Men’s molokai three factor turn flop sandal

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  • one hundred% synthetic
  • rubber sole
  • 24finely woven nylon toe post with herringbone texture with compression-molded, slip-resistant, textured footbed and quiksilver trim bundle
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product description

flexible 3 point strap sandal with a textured footbed and pa colour traces sandalia bendy de tres puntos con plantilla texturizada y líneas de coloration llamativo. Sandalia bendy con correa de goma sujeta de three puntos con la palabra quiksilver y de forma ondulada. Esta sandalia también es antideslizante. – סנדל גמיש עם שלוש נקודות עם מדרס עם מרקם וקווי צבע בולטים bendy dreipunkt-sandale mit strukturiertem fußbett und farbigen linien. صندل بحزام مرن ثلاثي النقاط مع وسادة قدم مزخرفة وخطوط ملونة sandália flexível de três pontos com uma palmilha texturizada e linhas de cor pop 灵活的三点式绑带凉鞋,纹理鞋垫和流行色彩线条 彈性三點式綁帶涼鞋,帶紋理鞋墊和流行色彩線條 질감이 있는 풋 베드와 팝 컬러 라인이 있는 유연한 three포인트 스트랩 샌들


6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14


Black 1, Black/Black/White, Black/Blue/Black, Black/Red/Green, Grey 1, Grey/Grey/Grey, Black/Grey/Grey, Black/Green/Blue Molokai

8 reviews for Men’s molokai three factor turn flop sandal

  1. Mike Zee

    I do not recommend at all. I wear size 10.5 shoes. Purchased size 11…no half sizes available. Too loose, floppy and definitely NOT for general walking! I purchased to use in wet areas at the gym. I really need to watch my footing, for I slipped a couple of times. I wish I would have returned them. I’ll probably throw them away and purchase sandals at local DSW so I can try on various to get the best fit. Read more

  2. Donald E. Kaelber

    I bought these to wear to the steam room and to the shower but I don’t like them at all as they will not stay on my feet. The fit is about right but they will not stay on ;my feet. I take about 4 steps and the start coming off. I have worn this kind of flip flops since the military about 50 years and these are the worst. Read more

  3. Cody G.

    These are a steal for a waterproof pair of flip flops for outdoor amd pool use. Some have complained about the piece between the toes being uncomfortable but for me im size 13 I don’t notice it. I wear these to the pool when I know I am going to have to leave them oit amd don’t want to worry aboit someone taking my more expensive pairs. They seem well enoigh made to last quite a while. I sometimes find in flip flops I jave to order a size up. That is true for these so if you alternate between two sizes buy the larger of those two and the fit will be perfect. Read more

  4. Paul Mills

    After wearing these around for a week,I find the flip flops as comfortable as flip flops can be, i enjoy the ease and comfort of slippping your foot in and going on your way a pro vs putting shoes on and tying them. I think the thong (the piece that slides between your 1st and 2nd tie) of the flip flop is too thick which makes it uncomrfortable while walking. I guess I’m used to flip flops with more of a strap in place of a thick cord. Little trots around the house are fine but, I’ve found that walking around in them for prolonged periods uncomfortable and borderline painful. Read more

  5. Ike

    Might be personal preference but the soles of the sandals don’t allow my foot to slide much which causes my heal to crack open. Might be a personal problem and the “stickiness” of the sole might actually be preferred by some. That said, they are priced right, fit correctly and look great. Read more

  6. Lucy

    Work alright. They aren’t super comfortable. I only use them at the gym when I go swim. Don’t want to walk barefoot at the gym. I wouldn’t use these for all day use Read more

  7. Tony Belden

    The sandals are not very comfortable. The hard rubber strap that fits between your toes digs into to your skin. I bought them to use in the shower, I can’t imagine wearing these sandals for very long. I have another pair of Quiksilver that are very comfortable and have a softer material that fits between your toes. Read more

  8. A Customer

    Sandals fit fine. Relatively lightweight and thin. They look good. The plastic thong would probably dry quickly. However, despite the good fit, these were quite uncomfortable from the first minute I put them on. I am not going to wear these anywhere. Will return. Read more

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