Men’s step urban mix sneaker

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  • 100% fabric
  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • shaft measures approximately not_applicable from arch
  • heel height 1. 41 inches
  • clarks cloudsteppers
  • detachable ortholite footbed
  • cushion soft technology
  • extremely-lightweight
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product description

this men’s sneaker is a sleek take at the athleisure fashion. The step city blend by way of clarks cloudsteppers has a fashionable fabric upper and a streamlined, sport profile. Internal, a removable ortholite footbed, cushion tender technology and an extremely-lightweight eva midsole absorb impact to offer substantial consolation and flexibly. Pair with athletic put on or denims for a clever, present day appearance ideal for on foot around in the metropolis. 이 남성용 스니커즈는 애슬레저 트렌드에 대한 세련된 감각입니다. 클락스 클라우드스테퍼의 스텝 어반 믹스는 세련된 직물 갑피와 유선형 스포츠 프로필을 가지고 있습니다. 내부에는 탈착식 오소라이트 풋베드, 쿠션 소프트 기술 및 초경량 eva 중창이 충격을 흡수하여 엄청난 편안함과 유연성을 제공합니다. 운동복이나 청바지와 매치하여 스마트하고 현대적인 룩을 연출하세요. 도시를 산책하기에 이상적입니다.

clarks has been in commercial enterprise for over one hundred years making very satisfactory guys’s dress footwear in a ramification of styles. Featuring a huge range of top-pleasant additives, clarks gives you the alternatives you preference in the exceptional you demand.


7, 7.5, 8, 8 Wide, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 13


Black Textile Knit, Black Combi, Dark Blue Combi, Grey Textile Knit, Navy Textile Knit, Olive Green Combi, Blue Grey Textile, Khaki Textile Knit, Burgundy Textile Knit

8 reviews for Men’s step urban mix sneaker

  1. MrAmazon

    So I decided that I’d try out my new shoes on a trip out to Chicago for business. What started as a simple direct flight out of a regional airport soon became 2 connecting flights and 8 hours. I had to go through tsa 4 times that day negotiating with the airline, and these shoes were the perfect choice. Slip on and off easily, very comfortable while standing due to TONS of cushioning. So much that if you lean from one side to another you can feel your feet roll over the cushioning. While I imagine it will wear down the springyness over many uses, the cushioning is the most I’ve felt in any shoe ever. The cushion feels a bit more firm, but only just, than the memory foam mattress pads you can get for a bed. The grip on the shoes is excellent. The sole of the shoe has a very nice looking wavy pattern for the grip. It’s not the aggressive look of most sneakers, it a slow gentle looking wave. These are NOT running shoes, with all the padding and the insane stretch of the outside fabric, a hard turn in these could see your foot roll right over the padding. These are an amazingly comfortable, casual sneaker replacement with a excellent breathable design. The color in the pictures do an excellent job representing the color on arrival. Shoes 5/5 American airlines 0/5 Read more

  2. Buck Wallander

    These shoes look great, are made out of quality material and are (usually) very comfortable. The biggest issue I have is that they just don’t fit securely to my feet resulting in lots of uncomfortable heel slippage. One thing I didn’t pay attention to or notice before purchasing is that the top line is made of very stretchy elastic, which doesn’t offer any real support, meaning I’m able to kick these things off as if they’re flip-flops. I happen to live in the city and so my commute is a very long foot race both ways up and down hills. I can see though that these would have been far more comfortable if I were just walking to and from flat driveways and parking lots and around an office or something. However for me when I’m walking up hills I feel like they are very close to just coming off. I could maybe size down even further (I normally wear 11.5 and bought these in 11) but my toes are already snug at the end of the shoe. Read more

  3. Mark Insko

    This is now 2 for 2 Clarks shoes I have purchased on Amazon that did not fit. The last pair was a full size too small, and this one was a full size too big. I’m disappointed because in the past I’ve owned several different pairs of Clarks and have loved how comfortable they were. I think this is probably my last try. (Especially disappointing because the design is really perfect. Beautiful, simple style.) Read more

  4. Alexander

    Initially bought these shoes for the color scheme but these have easily become my everyday shoe! These shoes come with Clark’s “cloudstepper” insoles and the name is correct! The soles are so comfortable wearing these all days won’t tire out your feet and the fabric around your feet is breathable and allows for these to essentially be slip-on shoes if you’re in a hurry. Only caution is that they do run a little big. I’m usually a 10.5 or 11 and ordered a 11 but had to exchange to a 10 because there was so much room left in a 11. Read more

  5. Benett Park

    I liked the simple design and color of these shoes. But you can see that they are not comfortable. The shoes are so loose that they are easily peeled off, and the soles slide on any socks, so it’s very hard to walk fast. I think that these uncomfortable shoes should not be worn for health and safety, but I can not throw them away because of color and design. The price is too high considering the original function of the shoes. Read more

  6. Concierge2000@710

    GREAT SHOE – Comfortable and keeps my feet Cool! My feet get hot in the summer months so I wear without socks when I can’t get away wearing hiking sandals somewhere I use these all the time. The top is slightly elastic which makes these VERY comfortable but best of all Breathable and cool feet so in the summer !! Well constructed. I suggest ordering it size smaller than your usual shoe – because of the elastic nature of this shoe it can be worn slightly smaller to get a better fit – and I have a slightly wide forefoot and usually hate tight fitting shoes…this one is perfect and fit light a glove. I ordered it one full size smaller than my usual size – I also ordered a Blue pair after wearing these for a month. Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    Pros: -Insoles are very soft and comfortable, like memory foam. -shoes are comfortable -breathable and lightweight. -they look really good Cons: -fit slightly large -Material is too stretchy, foot easily slides out the back. Walking uphill? You’re better off barefoot. -when you step the laces pull your foot back and the heel has no support and folds under your foot. It’s a little painful when you step. Read more

  8. BrianJ

    They looked cool, but after I wore these for a few months I ended up tossing them. The soles wore surprisingly fast and the uppers were just too stretchy and didn’t snug down on my feet. My grip on the ground wasn’t secure and any side movement left me feeling like I was gonna roll my ankle. They felt floppy on my feel – more like house slippers than urban walking shoes. Two stars because I liked how they looked and did wear them for a little while – one star for functionality. Can’t recommend. Read more

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