Men’s locker iii slide sandal, 11

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  • ethylene vinyl acetate
  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • brief drying one-piece performance molded eva slide, perfect for locker room or poolside use
  • strap, footbed & outsole are all engineered to move water away from the foot
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product description

quick-drying one piece performance molded eva slide. Engineered to move water away from the foot. Built to be worn round locker & pool. Brief drying one-piece performance molded eva slide, best for locker room or poolside use.


7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15


Black/Metallic Silver, Midnight Navy (410)/Metallic Silver

8 reviews for Men’s locker iii slide sandal, 11

  1. Sarah Jordan

    I’ve been wearing these for about two weeks now and have broken them in. OMG these things are comfortable! I usually wear a 10.5, and ordered the 11’s and they feel great. The first couple days the sandal ridges below the ball of my foot were extremely firm, but by the third day they were already worked out. You may want to wear socks the first day or two until then. I will most likely purchase a second pair in the near future. Lastly, I love the style of these. They look like a stealth vehicle, or possibly sandals that batman would wear in his bat cave. Keep it up Under Armour! Update July 2018: My sandals have only become more comfortable since purchasing them. The Under Armour emblem on the inside under the heels has peeled off, but it doesn’t bother me one way or another. Most importantly, the top strap emblem has not faded or peeled away. I have gotten these extremely dirty multiple times, and they clean up like new with just a damp rag. I still highly recommend these. May 2020: these guys are still a daily wear January 2021: These sandals are indestructible. I wear them around the house all the time. They will surely be here long after I am 🙂 Read more

  2. Jeff Liu

    My favorate one piece injection molded type of Nike Slider finally die on me after my dog chew it, you see the bottom, i still wear it after bottom is through .. the original nike one was very good and one piece injection molding made the top part uneasy to break and last a very long time. longest search ever for hte same one, but nike discontinued it completely, i couldnt find one piece desigg slider until Under Armour version showed up on amazon.. i immediatley order 1 to try, i suggest (order 1 size Up), my foot is 10, but i have to change to 11 to fit better. this is since Nike the BEST substitute ! i end up order 4 pairs, just so i can have this shoe to wear for the next 10 years just in case UA decided to discontinue the shoe again like Nike did few years back! you wont regret.. and buy multiple pairs while the cost is only $19 right wont regret!! Read more

  3. Stubborn Dutchman

    I wear size 11-1/2 so I bought size 12. They are marked M12. Turns out they were too tight for my wide foot. Nike slides and Gear One slides in size 12 fit me just fine. After some contemplating, I decided to hold the Under Armour’s “upper” upside down in a pan of simmering water for 30 seconds, then put it on my foot (with a sock) until it cooled – a matter of minutes. The upper stretched a bit and they now fit fine. I would have given five stars were they the right size in the first place. Read more

  4. smith

    It is hard to find flip flops these days that don’t have a microfiber or some other cloth on the inside of the shoe. I want these for when I go to the gym and wear them out to the pool and/or in the shower room. I had a set of Nike flip flops before but I didn’t like how the inside would never dry out. They go from the shower to my gym bag. Sitting in there wet all the time is going to cause mold issues. These however are perfect in that they are all plastic so when I get dressed I wipe them down with my towel and in the gym bag they go. They even have drain holes through the sole for when using at a shower shoe. This is exactly what I wanted. The goofy sole design isn’t that uncomfortable but not the end of the world. People say they will break in. Others have sanded down high spots. I think that is going to be personal preference and based on your specific foot arch. It isn’t like I am running a marathon with these. Just walking around the locker room and out to the pool. I guess I can see where some may complain about this if they have less of an arch but they fit me fine. I would say they run pretty close to the size I would expect. I want to say I ordered these in 11. For other footwear, depending on manufacturer, I wear from a 10.5-12. So I went in the middle and it was fine. Read more

  5. MickeySmorch

    They look well designed and appear durable. However, I ran into some problems with the fit and comfort of these slides. My shoe size is a 10.5 (US) and I ordered a size 11. The width was too tight for my D-width feet. I had to slide my feet back a bit to which made my feet hang slightly off the back. The result was a very uncomfortable fit. The texture of the footbed is a bit strange. I have a feeling it might cause discomfort after prolonged use. I know I have the option of ordering the next larger size, which would better fit my wide feet, but I’m still concerned the footbed texture might cause discomfort. Read more

  6. Glenn

    I had a pair for my gym locker room and shower. I like the shaped footbed and the drain holes. I can dry my feet in the shower and they stay nearly dry in these. I’m not prone to athletes foot infections but I find age makes many problems more challenging so I think it is worthwhile to be careful. I just got a second pair and I’m using them at home with low socks as slippers because I’ve had trouble finding slippers without some problem such as being hard to get on or off, getting funky, getting dirty and being impossible to clean and so on. I’m using them strictly indoors to keep from tracking grit around my house. I have another pair of slides for quick trips outdoors and will replace them with these when they wear out. Read more

  7. Kenny

    I overlooked the “locker” portion of the product name when buying this because I saw “cross-trainer”. I wouldn’t wear these shoes on the street simply because there are a bunch of holes in the bottom that’ll track in dirt onto the soles of your feet. It’s really there as a shower/locker room slide to drain water. Given that, I just wear them around the house and they’ve held up really well and are super comfortable. Read more

  8. Tricia E.

    It’s a showers sandal. Looks and performs as advertised. Not the most comfortable sandal I’ve had, but not horrible either. If you’re looking for a reliable and cheap sandal for the locker room this will meet your needs Read more

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