Men’s chuck taylor footwear

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  • canvas
  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • shaft measures about low-top from arch
  • platform measures about 0. 25
  • low-top sneaker with canvas top
  • iconic silhouette
  • ortholite insole for consolation
  • diamond outsole tread
  • unisex sizing

product description

the iconic, timeless chuck taylor all superstar sneaker. Ideal in its simplicity given that 1917. Lightweight, breathable canvas construction. Vulcanized rubber sole can provide durable traction. An ortholite insole cushions every and each step. Flexible, elegant, and they preserve looking better on every occasion you put on them. Ortholite is an indicator of o2 companions, llc.


3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 12.5, 13, 13.5, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 5 Women/3 Men, 5.5 Women/3.5 Men, 6 Women/4 Men, 6.5 Women/4.5 Men, 7 Women/5 Men, 7.5 Women/5.5 Men, 8 Women/6 Men, 8.5 Women/6.5 Men, 9 Women/7 Men, 9.5 Women/7.5 Men, 10 Women/8 Men, 10.5 Women/8.5 Men, 11 Women/9 Men, 11.5 Women/9.5 Men, 12.5 Women/10.5 Men, 13 Women/11 Men, 13.5 Women/11.5 Men, 14 Women/12 Men, 6 mens_us/8 womens_us, 7.5 M UK, 8.5 M UK


Black Monochrome, Optical White, Navy, Red, Black (White Sole), White (Optical), Charcoal, Black/Black, Charcoal (White Sole), Maroon, Natural Ivory, Black, Pink, Black/White, Hollyhock, Shoreline Black, Shoreline Navy, Grey

8 reviews for Men’s chuck taylor footwear

  1. Jessica

    Honestly, I was a little nervous after I purchased these because I read the reviews AFTERWARDS, and people were saying they got fakes and stuff. I just got them in the mail today and they came in the original box and were the exact same size as my other Converse’s. I am normally an 8 in women’s (so I got a men’s size 6) in the white ones. They fit perfectly and appear to be genuine. I only paid around $39-40 for these with free prime shipping! I was also nervous about the sizing being off as some people here stated, but I’m glad I ordered my actual size 🙂 Also wanted to mention that if you’re the same size as me, you can also go to your local shoe store and get the youth/juniors size 6 and they should fit exactly like a women’s 8 as well, and they’re usually under $30! 😉 just a little tip Read more

  2. Eric Morgan (DVZN Media)

    This is the SECOND pair I’ve bought for my wife, and that’s because she literally wore holes in the first pair and I had to force her to throw them away. They arrived on time, in the exact color and size she wanted and they fit perfectly. She also has a pair of these in a nice blue color that she switches back and forth as her “kick it” shoes. Read more

  3. holland1

    I love the look of these and they fit true to size on my 9.5 B feet. I can wear them all day and they are comfortable and I am not noticing any fatigue. They do not have any arch support too speak of and I do have high arches, but I am still happy with them. I think they would accommodate insoles if you wanted more cushioning. Read more

  4. Shelly9-14

    These are definitely cut different than the womens Chucks as these are the unisex sized. But in all honesty, they really aren’t. These are cut for a man’s foot and they cut into my ankle and not very comfortable. I bought 3 pair that month and two was unisex sized and I just hate them . Not because they look bad but because they are obviously not meant for a women’s foot. My women’s chucks I bought are awesome and fit me perfect and was not too big as everyone does say they run large most times. And they really do if you buy the unisex sized Chucks cause they aren’t meant for us ladies… Keep that in mind and you won’t have to worry about returns and sizing down… Buy a women’s shoe and you will have a good experience all around. Buy a shoe meant for both sexes and your gonna have issues, I promise you that… Just a lil tidbit I wanted to share with you.. Cute shoes though, but I don’t know any guys that wears my size or I would give him both pair of uninot so much Chucks… I will keep my ladies Chucks, I live hem and come spring I will invest in several more colors and styles.. But no more dude shoes… Uni not for me!! Just say no to Unisex shoes!!!lol Read more

  5. J. Morris

    This pair didn’t come in a Converse box, the laces were entirely undone (which is fine since I relace anyway), the backs of both heel areas were slightly crushed (they were tried on), and both toe boxes were slightly scuffed. Additionally, the shoes are very light (yellow like cotton that’s been damaged by bleach) compared to the picture which is odd since Converse shoes have always been true to color when I order them (from Amazon and the official site). I’m a little miffed, not crazy disappointed, so I’m keeping them. Side note, like most Converse shoes these also run a half-size large; I’m normally a men’s 8 in other shoes, so I ordered a men’s 7.5, and they fit perfectly. Read more

  6. Siobhan Smith

    I LOVE my Converse. I seriously live in them and own a few pairs. One is finally falling apart after about 5 years, so I thought I would replace them. These are nothing like my old ones. My old ones were comfortable immediately out of the box. These left me with blisters on the back of my heel and I was actually bleeding from the back of one of my ankles where it cut into my skin. They are far too hard and inflexible. One of the tongues pushes down into my foot and is incredibly uncomfortable. I’m hoping they’ll eventually break in, but at this point, I doubt they will. Read more

  7. Jover Vargas

    Honestly, im quite disapointed by the poor product care im receive from Converse. Last year product was poorly made and the shoe sole riped off in less than 3 months (poor glue i guess). This year im open to giving a second try, and i get NOT THE SHOE I BOUGHT. A Dark brown shoe and one fo the shoe came with the cord damaged… Worst is they were a gift send right away on arrival, my bad for trusting they would make it right this time. Read more

  8. evelonies

    I have large, wide feet for a woman, so I often purchase men’s shoes because they just fit better. These were no exception. I love them and wear them frequently. I’ve worn them with and without added arch support since they don’t really have any, but I prefer them without (which is funny, since my last pair of the same style I preferred WITH the supports). I love the navy blue too – I like having neutral colored shoes but don’t like to wear black often, especially when they have white contrast. The navy is the perfect solution to “soften” the contrast while still being darker and neutral like I wanted. Read more

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