Men’s flip sneaker

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  • canvas
  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • shaft measures about low-top from arch
  • padded insole
  • rubber outsole
  • breathable lining
  • vulcanized creation
  • canvas top
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  • i want a extensive shoe. Do those are available extensive? It doesn’t say
  • question: i want a huge shoe. Do these come in huge? It doesn’t say answer: no, they do now not. By way of benny dixon jr on april three, 2021 fall apart all solutions

  • shoes slender or extensive? Have to i order half of length lower or better or are they in shape to length?
  • query: shoes slim or huge? Should i order 1/2 length decrease or better or are they in shape to length? Solution: it will be a little bit smaller, but i have no such problem with the equal shoes i purchased in different places, they are all very general sizes there, that is the region,hyperlink:bronaxshoes。com by using amazon consumer on december 21, 2020 failed to get solutions. See more answers (three) fall apart all solutions

  • please help how does the dimensions run i put on a 12 do they run small ? And hows the consolation. Thank you tom
  • question: please assist how does the scale run i put on a 12 do they run small ? And hows the consolation. Thanks tom solution: they match authentic to length,i wear a thirteen and they match nicely i additionally get the d width ,i’ve flat toes an these are very cozy. By using michael franklin on june 19, 2019 didn’t get solutions. See extra answers (1) collapse all answers

  • what’s a size 9d
  • query: what is a size 9d answer: a d width is taken into consideration average width. Extensive sizes are indexed in e, ee, and eee widths. Regrettably, amazon does no longer display any listings beyond d widths. Which makes amazon shoe purchasing revel in very disappointing. By durwood m. Dugger on december 19, 2020 did not get answers. See extra solutions (2) fall apart all solutions


    6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 13


    Black, Black/Gum, Black/White, Dark Grey/White, Mars Red/Salsa/White, Navy/White, White, White/Navy, Grey/White, Rust/White

    8 reviews for Men’s flip sneaker

    1. edward mejia

      I used once and got wet by mistake and they turned black…worse moment in my life.. Read more

    2. DotScott1

      Sooo these are meant to be skate shoes but I took them out skateboarding…. literally a couple of hours in on the first day, they had a pretty large hole in them. Currently doing some experiments with patches to see if I can repair them/make them stronger but… these are definitely the weakest skate shoes I’ve ever used. I’ve never had shoes get a hole THIS fast on me before. Usually it takes weeks or even months (skating daily, every other day, etc. – even with similarly-priced shoes). So if you just like the way “skater” shoes look but don’t plan on actually using them to skate, then these are the shoes for you. If you’re looking for skate shoes to actually skate with though, look elsewhere :/ These seem pretty cheaply-made compared to others I’ve owned (I’ve owned a lot, expensive and inexpensive). ….. all of that being said, they are at least nice-looking shoes and come at a low price so… I have to at least add a star back for that. Just don’t use them to skate (which, again, is what they’re supposed to be meant for). Read more

    3. Al in Seattle

      I should have sent them back. I thought the rough edges of the fabric inside of the the tongue welt would not be an issue. Well it is, they chafe and after wearing them for a couple of hours and wondering why my foot felt raw in places I spent more time investigating the inside and comparing to other canvas shoes. The tongue structure is simply not designed as well as other canvas shoes. Make sure you check out the construction inside of the shoe and make sure you wear around the house on a carpet for awhile in case you want to send them back. At the price they were is isn’t the end of the world if they get tossed. Two stars for price and it looks like they will hold up but uncomfortably for me. Read more

    4. Doug

      Great fit. I needed light shoes for travel. These fit out of the box. They also had some arch support. They were comfortable and did not pinch. I wear 12-1/2 W so I ordered a little bigger because online shoes are notoriously smaller. Happily, these seemed to be exactly what I ordered because the length was a bit longer than needed. If these have any fault, they could have been 1/4 inch wider. Not a deal breaker nor did they pinch or feel uncomfortable – they’ll stretch with more use. I was just used to wearing wide shoes. They dry out quick in the sun (assuming it’s not humid out). Read more

    5. Wesley

      It’s hard finding a pair of sneakers for casual wear without adhering to the trend of the times. I have an old pair of Nike’s that I was replacing. I can’t find that style anymore (in a Nike,) but these are exactly what I was looking for. They actually fit better than my old Nikes. Read more

    6. RDB

      The shoe runs about half a size to small and somewhat narrow. The laces should be a little longer but adequate as is. The quality is as good as any canvas made. Major manufacturers such as Nike, and Converse sell this same design for more than twice the price. You could buy two pairs of the Lugz shoes and still have money left over. Read more

    7. Dave H.

      I like an 11-W in most shoes. Wide was not shown as a choice for these. (actual foot” measures” 10-1/2-D) bought an 11-D comfortably snug new but expect some stretch over time. Removed inserts that came with shoe’s and put in sof-sole gel inserts found here on Amazon and they feel great. Well made and bright white. Feel very light and breathable. Found wearing thin no show socks the best for me in these shoes. Almost bought Vans for triple the price but read many recent negative reviews for rubbing/pain etc. They look very similar in many ways. So for the price,fit,feel,quality I decided on these. Happy with my purchase for sure. Would absolutely recommend unless you have a EE or more width foot, hopefully they will become available in the future as I expect to purchase again in future. Read more

    8. Dinosaurdaddy

      Liked any shoes I have to wear them before buying but this time I didn’t. Even with the free return or exchange, I doubt the size down be perfect, maybe even tighter. I normally wear size 8 wide or depending on manufactures of the shoe. But decided on 8.5 because it is width D, normally width W. Shoe a little bigger but it hasn’t given me any issue. Big is good for me for room and not have to hurt on foot. So if you foot are slim or whatever they word it, it shouldn’t be a problem, but wider foot, I suggest half size up. I choose this shoe because I am picky with shoe not because of my wider foot but in Minimalist style. I am not big with style, don’t need all the attention and this fit my needs. Read more

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