodbye Mephisto. What a shame. Read more

  2. Mc

    Sizing is kind of weird as Mephisto’s EU size conversion to US sizes is a whole size off by many other brands. Going by EU sizing, the length is about right bordering on slightly smaller than the label. Width wise is great, except of the toe box. The toe box is extremely narrow and your small toe will be cramped against the side. If you size up half EU size, it think it might work but you might experience heel slippage depending on your foot shape. Sizing up EU size by half size is sizing down half size in typical US sizes (since Mephisto’s conversion is different). I wonder if the people saying it ran large might be going off their typical US size. Comfort: These are extremely comfortable shoes if it fits you. Only potential problem would be overheating as it is made of thick, full grain leather. No break in time needed. Quality: It is made of quality material and you can easily tell. They look much better in person than in pictures in my opinion. Price: It is extremely expensive for a pair of “sneakers” but they can be resoled and refreshed by Mephisto. From what I have heard about this process, it will come back looking pretty much new, espeically since the top is made of full grain leather. If you break down the down over time, it might actaully become cheaper than buying multiple cheaper shoes over the years. So if you are the type of person that likes to wear the same shoes and would just buy the same model again when the time comes, this might be for you (as long as it fits your feet). Read more

  3. Pankaj Gupta

    Updated Review: After wearing these shows (and more dress shoes from Mephisto), I have warmed up to these shoes and the brand. Very much so, in fact. These particular shoes are extremely comfortable, and LONG lasting. I have walked hundreds of hours in these shoes and the soles haven’t even starting showing any wear. This company makes really good shoes. Sizes do run half a size bigger, so plan accordingly. My initial frustration was related to size, but I would highly recommend these shoes to anyone. Very high quality shoes. Sloppy shoes. The whole construction is sloppy. 1) The reason people think these shoes are more comfortable than normal shoes is because the sole is too soft. But that also reduces the support to the food. Secondly, it increases the amount of movement of materials around the foot. 2) In addition to that, the insole has perforations. That increases friction of the insole with the base of the foot. 3) On top of these two flaws, the shoe is sized weird. If 11 is not 11, then why are you marking it 11? Read more

  4. m b

    Not cheap, but well made and sturdy. By far the most comfortable shoes I have ever had for walking any distance. The look is a little prosaic, but at least they don’t look cheap. I do a lot of walking on pretty rubbish feet, and I bought this pair to replace my old Mephistos, which I owned (and used a lot) for nearly ten years. In a search for variety, I would quite often walk into good shoe stores wearing them, and ask to try their best shoes. Invariably, the response was pretty much, “You’re wearing them. Do you want to try a different color?”. Read more

  5. Charlotte

    I am one of Mephisto’s dispossessed, a woman who has formerly bought as many as three pairs of women’s Mephisto Rush, size 8, in one year, because they are the only shoe I have ever found that I can walk securely and comfortably in. I have worn them for work or for leisure, for dress or for casual for more than ten years . Yes, the quality went down a bit when manufacture shifted out of France to other locations but still these walking shoes surpassed all others. Then Mephisto stopped making them for women. The four pair I currently own are battered and worn. I am desperate. So I have purchased this pair I am currently reviewing, the Men’s, size 6, supposedly the equivalent to the women’s size I have always worn. I have tried them on. I think they will do. They feel a bit wider, especially in the heel. There are five metal lacing rings in addition to the lacing “eyes” near the toe as opposed to four on the women’s model. I suppose that’s why the shoestring seems so much shorter and harder to tie. I have not yet worn them. I am hoarding them for “special” occasions. I also fear that they may slip on my heel. All told, it is still a superior shoe: quality materials and good craftsmanship. The proof will be in the wearing. I gave them a 4 because I just don’t know yet. I only wish Mephisto hadn’t forgotten women. Read more

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