Men’s carver suede three factor flip flop athletic sandal

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  • seventy five% leather-based, 25% rubber
  • rubber sole
  • 24finely woven nylon toe put up with herringbone texture with compression-molded, slip-resistant, textured footbed and quiksilver trim bundle
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product description

gentle suede leather-based sandal with compression molded slip resistant footbed weiche wildleder-sandale mit formgepresstem rutschfestem fußbett. صندل من الجلد السويدي الناعم مع نعل داخلي مضغوط مقاوم للانزلاق sandália de couro de camurça macia com palmilha antiderrapante moldada por compressão 柔软的绒面革凉鞋,带压缩模制防滑鞋垫 柔軟麂皮涼鞋,搭配壓縮模製防滑鞋墊 압축 몰드 미끄럼 방지 풋베드가 있는 부드러운 스웨이드 가죽 샌들


6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14


Brown 1, Brown/Black/Brown, Demitasse Solid, Green/Green/Grey Carver Suede, Grey 1, Grey/Grey/Black, Solid Black, Tan/Solid

8 reviews for Men’s carver suede three factor flip flop athletic sandal

  1. Sherwood

    If you want your feet stained blue in the area where the thong part touches, these are the sandals for you! It’s like a got a free temporary tattoo…but it isn’t washing off. Maybe you should ensure the extra dye is washed out Quiksilver. Ugh now I look like an idiot right before I’m heading to a pool party. Come to think of it, I’m an idiot for not reading that one guys review before buying these. Read more

  2. Papa Joe

    First wearing got them wet while watering the yard and they left stains across both insteps that was hard to scrub off. Amazon, as always, made the refund painless and quick. Read more


    Very rarely do I write product reviews on Amazon but this time I couldn’t help myself. Since my youth I have been linked to all kinds of marine, beach and outdoor activities. (I am currently 66) Quicksilver has been a brand that has been with me for many years because of its quality. I bought my last beach sandals during a trip to Australia on 2013 and after many “miles” of walking I had to find a replacement. I trusted what I have known about the brand for so many years and I trusted what Amazon publishes as rates, however , without a minimal doubt, THIS PRODUCT IS JUST THAT: GARBAGE. It is so cheap and of such poor quality that I would even be embarrassed to give it to a indigent person. I wouldn’t give 5 bucks for what I received as Quicksilver sandals. Among other quality features, the REAL Quicksilver sandals have an internal supporting steel plate to reinforce the arch of the foot and give stability to the sandal, the tip of that sheet can be seen under the sandals sole and constitutes an important support. The rubber sole of the true sandals is soft on the upper part with an anti-slip finish, it has a well-designed grooves to guarantee good traction on the lower part of the sole. . Sadly, however, what I received was a piece of cheap rubber cut into the shape of a narrow foot that is not up to size and cheap straps that tighten too. This CHINA-made product looks designed for a Chinese foot but not a Westerner. I wear 10 ½ and bought 12 (the same as in Australia) and my feet almost do not fit in the sandal. This that Amazon sent me as a Quicksilver product is really an insult to the brand. It is a shame and a deception. Don’t throw your money away. Go to a serious beach store that offers name brand products and check before you buy. Unfortunately I am abroad and it is not possible for me to return the product but I will give it to a poor child who walks barefoot and I would not be surprised if he rejects it because of the quality. Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    I bought my first and only pair of these around the summer of 2007. After 13 years, the toe straps finally gave. My brother has blown through about 7 pairs of rainbows in the time I’ve owned these sandals. I’m not sure what type of synthetic materials the soles are made out of but they are tough as nails. I cant tell you how many miles I’ve walked in these but I’m pretty sure the Proclaimers wrote a famous song about it. Can not beat the quality of these especially for the price. I’ll wear these literally for the rest of my life if they aren’t discontinued. Read more

  5. R. Smalley

    I usually buy Reef sandals, but after loosing my last pair on a wild canoeing excursion last summer, I opted to purchase a set of lesser value for such events. These fit as expected and I’m happy with the way they feel and look. At first the strap felt slightly uncomfortable on the top of my foot, but I became used to it and/or it wore in a little. But my biggest qualm with these sandals is that the strap leaks it’s dye on your foot. My foot is still turning dark blue after a wearing these over a dozen times. This can be rather concerning for some. Me, I just wash it off and add it to the tally of all the other worrisome things my body absorbs in the day of the life of a modern suburbanite. For everyone else, I’d recommend washing these before wear. Read more

  6. Kevin Darm

    This is the only pair of sandals I’ll buy anymore, and this set is currently my 4th pair. They made minor design changes within the past year or two but nothing major. I did note that the material that goes between the toes was a little rough and caused some rubbing for the first few wears, but they quickly broke in. The dye in the strap also leached and stained my foot the first time they got wet, but it washed off with some effort. They are very comfortable sandals – I can easily wear them all day. At 6’4 / 220, the sandals hold up fine and last me anywhere from 18 months to 2 years with regular wear. Read more

  7. SF Danner

    These are sure-foot sandals constructed with reliable materials. Their soles are nearly 3/4″ thick and they remain flat over long periods of time, unlike some other brands. Their comfort is a high priority to me, and they meet the challenge. The packaging they come with demonstrates the manufacturer’s care in this product. (I was glad when Quiksilver sandals became available in my size again. After the last pair of Quiksilver sandals wore out and I couldn’t replace them (at the time), I went to another brand for awhile. That brand’s squishy foot support was hard on my balance. Foot contact surface wore out quickly. Made me appreciate the quality of Quiksilver sandals!) Read more

  8. N. Jasmin

    The flip flops arrived on time, which is good. However maybe they sent a size 12 for women? Package didn’t indicate that just says 12.O they fit but are extremely tight and a little too short, might be fine once they break in. I just want to mention I have never had an issue with a size across multiple brands. This is the first experience I’ve had with a small size, not sure if I’m going to continue wearing them at this point. Read more

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