Men’s park avenue

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  • one hundred% leather
  • made in the u. S. A. And imported
  • leather-based sole
  • shaft measures about not_applicable from arch
  • lace-up oxford dress footwear
  • cap-toe balmoral
  • coated premium calfskin leather-based higher
  • unmarried o. K. Leather sole
  • 360 diploma goodyear welted construction

from the manufacturer

discover the proper size

what makes allen edmonds footwear so particular is the massive range of sizes and widths we provide that make reaching a perfect suit a lot less complicated. Every 1/2 size will increase via approximately one-sixth of an inch and each full size will increase via one-1/3 of an inch. The widths of allen edmonds shoes range from aaa, the narrowest width, to eee, the widest width, with a d width considered medium. Technically talking, each width will increase by using approximately 3-sixteenths of an inch in general girth.

product description

it doesn’t get a lot higher than park avenue. As allen edmonds first-class-selling shoe for over three many years, that is the shoe that made allen edmonds the employer that it’s miles these days. Worn via incredible statesmen, chairmen of the board, heads of kingdom and leaders round the arena, it’s miles as tastefully serious as any shoe you can discover. If you’re seeking out that first allen edmonds shoe to begin your series, this will be a good vicinity to begin

based in 1922, allen-edmonds shoe organisation manufactures premium men’s shoes, accessories, and cedar merchandise using the philosophy of fine, service and integrity. Taking shoemaking to the level of an artwork form, every pair of allen-edmonds shoes are cautiously crafted by way of hand in a process that includes 212 separate production steps. No detail is just too small, because splendid fine is the cornerstone of the allen-edmonds call.


6, 6 Wide, 6 1/2, 6.5, 6.5 Wide, 6.5 X-Wide, 7, 7 Wide, 7 X-Wide, 7 1/2, 7.5, 7.5 Wide, 7.5 X-Wide, 8, 8 X-Narrow, 8 Narrow, 8 Wide, 8 X-Wide, 8.5, 8.5 X-Narrow, 8.5 Narrow, 8.5 Wide, 8.5 X-Wide, 9, 9 XX-Narrow, 9 X-Narrow, 9 Narrow, 9 Wide, 9 X-Wide, 9.5, 9.5 XX-Narrow, 9.5 X-Narrow, 9.5 Narrow, 9.5 Wide, 9.5 X-Wide, 10, 10 XX-Narrow, 10 X-Narrow, 10 Narrow, 10 Wide, 10 X-Wide, 10 3X-Narrow, 10.5, 10.5 XX-Narrow, 10.5 X-Narrow, 10.5 Narrow, 10.5 Wide, 10.5 X-Wide, 10.5 3X-Narrow, 11, 11 XX-Narrow, 11 X-Narrow, 11 Narrow, 11 Wide, 11 X-Wide, 11 3X-Narrow, 11.5, 11.5 XX-Narrow, 11.5 X-Narrow, 11.5 Narrow, 11.5 Wide, 11.5 X-Wide, 11.5 3X-Narrow, 12, 12 XX-Narrow, 12 X-Narrow, 12 Narrow, 12 Wide, 12 X-Wide, 12 3X-Narrow, 12.5, 12.5 Narrow, 12.5 Wide, 13, 13 XX-Narrow, 13 X-Narrow, 13 Narrow, 13 Wide, 13 X-Wide, 13 3X-Narrow, 14, 14 XX-Narrow, 14 X-Narrow, 14 Narrow, 14 Wide, 14 X-Wide, 14 3X-Narrow, 15, 15 X-Narrow, 15 Narrow, 16, 13 Women/11 Men


Black, Oxblood, Dark Chili Burnished, Walnut, Light Brown, Olive, Brown Antibes, Merlot, Brown, Dark Brown, Dark Brown Burnished

7 reviews for Men’s park avenue

  1. planb

    BE WARNED ,,,DONT DO IT.There’s little doubt in my mind that these are seconds being sold as #1.Almost as if they were taken right from the AE Shoebank (seconds WITH MINIMAL FLAWS) and sold for same price as #1’s.Different colors,(Can be buffed out,but that would be a second),stitching is brutal,Scars from the hand tools ,wrinkles on the sole,crack in the heel. Besides that they actually came in a box (not an AE box)that was to big with 1 piece of paper in there for protection.The box is big enough to put another pair of shoes in there.So these shoes also have the scuffs and scratches you would expect from being beaten up and thrown around inside the box . Read more

  2. Hayden L.

    Was very excited to receive these shoes in the mail (Nicest shoes I’ve ever bought, will be wearing them to my wedding) and was looking forward to the whole unboxing. Black box with gold type, flannel shoe bags, pristine leather, the whole luxury experience. Was however disappointed to receive a fairly dinged up box, and shoes that had very obviously been worn on rough terrain. The soles already had deep scratches in the leather, as if someone had tried them on by walking on gravel or rough asphalt, and there were some deep grooves on the insoles which I can’t figure out the possible cause of. I will be keeping them anyways, as the scuffing will be quickly outdone by a single wear, and the upper leather is still in perfect condition condition. Plus I paid $280 on Amazon vs $425 from the Allen Edmonds store, so some sole scuffs are worth the discount in my opinion. Still, for a luxury product it is unfortunate to have such obvious wear right from the box, and if I were buying these as a gift for someone I would have to return them for a pristine pair. Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    This is my first pair of AE so for the price of $259 I expected a very nice shoe. I should add, even if these were 2nd’s I didn’t expect the type if issues I encountered. 1st pair – Took out of the box and the right shoe looked fine so I was rather pleased and excited. I took the left shoe out and I cringed. The cap toe was certainly not 180 degrees across but looked majorly crooked and easily noticeable. Also to add the heel on the left shoe was much longer than the one on the right shoe when putting the two shoes together, not a huge deal but the crooked left shoe is a big enough deal to return. 2nd pair – Same situation as the 1st pair. The right shoe looked perfect but the left shoe is crooked even worst than the first pair. At this point I feel like the $259 surely isn’t worth it for a pair of shoes that don’t match unless my right foot is straight and I always have my left foot pointed outwards so the shoe looks straight. I ended up trying the shoes out for a day to see if they were as comfortable as I’ve heard. I wore them for a couple hours and I’ve found that these are pretty narrow even with getting a 13E. Needless to say, even after getting past the defects, I’m going to have to return as these just aren’t wide enough for my foot. Read more

  4. Will Waverly

    I went up one width as these run narrow and the fit was good. I’m a 9.5D and ordered 9.5E. Here’s how I feel about Allen Edmonds: You can order factory seconds and get slight defects at a discount price OR you can order first quality and get slight defects at full price. I should have known better. These full priced shoes have tiger stripes in the leather on the toe caps and the left shoe has crooked stitching in the heel. After a lot of repolishing, they are presentable but not perfect. Read more

  5. D. Davis

    Made in the USA still stands for quality at Allen Edmonds. While a bit on the pricey side, they are well worth the investment if you spend many hours on your feet and you desire shoes with a long life. I have yet to find an equal in fit, comfort, overall shoe weight or quality of materials (particularly in the manufacture of the heel. Others have raved about Johnston & Murphey being a half-price alternative, but I disagree – I have owned Johnston & Murphey shoes that look nice, but all have been heavy and loud enough to be heard a block away when walking). I’ve tried Bostonian (quality on the decline of late), Clarks (quality definitely lacking) and Johnston & Murphey: none of which come close to matching the quality of Allen Edmonds; all of which ended up either in the landfill or at Good Will. Read more

  6. Wally Chan

    I was really looking forward to have a pair of Allen Edmonds. Good reviews and good name brand. When they arrived, they look great. Perhaps the lighting was not ideal when I first looked at them, but when I wore them the first time, I noticed that the right shoe was not as shiny as the left midway through the day. Since I already wore them, I can’t send them back. I took it to a shoe place for a shine, and they pointed out the almost unnoticeable lines on the right shoe. He said it was due to the leather not matching and that I will experience uneven wear due to the lower quality of (or maybe defective) leather on one shoe. Very disappointing due to the price and reputation of these shoes. I did pay less than the retail of $399 here at Amazon, but are these supposed to be the “B” stock? If so, I’m not aware of it. The shine of the shoes are matching now, but if you look at them closely, you’ll still see the lines on the right shoe. Read more

  7. Stephen Lich

    I love Allen Edmonds. They make the best men’s shoes available in the U.S. These shoes fit so well. The leather is top quality, and it takes a high shine. For people who are uncertain about buying such a pricy shoe: it’s worth it, in this case. Cap toe Oxfords are the classic men’s dress shoe. They will always be appropriate for work and formal occasions. Allen Edmonds shoes will be with you for life, and they will always fit well and look good. One $300 pair of quality shoes is a better deal than three or four pairs of inferior shoes. It *is* worthwhile. And finally, the WIDTH: Allen Edmonds makes shoes in widths from AAA to EEE, so you can get the perfect fit across. It’s not just a choice between “medium” and “wide”, like most shoe manufacturers. And with such a range of widths, they’re a blessing for MEN WITH WIDE FEET, like me. In other brands, like J&M, I typically go with a 13 Wide, which is too long and still too narrow. AE’s 12 EEE is the perfect fit for me. Read more

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