Mens air jogging footwear, men game fitness gym walking walking lightweight footwear, size 7-12. Five

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  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • platform measures approximately . 50″
  • 【air cushion layout】the running footwear use air cushion layout, provide cushioning and assist impact for the feet.
  • 【ergonomic sole】lightweight,cushioning sole with ergonomic-stride layout softens step,and facilitates facilitate mobility.
  • 【shielding indoors】soft, seam-loose interior layout, made from material mesh and padded with more foam,complements consolation and safety.
  • 【maximum applications】healthy for most occasions, including informal, strolling, walking, sports activities, visiting, exercise, exercise and different occasions.
  • 【customer service】the 2 way free delivery policy allows you to enjoy no chance of buying jogging footwear.
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product description

approximately us:

comfy and lightweight:

these sneakers are so at ease. Usually whilst you purchase “new shoes” you kinda have to break them in. Now not these the instant i placed them on my toes they had been right away like slipping into a cloud. If your seeking out a relaxed, robust, satisfactory looking strolling shoes. That is a nice shoes.

air cushion layout:

cushion for heels and ball of foot too smooth and nonetheless protecting from pounding on concrete sidewalk. You found those shoes to be very secure with right support and additionally light-weight so your toes too don’t get too fatigued. You want some thing soft, supportive, and which could grip the ground while it’s time to transport.

cushion for heels and ball of foot too soft and nonetheless defensive from pounding on concrete sidewalk. Very relaxed and stretchy.

they may be nonslip and cozy. Speedy to place on, gentle as pillows, great grip for slippery moist floors and beautiful to examine.

the pinnacle of the shoe is soft promotes your feet to stay cool no longer constricting at all. The cloth of the shoes is a material-like cloth this is very comfortable.

version display:


7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12.5


Black, Blackred02, Blackred, Darkblue, Blueorange, Darkblue02, Red, Green, Black/White, Lightblue, Green02, White02

8 reviews for Mens air jogging footwear, men game fitness gym walking walking lightweight footwear, size 7-12. Five

  1. Andrew Perry

    I put the shoes on immediately after they arrived. Boy do they feel good on my feet. They are very light weight. Not sure how they will last but will update my list after a few weeks of training in them. Looks great too. **Update: 10-13-20, while the shoes are very comfortable, the tread just doesn’t last long for running. I run about 15 miles a week. They started to show severe wear after the first month. Sadly, I have had to purchase another pair if running shoes. If you plan on running in these I would recommend looking elsewhere for a pair, however, if you are just wanting a good feel pair if shoes or plan on walking in these, I’d recommend them too you then. **Read more

  2. Char char char

    This is a beautiful, nice light weight shoe, but a little short for 9.5, not a big deal. But it’s light because it’s got a thin sole. Plenty of cushion on the heel, but not much on the ball of the foot. Very comfortable to lounge in but not great for running or long walks. And why do they make shoes with fabric that leaks in the rain or in heavy dew on grass? This one’s ok for dry days, but not rainy wet days. It’s a good value so regardless of its weaknesses I’m keeping it to lounge in.Read more

  3. Earle Patrick

    Fantastic looking sneakers. With experience over the years i know when purchasing sneakers always buy a half size up. It fitted perfectly when it came. Sneakers are soft enough to wear comfortably through the day.For the price its a good purchase.Read more

  4. Rob R.

    After suffering through a brief trial of an expensive pair of gDefy sneakers, which felt much like what I imagine wearing wooden shoes feels like, I purchased a pair of these much more affordable and comfortable sneakers. The fit was true to size and they were super comfortable right out of the box. The air cushion technology built into this style sneaker allows for a very comfortable walking experience in an inexpensive but durable sneaker build. I heartily recommend these sneakers. In fact I ordered a 2nd pair in a different color.Read more

  5. Gary R.

    Product looks nice but delivery person left the box in an area that got the box and sneakers soaking wet when it rained shortly after delivery. My instructions (although I just changed them) was to leave packages On the RIGHT side of garage door near garbage pails. They wouldn’t get wet there. At any rate the shoes are soaked so can’t tell u anything about them until after they dry ( and hopefully do not smell) so I can try them on and decide whether to keep them or return. Thank uRead more

  6. Kaji

    Really amazing, fits as expected, good material used. Great support and grip. You can workout, or you can go to work with this. It is stylish and comfortableRead more

  7. kensil

    MEHOTO Mens Fashion Ltwt… EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE! Very cushiony. (I guess that’s a word. It is now!) Great-looking shoe – black & red. For those needing a wider shoe (esp. if you have bunions), go up a 1/2 to 1 size and these should work. The material is soft and pliable. I almost went with 4 stars on these. The foam sole squeaks as you walk across hard, smooth surfaces like linoleum, but I figured that wasn’t worth docking them a full point. So, technically, I give these shoes a 4.825. 🙂 I highly recommend these very comfortable shoes.Read more

  8. Barbara S. Goldman

    Fit and comfort good – soles that cause damage to household floors is a serious issue. As one who has owned a shoe repair shop – the soles are very cheap, not likely to hold up well – most importantly they are painted and will stain your floors and the paint is difficult to remove.Read more

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