Men’s gaston fisherman sandal

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  • a hundred% leather
  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • leather-based upper in a casual fisherman sandal fashion
  • evaluation stitching element
  • adjustable instep strap with adjustable hook and loop closure
  • neoprene lining
  • reminiscence in shape foam insole
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product description

laid returned fashion comes naturally to the gaston fisherman sandals from dr. Scholl’s®.

from the moment its iconic exercise sandals hit the cabinets in 1968, dr. Scholl’s has been a brand synonymous with cozy shoes and healthy ft. Nowadays, dr. Scholl’s gives footwear in a spread of elegant styles that range from casual to stylish, to amusing and cool. Dr. Scholl’s continues its way of life of the usage of the today’s podiatric remedy and studies to revolutionize the way people think about, and take care of, their toes.


7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13


Black, Brown

8 reviews for Men’s gaston fisherman sandal

  1. Silvia Espantoso

    It is a very nice shoe but in less than 1 month of use was broken, and the seller tells me he can not do anything about it, despite having sent the photos which shows that everything is taken off and has no use. was a bad choice to buy these shoes, trust the brand but did not have the support they deserved Read more

  2. H. Busch

    I have plantar fasciitis along with arthritis and tendinitis. Can’t seem to find any shoes, sneakers, dress shoes that are comfortable for several hours. Slide sandals for some reason seem to give me better support. However, I can’t wear them to work. Since my job requires a great deal of walking and standing, I’m on my feet nearly all day. So I decided to think outside the box and came up with a sandal that I can wear to work and is comfortable all day with a relative amount of foot protection. My solution was to try the fisherman sandal. These have a comfortable memory foam sole and I can wear them for longer periods of time than regular shoes or sneakers. And I can wear them with or without socks without them sliding off my feet. I really like them a lot! Read more

  3. Byron W. Logman

    Love Dr. Scholl’s shoes! I have flat – Flat feet, so footwear is hard or expensive to get. These Gaston Fisherman sandals are very good for my feet. Bought them specifically for the added protection for my toes. Am 80+ and tend to bump into chair legs, etc. Have already tested them for that without pain. Very, very happy with this pair! The only regret I have – which is generic re Velcro straps – there are no existing footware which have releasable clip locks. The last ones I was able to purchase was about 4 yrs ago. And – you guessed it – they were Dr Scholl’s! Read more

  4. Al S

    These would be very comfortable sandals for someone with really thick ankles and feet. Not wide feet, but thick, like a few inches high. There was no real downward taper. The top of the sandal didn’t touch the top of my foot after an inch from my ankle. And the ankles … just because I have a size 13 foot doesn’t mean I have tree trunks for ankles; seriously, the ankle hole adjusted to its tightest barely touched skin. If my feet and ankles fit in these I would look really weird. Or they’re for very … meaty individuals maybe. That said, if you have that type of foot/ankle combo, these are nice sandals, good construction and very attractive. Read more

  5. Bruno Orsini ft Spotty Coniglietto.

    These Dr Scholl’s sandals are gorgeous. They are large on the front so their size is comparable to a wide or E for some brands even if the size available in this model, Gaston, that I purchased, was not specified as such but as M. The W, or E size wasn’t available, otherwise I’d have purchased that instead or this M. Anyway these sandals are indeed a very satisfactory fit for my large feet. The strap is very simple, just open and close. Not really customizable, but the beauty of Dr Scholl’s shoes is that they contour to the foot perfectly. As I said I wear 10 and 1/2 wide, or E, or EE depending on the brands, and I got 11, and they fit a little less than half inch longer, allowing movement of the toes, a perfect fit, and they are just large enought for my large foot, the side of my foot touches the side of the shoe but it is soft and doesn’t hurt. The inside is padded with soft sintetic black material and the foot rests on memory foam, that is comfy, but not my favorite. They are very comfortable nevertheless, (maybe too much for a former Teva aficionado such me), and very classy, definitively beautiful. Their overall look is classic, these look like old school leather shoes, the sintetic padding is hidden, the little hook and strap are nice touches, overall gorgeous. I was also lucky because there was an Amazon coupon available at the moment I purchased these sandals. I purchased these on August 7, 2020 for $37.46 before taxes, ($48.99 was the original price minus a coupon of $11.53). Also, I had a pair like these in high school… I am good to go! Read more

  6. Carbonman

    I should let you know that I like my shoes to grip my upper foot fairly tightly. These sandals are the right length, they are the right width, but somehow the fastener just does not fasten them tightly on my feet and it does not have much adjustment. The lining is comfortable, but quite slick. Between slippery inside and the fastener not fastening very tightly the slip around on my foot. i will figure something out. ADDENDUM: A few months have gone by and I haven’t figured out a way to fix the looseness problem. Now there is another problem… the soles are slick. Rarely banana peel pratfall type slickness. Just an unnerving – I might lose my footing on this linoleum floor – sort of slickness. I haven’t thrown them away yet, but I absolutely will not be buying them again. Read more

  7. gogo luna

    The only sandal or even tennis shose that helped me with sudden Plantar Fasciitis . I developed Plantar Fasciitis on my left foot after a wound opened up between my toes from going on a steep hike and the Plantar Fasciitis somehow came as a result of limping to avoid the pain from that the wound between my toes. I tried the kuru shoes without success and also the orthofeet brand shoes and sandals with no luck, I also tried nike flyknit react which had the instep too tight and could not be adjusted and sketchers go walk which felt comfortable but these were the only ones that helped me with the pain even though the actual rubber is not that soft but what seemed to do the trick was the memory foam even though it is not that thick. I still have the pain but it is slowly going away. I am also using a foot massage roller and the spiked massage ball, but not as often as I should. I wish they had a tiny bit more arch support and the option to have about 1/3 more memory foam but that would probably not work with this type of memory foam in regards to its density and I wouldn’t want them to change it since it’s the only sandal err even tennis shoe that has helped me ease the pain. Read more

  8. Matt 190

    Really nice and comfortable, just think you should order the next lower size you are presently using, sadly I had to return my order because of that. After the return they now fit perfectly, I think Amazon return policy is the best in the world, just my two cents and only an opinion. Read more

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