Men’s grand court sneaker

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  • 50% pu lined leather-based/50% artificial
  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • shaft measures approximately zero-6″ from arch
  • platform measures about 1 inches
  • boot establishing measures approximately 6-12″ around
  • everyday match
  • lace closure
  • leather-based upper
  • rubber outsole
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product description

a ’70s fashion reborn. These men’s shoes take inspiration from iconic sport forms of the beyond and pass them into the future. They’re crafted with a suede top and leather-based-like details. Signature three-stripes flash along the sides. Plush midsole cushioning gives consolation to each step.


3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 12.5, 13, 14


Ftwr White/Core Black/Ftwr White, Core Black/Ftwr White/Ftwr White, White/Black/Team Royal Blue, White/Core Black/White, Ftwr White/Trace Blue F17/Active Red, Black/White/White, White/Tech Indigo/Scarlet, White/Trace Blue/Active Red, Footwear White/Core Black/Footwear White

6 reviews for Men’s grand court sneaker

  1. Sandy Gallagher

    They are both comfortable and stylish. I notice the amount of attention from the opposite sex while in these shoes, but that is hardly the shoes fault. When I was a kid, I never really connected with my mother. It is really a long story, but because of that, my love life has been in crisis. The first girl I asked out said that she’d love to go on a date, but she just found out she was diagnosed with cancer, and that she was moving out of the country, and that her mom wouldnt let her date outside of her religion, and that she thought that my disturbingly jutting and porous face was very unnerving. The second was an older woman. She didn’t have an issue with my unfortunate condition because she had very bad eye sight and sense of smell. Her dementia was annoying, but I was accepting of her problems. She eventually broke up with me one day after her weekly Martin Balsam sighting, proclaiming her constant embarrassment of being seen in public with me because of my debilitating and gratuitous enthusiasm of Sonic the Hedgehog fan fiction. The third was a lovely girl that truly got me. She had long blonde hair, smart as a whip and funny as well. I couldnt believe a girl like her would find a guy like me attractive, so I spent every waking moment cherishing her, and trying to show her how much she meant to me. So after the restraining order, I bought these shoes to show her that I could be cool like Josh (this guy she’s “engaged to”, I guess), and that I can be a real man. She told me once that I wasnt a “real man” and that I “needed to grow up” and “not call her all night long” and to “stop leave notes in her house while she was sleeping” and “who are you?”. I know that there is a long way to go on the road to coolness, but the 3 stripes stand for third time’s the charm. As soon as I find out her new address I will walk up to her wearing these shoes and my favorite Pokemon onesie, and I will say loud and proud that “I am confident! I am a man now! I love you!” And I am confident I will be able to say all of this to her because of these shoes. And the tolerance I’ve built up to pepper spray. Read more

  2. Mark Mc

    Ordered once – I have worn size 12 for 30 years. They were wayyyyyy too tight. I sent them back, got a 12 1/2 – still wayyyy too tight. Discovered it’s not so much the length, although they are too short. It’s more so the incredible lack of room for your toes. Unless your big toe is crazy flat, the top of the shoe with squeeze your toes into the soles. I managed to cram my feet into the shoes when I greatly loosened the laces but still couldn’t take more than a few steps before they were too painful to keep on. Even if I got a size 13 or 14 I believe these shoes would still crush my toes. Horrible design. This is it for me and buying shoes online from Amazon. Read more

  3. Claudia’s kindles

    Can’t go wrong with this look. I got the white ones. At first I was alarmed that the fit might be too tight but you just have to break in the shoes and let the “cloudform” mould to your foot, which doesn’t happen right away. But it’s fine now. Read more

  4. Anthony

    I love these shoes sooo much!! I’m glad I’ve bought them! I’ve always wanted these shoes when I was in 9th grade and I’ve finally had enough money to buy them myself! They feel great and very soft to walk in! Read more

  5. Timothy Fields

    Went up half a size and still fits like a surgical glove from toe to arch. But loose at the ankles, so they feel like extremely tight sandals. I guess these would work well as compression shoes, because I feel like my blood flow is cut, my feet too hot, and the plantar fascitis working its way in. How many men have feet this flat and narrow for the design to be so appealing? If your feet are wide (at all), or your arches are anything more than horizontal, then pick a different style. They look good though. Read more

  6. Wendy Leigh

    I bought a half a size larger because I read the reviews and took the suggestions from previous customers and got a size 11 for my husband instead of a 10.5 and he says they fit perfectly. So I would suggest doing the same if you buy these. My husband loves them. They are very sharp looking. And extremely comfortable directly out of the box. They of great quality and completely authentic. The insoles are very cushiony and there is just enough wiggle room in the toe without being too loose. He says they fit like a glove! I have only one complaint and that is all of the attention he’s been getting from other ladies is really annoying, but that’s got nothing to do with this review, I just thought it might help some guys that might want to know. Anyway, I hope this helps anyone who has questions. I am a legit customer. I wasn’t paid for my review or offered a refund or free products in order to give my review. I find those types of reviews distasteful AND dishonest & I do not trust them. I bought these with my own money as a gift for my husband. Read more

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