Men’s jogging footwear blade non slip fashion shoes breathable mesh soft sole casual athletic walking footwear

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  • rubber sole
  • ventilating footwear insole which thick to preserve a dry, healthy and luxury foot surroundings. Once you walk via the day’s paintings with these shoes, you may hold the footwear dry and at ease. This is a brilliant feeling.
  • the mesh higher is product of a hard, lightweight yarn that is woven into the integrated higher. The particular vicinity increases the weaving density, giving the foot more help, whilst the other regions are more bendy or breathable.
  • the shoes sole crafted from extremely light herbal rubber cloth,the rubber outsole offers impact cushioning, anti-twist, abrasion-resistant and anti-slip overall performance,assisting customers adapt to any road circumstance.
  • elastic blade sole for excessive flexibility,offer enough assist for the foot to more efficiently return power to the sole of the foot to ensure consolation during strolling.
  • suiting occasions:casual,taking walks,running,journey,athletic,exercise,fitness center,tennis,out of doors,journey,workout,workout,volleyball,basketball,walking,bike,racquetball and other out of doors sport.
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below it’ll assist us select proper length for footwear, examine the chart size with your ft length cautiously before ordering. Thanks! Length chart: 7 d(m) us men-feet duration: 10. 04 inches 8 d(m) us guys-ft period: 10. 24 inches 8. Five d(m) us men-feet duration: 10. Forty three inches nine. 5 d(m) us guys-ft length: 10. 63 inches 10 d(m) us guys-ft period: 10. Eighty four inches 11 d(m) us men-ft duration: eleven. 05 inches 12 d(m) us men-ft length: 11. 22 inches 13 d(m) us men-feet period: 11. 41 inches in case your foot is wider or fatter than the same old foot, we recommend that you keep in mind increasing one length and order. Product description emblem: chopben going for walks footwear style: walking, walking, informal, recreation, walking, education, tour, exercising sole fabric: natural rubber closure kind: lace-up strolling footwear recommended reason to buy this guys’s walking footwear 1: breathable and light-weight 2: put on resistant slip 3: elastic cushioning four: layout fashion 5: can put on all seasons


6.5, 7, 8, 8.5, 9.5, 10, 11, 12, 13


Black/Red, Cream/Beige, Full Black, Navy/Blue, Red, White, 25red, Z07-black/White, Z07-black, 25black/Red, 25all/Black, Z07-white

8 reviews for Men’s jogging footwear blade non slip fashion shoes breathable mesh soft sole casual athletic walking footwear

  1. Risse Cakkes

    Love them bought a pair for me and him Read more

  2. Bryan Heredia

    The manufacturing cost of these shoes is most likely the same as other brand name shoes. I was actually shocked by the quality, they’re very comfortable to wear, and I am very happy with my purchase. This year I vow to throw away my conventional belief that brand names are always best, this pair of shoes challenged that belief. I’m definitely going to buy the other colors that you guys are offering. Read more

  3. H.S.

    These shoes look good…in fact, they look and fit great. The size listed matches my actual size, precisely. My only complaint is, it’s not a particularly comfortable shoe. I’m by no means an overweight/obese guy (6ft, 180lbs), but I’ve found the comfort to be lacking (others may disagree). In the shoes defense though. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn), I rank this as a 6, that moves down to a 5 and 4 after about 30mins of walking. Read more

  4. Lily J.

    Love the look! Fit was great…. But the first day I wore them, they fell apart! Just at 47 minutes into my walk it started to wear out. I was walking on smooth asphalt (road) Read more

  5. Philip Iannaco

    This is an incredible sneaker for the price!! If I can’t find anything better, I will buy this product again in another color. “CONS” There are three things preventing this sneaker from being an excellent sneaker. 1. I don’t like the soft heel. The heel material cannot stand up on its own. If the heal material was stiff or a longer grab tab (to assist with getting your foot into it). I would mark this sneaker as “5 star Excellent”. 2. It is a little heavy but for $36 bucks, I get it. Again, fixing 1, 2 or both, I would mark this sneaker as “5 star Excellent”. 3. (This one is a style preference & in no way deal breakers) It is very hard to make out but the writing on the tung reads LOVELOVELOVE. I would prefer it to read OFF-WHITE or something a little more masculine (a preference & it will not prevent me from buying sneaker again. “Pros” 1. I love the sole. It looks like New Balance ZigZag. 2. Comfortable & overall sneaker essentials work great (no squeaks, etc.) 3. It looks great!! It is a good looking sneaker. I wear name brand & have absolutely no problem wearing this sneaker. I have been wearing it daily for the past two weeks. A great buy!! Read more

  6. Air show 23

    This is a very nice and comfortable shoe! Quick delivery and I’m totally satisfied! You must look closely to see that it’s not a major brand. I bought both the black and the white worth the money people! Read more

  7. ♤♡♢♧

    For the price you really can’t complain, you get what you paid for. I’ve only had them for 3 months but so far so good, especially since I use them a lot for walking and running. I got the white pair so I’ve thrown them in the washer once already and they came out good as new. Only reason I’m not giving them 5 stars is because they could be a little more comfortable, especially since they’re labeled as a running shoe. Does that mean I wouldn’t buy another pair? Nope I believe this was money well spent Read more

  8. Louis

    The shoe honestly looks amazing. I have purchased super high end shoes like nike and other brands and this certainly matches up in terms of style. However, it is not very comfortable to wear as the soul of the shoe is very bumpy. My biggest gripe is the SMELL. There is very strong synthetic smell that comes from the shoe. It actually gave me a headache. I opened the shoes a few days ago and you can still smell it. I can only imagine the poor Chinese workers and the hardships they have endure in these factories. But if it was slightly more comfy and the smell disappeared sooner, then this shoe would be awesome. Read more

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