Men’s sandals barefoot hiking shoes brief dry breathable mesh light-weight outside education water strolling footwear

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  • fabric-and-synthetic
  • leather and rubber sole
  • fabric–mesh leather surface and rubber sole.
  • toe container–save you the impact throughout strenuous sports.
  • function–robust resilience,surprise absorption and abrasion resistance.
  • convenient–light-weight and sturdy, stretchy laces be handy to wear.
  • occasion–hiking,strolling,fishing,beach,volleyball,biking, running and using.
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product description

about flarut

installed in 2015, flarut is a depended on brand amongst life-style and athletics shoes for guys,women and youngsters.

you can anticipate superior great and top notch after-sales service.

your delight is our most important problem.

  • eur39=7 d(m) us guys=foot length 25. 3cm / 10. 0in
  • eur40=7. Five d(m) us guys=foot duration 26. 0cm/ 10. 2in
  • eur41=8. Five d(m) us guys=foot length 26. 7cm/ 10. 5in
  • eur42=nine d(m) us guys=foot length 27. 3cm/ 10. 8in
  • eur43=10 d(m) us guys=foot duration 28. 0cm/ eleven. 1in
  • eur44=11 d(m) us men=foot period 28. 7cm/ 11. 3in
  • eur45=11. 5 d(m) us guys=foot length 29. 3cm/ eleven. 5in
  • eur46=12 d(m) us men=foot duration 30. 0cm/ 11. 8in
  • size_name

    7, 7.5, 8.5, 9, 10, 11, 11.5, 12, 12.5, 13


    B-blue, B-brown, B-gray, B-green, B-black

    8 reviews for Men’s sandals barefoot hiking shoes brief dry breathable mesh light-weight outside education water strolling footwear

    1. Harry

      I generally wear US 10. However, 10 in this shoe fit like 9.5 or maybe even 9. I returned the 10 for an 11 which fits about like 10.25 if that size existed. My inaugural use of the shoes was a 5 mile hike in muddy conditions carrying 25+lbs. the shoes worked incredibly well. Keep in mind these shoes have absolutely no arch support. I’ve used them hiking, walking through creeks, and kayaking. So far, they have held up well. Update: I have been using these shoes as water shoes when kayaking. After a year, they are coming apart at the toes where the rubber sole is attached to the fabric. Otherwise, they have reasonably held up. Read more

    2. G S

      I was at several sporting goods and athletic shoe stores trying to find a light weight close toed hiking shoe, with a good traction sole to wear around Japan this summer in the heat and humidity and likely rain. I could not find anything like the Flarut sandal even for $150. After researching on line, I kept coming back to this shoe because the reviews sounded just like what I was looking for. I am so happy with this purchase, they are exactly everything I wanted, I would have been paying much more had I seen anything like this in stores. Super comfortable, excellent tread on a very flexible sole, well made and almost no weight at all. Tightened the bungie ties once to fit, and have not had to do anything more except slip them on. I have worn them exclusively now since I got them 2 weeks ago, since they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I hike 4 miles every morning, a mix of concrete and then beach sand. These are the first shoes that somehow do not get sand in them, not sure how since they are low cut and pretty open, but no sand. I wear them around the house, working in the yard, out at night even, since they look good as well as comfortable. I will probably need another pair by the time I travel to Japan in July. I also have gotten them wet and they still stay comfortable and dry fast. Only thing I did was add an additional insole under the very nice breathable, light weight insole that came with the shoe.. I have some severe toe damage issues from years of breaking things with my feet in martial arts and have a special insert to support my toes. I wear a size 101/2 normally, so got the 11 to make sure I had room for the added insert. Worked perfectly and gave additional cushion and arch support which is likely the reason I can walk 4 miles and wear them all day long with no problems. However even with my special insoles I can’t wear any of my other shoes that long and still be comfortable. Can’t recommend them enough if you are looking for a shoe like this, Great product and I am going to buy a few more pairs just to have in stock. Read more

    3. Lisa

      My husband and I are training for Savage race and the shoes are what he needed. Quick dry, the bottom of the shoes have a great grip. No need to tie your shoes it has a pull string, so you don’t have to worry about them coming untied. Read more

    4. William

      I am very shocked at these shoes honestly. Mine came in yesterday and I am wearing them at work today to break them in a bit before a hike. Although there is NO stiff material that needs breaking in. They are super light and I had no issues with the draw string. They are not designed for people to yank on the draw string and tighten them up every time. I put mine on and tightened them carefully, then I fed the excess string back through the laces. The strings are a “bungie” type and stretch so you can easily set them and forget them slipping the shoes on and off as necessary. Read more

    5. I Fly

      does not match size Read more

    6. Yadawn Yashar-Al

      Every since I started wearing the barefoot type of shoe, I have been impressed with how much more comfortable having less sole with no arch support is, (for me)… So decided to upgraded from a no lace, barefoot type of shoe, to these. The laced version is more rightly snug to the contour of my foot and doesn’t have any slack if I have to move with any rigor. They fit like a glove. The tread is perfectly thicker and nice for my occupational Cycling and being a Chef. I tore through the bottom tread of my other barefoot shoes cycling. My wife likes how they look on my feet. Gotta get another pair maybe 2 pairs. They are that nice y’all… Getcha Summa Deez Jawnz… Read more

    7. Roy Rod

      I’m loving these shoes. Had them for 3 days and I put them through my doggie walk ringer test. Put about 5 miles of hiking/walking with these and I’ll tell you what. If they last 3-6 months they might be worth it for you. 2 pair of these a year, in my opinion, is still much cheaper than some overpriced brand that looks old even if it’s still a good shoe. I prefer a new, good shoe more often. The shoe itself is a little wide in my opinion, but I plan to put an extra insole on there and I think that won’t be an issue. I’ve only wore them without any socks and boy was I surprised that my feet didn’t get wet. I wore them through a high grass and low grass area. Gravel and paved pathways. They seem perfect. My feet stayed dry. I’m impressed and happy I bought them. They have great grip except perhaps on metal. They did feel a little slippery on a metal wire bridge. See attached pic. Read more

    8. MrUsa

      After reading all the mixed reviews about sizing I can happily report that mine came in fitting my exact shoe size. The color I got came in half sizes too and they look and feel great. Lots of grip to them as well. I will be ordering another pair in a different color because the price of these is very reasonable compared to what I’ve seen at my local shoe stores and I really haven’t seen anything as good looking either. It’s a bit early to tell about the quality and durability but they seem to be built pretty good. Read more

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