Men’s strolling shoes non slip athletic tennis walking blade type sneakers hip hop

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  • flying woven mesh: using breathable flying woven mesh which no longer handiest guarantees its mild and stylish, however additionally guarantees the consolation of the product,allow you to not feel heavy after fatigue paintings.
  • at ease lining. Moisture wicking mesh lining for optimum airflow and breathability to prevent foot smell. Those work shoes are light and secure, retaining your ft comfortable even after an extended day of labor.
  • insole:the honeycomb cushioned smooth insole for surprise absorption and cushioning.
  • higher material:the hexagonal mesh textile has splendid air permeability in an effort to preserve your toes faraway from the wet situation, growing a cooler, drier and healthier shoe surroundings for you.
  • a couple of use: suitable for a selection of collocation. Healthy for enjoyment indoor & outdoor activities, paintings, excursion, day by day strolling, purchasing, riding, tenting, travel, health club, jog, golfing, and so on. Men,shoes,mens footwear,footwear for guys,footwear,trainers,walking footwear,walking footwear,fitness center footwear,tennis shoes,fashion shoes,athletic recreation ,basketball shoes,workout footwear,crew sports activities shoes,health cross,education,
  • can a male who wears a length 13 suit in a length 12 shoe?
  • query: can a male who wears a size 13 suit in a length 12 shoe? Answer: nope unles it runs big in any case might be to tight via a. Baez on february 10, 2021 crumble all solutions

  • in which are these synthetic?
  • question: wherein are these synthetic? Solution: a lot of those shoes are made in an area referred to as fuzhou, china. Or a town close by by using enigma productions (consignmen… on february 27, 2021 didn’t get answers. See extra answers (1) collapse all solutions

  • good enough i want one straight solution i wear a 10. Five, they dont have on my end have to i purchase the 10 or 11?
  • query: good enough i want one directly solution i put on a ten. 5, they dont have on my cease should i buy the 10 or eleven? Solution: the manner they stretch and at ease, i recommend you get the ten when you have flat ft or the eleven in case your feet are more thick through piscèo on april sixteen, 2021 failed to get answers. See more solutions (4) collapse all answers

  • to procure hello mr lin tennis in size 10
  • question: you purchased hey mr lin tennis in length 10 answer: yeah,they are simply right by way of mckenzie on november 23, 2020 crumble all answers


    6.5, 7, 8, 8.5, 9.5, 10, 11, 12, 13


    Black, Black3, Grey, Red, Red2, White2, Black2, White, White&black, White&blue, Red4

    8 reviews for Men’s strolling shoes non slip athletic tennis walking blade type sneakers hip hop

    1. Mark

      Just got them today. I’m a 9.5 on Nikes Shox and Air Force 1s. I ordered 9.5 and they fit perfect. These shoes are super light and comfortable top side. Inside the shoe I can feel a protrusion on the **ball of my foot. (google it). 4stars for now. Its not bothersome only if you are standing for a long time. I’m sure an extra sole would fix this. They look very good and I’m very pleased so far. I will update after a whole days work this weekend. That’s why bought them for. 1 Day: very comfortable, still feel the protrusion in sole. Kinda forgot about it as the day went on. No soreness after taking shoes off. I’m still going add an extra insole in each. As to foot smell…yup its there mixed in with new shoe smell. *My normal shoes dont smell. Stay tuned for updates. A few days in: I added some work insoles. Feels terrific. I bought these for work (medical building). I dont think they will be great for sports, hiking, etc.. 2 weeks: you will need to get velcro straps…if you wear loose pants and getting up off your chair every 5 min. I wear scrubs and the pant leg tends to get stuck on top back of the shoe. I also bought anti slip stick on rubber soles. I now have the perfect work shoes. If you’re walking on tile ….these shoes sound like tap shoes or plastic sandals. Plastic sole..Not cool. Now just wearing them around the house . Not repurchasing. Read more

    2. Kiklo

      I usually wear a 10 but got a 9.5 and it fits perfectly, not too large and not too tight. The product itself is sharp very nice looking and feels very comfy, but also very light.. I’m definitely thinking about getting another color soon! Will update review after usage. Read more

    3. Quality Driven

      They feel really good on your feet. Received compliments on them by people saying they look like $100 shoes. My only issue is that they have extremely thin soles. We will see how long they last. Update: 4 months of intermediate wearing and they are still going strong! No complaints but I will keep updating. Good luck with your shoes and if you found this review helpful please click “helpful” so others don’t waste time reading and make the right decision like you and I did. Read more

    4. Barbuzbal

      I ordered these to see if I could have cheap shoes be as comfy as expensive shoes. I normally wear a pair of Adidas Cloudboosts but I have had my pair for a while now (1 1/2 years) and wanted something new. I’m used to spending at least $80 for a pair of shoes since I like to buy name-brand (Adidas, Nike, moved away from Vans) but figured I’d try to buy cheaper like my dad does. After receiving these shoes about 3 weeks after ordering them, I tried them on and instantly knew they were not the ones for me. The fit was alright and the design was nice, however the comfort of the inside of the shoes were really poor. The insole is extremely thin and I could feel the hard plastic of the sole through the insole to my toes. After reaching out to the seller to get a return shipping label so I can return the shoes (and some back and forth through the amazon app), the seller was kind enough to provide a refund without providing the shipping label. I figured since they were nice enough to do that, that I should write this review to show my experience with the shoes. Maybe if you get a different insole they might feel right, but otherwise I’d say try something else. Read more

    5. Sleeperqueen

      As you can see I got 3 pair of these bad boys I love the soft snug fit, they are fairly breathable, the sole is bouncy not rigid so it feels like a strudy but flexible sock. I modified all of mines by sewing some elastic band material (15mm) to the inside of each tounge of shoe to the inside sides of the shoe to make the shoe able to be worn without having to be tied. Read more

    6. Amazon Customer

      I brought these for my teenager as his “play shoes.” Surprisingly, he loves them and they have become his everyday footwear. He has several pairs and I have saved a lot of money. So, I now buy them for me too….Love em’. Read more

    7. Caitlin

      This was my second pair of these. The first I had to ship back because they were not sized properly and I ended up having to reorder a pair TWO sizes bigger than what I normally wear. Then I got the second pair and had an issue with those as well. I get the whole idea of “you get what you pay for.” But I shouldn’t have to spend 100 bucks or more on a pair of shoes in order for them to be likely to actually last a reasonable amount of time. I wore these for two days for a couple hours each day and when I went to take them off on the second day I noticed that the threading was completely coming undone on the soft plastic piece. I don’t know if I simply got a defective pair or what, but if this is what can be expected of these shoes after wearing them to primarily just stand around in, then I can only imagine how flimsy they would be when used as the running shoes they’re touted as being. Returned, and not bothering with buying yet another pair. Not worth it at this point. Read more

    8. nohemi

      I got pain on my feet and I am constantly buying insoles pads. The shoes have air on the bottom that help to reduce the pain so I a am no hitting the floor to hard. They are not sold like medical bout the work for me better than other expensive things a purchase and they don’t even work. I recommend this teni shoes to people who are having pain issues on the feet ot or that works on hard solids surfaces like concrete floors or that they need to go somewhere bout they don’t go because of the pain on their feet They are also pure good looking like Read more

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