Men’s sandal, all terrain, velcro straps game

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  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • long lasting footbed: built for comfort, designed to last, these sandals have a two element midsole: with plush techlite footbed held by means of our less assailable techlite body for introduced all-day assist.
  • born for the water: our men’s columbia sandal characteristic an water impervious top creation using hydrophobic webbing, thermoplastic buckles for dependable movement on, in, or round all kinds of water activities.
  • all terrain traction: our signature omni-grip non-marking wet traction rubber outsole affords crucial grip for all situations, inside the river, creekside, or on the trail.

product description

with a mixture of advanced comfort, in shape, arch guide, and traction, this may be the most effective sandal you’ll want for whatever journey you are on, off street or on. The guys’s columbia sandal are exquisite for adventures on the water or at the trail. A tender, contoured footbed can bring you from dawn to sundown in sporting style and luxury. Incredible traction, comfort, and a simple buckle and strap synthetic top, make this the precise every day sandal. These sandals function our part techlite footbed framed by way of more impregnable techlite body for delivered guide and stability. Our omni-grip non-marking moist traction outsoles paintings whether at the trail, over river rock, or indoors, you may locate balance in each step. Columbia offers those men’s sandals in multiple hues, with proper-to-length fitting. Entire sizes best. 탁월한 편안함, 핏, 아치 지지 및 견인력의 조합으로 어떤 모험이든, 오프로드 또는 주행 중 어떤 모험에도 필요한 유일한 샌들입니다. 남성용 컬럼비아 샌들은 물속이나 등산로에서의 모험에 적합합니다. 부드럽고 윤곽이 잡힌 풋 베드는 일출부터 일몰까지 스포츠 스타일과 편안함을 제공합니다. 훌륭한 견인력, 편안함, 심플한 버클과 스트랩 합성 갑피로 매일 착용하기에 완벽한 샌들입니다. 이 샌들은 두 부분으로 구성된 techlite 풋 베드가 단단한 techlite 프레임으로 제작되어 지지력과 안정성을 더합니다. 옴니그립 논마킹 습식 트랙션 밑창은 트레일이나 강암석 위 또는 실내에서 사용할 수 있어 매 걸음마다 안정성을 찾을 수 있습니다. 컬럼비아는 다양한 색상의 남성용 샌들을 정사이즈 핏으로 제공합니다. 전체 사이즈만 해당.


7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17


Black, Blue, Grey

8 reviews for Men’s sandal, all terrain, velcro straps game

  1. Ken B

    Super lightweight and quite comfortable once I traded up to a size larger than normal. Any other size 13 fits me fine, but my foot just hung over the footbed. I wish the straps were a little thicker as they tend to fold or bunch up where they pass through the side buckles, and they could also be half an inch longer to make putting them on easier. They don’t feel like they’ll last all that long, but long lasting sandals (a year or more) from any brand seem to be a thing of the past. Read more

  2. Mark

    I wear a lot of Columbia products head to toe because of quality, fit and value. Purchased (now returning) pair of these sandals Late in season I know but now I know why they had such a selection. This is a well below average product for any outdoor purpose: ordered 1/2 size larger (always works for my Columbia sandals) and way too small. The binding system is totally inadequate in length and construction. Would appear to have been designed by someone for whom “outdoors” is equivalent to a mall. Going to continue to shop Columbia and just hope this is a single item miss and not a new direction for the company. Read more

  3. Alex

    Keep in mind the men’s sandals are in mens sizes and the women’s in women sizes. I purchased the men blue model and it was very comfortable, however the front is a little short so your toes arent protected if you were to bump into a step or accidentally kick a rock. I understand this is an issue with most open toe sandals, but keens and tevas offer models with a wider and longer open toe rubber that protects your feet. I did really like the extra pieces of cloth under the straps that further protect your feet from friction blisters. Read more

  4. wolfinwolfsclothing

    First off, they run small … waaay small. I wear a 10M in most shoes/boots. Reviews said they’re small so I ordered size 11 …should have ordered a 12. My toes come right to the end of the front of the sandal, and the strap across my arch is maxed out, no adjustment left. And they’re kind of a hassle to get your feet into. Having said all that … They are comfortable once you get them on, and they are not going to slip off by accident. Sandals like these and crocs are my waders for fishing, so I do want them secure on my feet. I gave 3 stars because of the size, and how difficult they are to put on. We will see how they hold up for fishing and if they’re non slip on the boat. Read more

  5. Herbey

    Order 1 size up (at least men) and avoid issues with returns/refunds. I always wear size 10 on any type of shoe. But with these sandals my heels and toes reach (beyond) the sole’s edges. Size 11 should be perfect for me. I’m just so pissed off because I used a $10 promotional credit and now it’s lost since I’ll have to return these size 10. I tried to swap for size 11 but they can’t exchange (so they said). Other than the size the sandals are awesome, great quality, comfortable, the blue ones (I ordered) look beautiful, bright color just as in the pictures. Read more

  6. A

    Like walking on air! These sandals are light weight and very comfortable. I like the easy to adjust strap. I rarely write reviews but these are a great product. Read more

  7. Christopher Campbell

    if you order your correct size, the straps are too small; and if you order a size for the straps, your feet are swimming in them. Read more

  8. Bryan

    Sizing: The sole is a little thick, about an inch. It runs a little small at size 15 US, as if they’re trying to fit the exact outline of your foot. I like the idea of the sandal’s design, there’s one strap that you pull to tighten the entire sandal and you just lift the buckle a little to loosen and let your foot out. There are just a few things that stop it from being the best design I’ve ever used. It can be a little tough to get your foot into, especially at the beginning before the sandal has worn in and you get used to the trick of it (rotate your foot a bit as if you are standing on the outside edge). A little extra strap, just 1/2 to 1 inch, would go a long way here. The other issue is that the sandal can seem to want to rotate sideways on your feet, with your big toe off one side and heel off the other. I think this is due to exactly where the straps are placed or maybe that the front can be a little harder to tighten without moving the strap manually. It could also be due to my oddly shaped feet. Overall, I would probably buy these again. Once they’re on your feet you forget about them and they aren’t all that much more annoying to get on than any other sandals. They’re comfortable and seem to be holding together reasonably well. I just wish I had a pair of the next version of this design instead because those will be amazing. Read more

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