Men’s 928 v3 lace-up taking walks shoe

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  • 100% leather
  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • abzorb cushioning: those new balance taking walks footwear’ abzorb midsole absorbs impact through a mixture of cushioning and compression resistance to hold you relaxed for the duration of long hours to your toes
  • stability and help: the rollbar stability submit gadget allows manage rear-foot motion for stronger guide. The strolling strike route enables guide your foot in the course of the whole taking walks gait cycle
  • long lasting outsole for long-lasting put on: the ndurance rubber outsole era affords amazing durability in high-put on areas to assist get more out of the footwear
  • extra underfoot comfort: the detachable pu foam footbed offers introduced sturdiness and luxury to assist take you thru long walks or long shifts readily
  • made for all-day put on: the phantom liner indoors has minimal seaming to assist lessen infection even as the odor-resistant treatment facilitates feet live sparkling, making them perfect for all-day wear
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the brand new balance 928v3 strolling shoe enables you sense relaxed and supported whilst you’re spending lengthy hours on your toes. These grownup on foot shoes include integrated technology to provide guide and stability with every step. The rollbar balance publish device enables control rear-foot movement for enhanced aid even as the strolling strike route outsole generation facilitates guide your foot all through the whole on foot gait cycle to deliver pinnacle-exceptional movement manipulate and balance. The abzorb midsole absorbs impact via a aggregate of cushioning and compression resistance and a detachable pu foam footbed offers delivered sturdiness and luxury to help you get via your whole day without difficulty. Those new stability on foot footwear are designed for all-day work or adventures and additionally encompass ndurance rubber outsole generation to offer superior sturdiness in excessive-wear regions for lasting put on. Whether you are sporting them to your 9 to 5 or on days off, those walking footwear sense extraordinary with their seamless phantom liner that helps reduce infection for delivered consolation, and an odor-resistant treatment that facilitates your toes sense clean on the cease of the day. Pick sorts of the 928 may be eligible for medicare repayment with medicare/hcpcs code a5500.


7, 7 Wide, 7 X-Wide, 7 XX-Wide, 7 XXX-Wide, 7.5, 7.5 Wide, 7.5 X-Wide, 7.5 XX-Wide, 7.5 3X-Wide, 8, 8 Wide, 8 X-Wide, 8 XX-Wide, 8 3X-Wide, 8.5, 8.5 Wide, 8.5 X-Wide, 8.5 3X-Wide, 9, 9 Narrow, 9 Wide, 9 X-Wide, 9 XX-Wide, 9 3X-Wide, 9.5, 9.5 Narrow, 9.5 Wide, 9.5 X-Wide, 9.5 XX-Wide, 9.5 3X-Wide, 10, 10 Narrow, 10 Wide, 10 X-Wide, 10 XX-Wide, 10 3X-Wide, 10.5, 10.5 Narrow, 10.5 Wide, 10.5 X-Wide, 10.5 XX-Wide, 10.5 XXX-Wide, 11, 11 Narrow, 11 Wide, 11 X-Wide, 11 XX-Wide, 11 XXX-Wide, 11.5, 11.5 Narrow, 11.5 Wide, 11.5 X-Wide, 11.5 XXX-Wide, 12, 12 Narrow, 12 Wide, 12 X-Wide, 12 XX-Wide, 12 XXX-Wide, 12.5, 12.5 Narrow, 12.5 Wide, 12.5 X-Wide, 12.5 XX-Wide, 12.5 3X-Wide, 13, 13 Narrow, 13 Wide, 13 X-Wide, 13 XX-Wide, 13 XXX-Wide, 14, 14 Narrow, 14 Wide, 14 X-Wide, 14 XX-Wide, 14 XXX-Wide, 15, 15 Narrow, 15 Wide, 15 X-Wide, 15 XX-Wide, 15 3X-Wide, 16, 16 Narrow, 16 Wide, 16 X-Wide, 16 XXX-Wide


Black/Black, White, Bone/Bone, Brown/Brown, Grey/White, White Mesh

6 reviews for Men’s 928 v3 lace-up taking walks shoe

  1. HJ

    Bottom line, the 928 series has gone downhill since the release of the V2. My first pair of 928’s were black V1’s that were purchased from my podiatrist who is an authorized New Balance dealer. They lasted me 3+ years (2 of which, the left side was worn with a custom ankle brace/orthotic daily) and as you can see, I still have to wear them occasionally, I’ve attached photos of how beat up they are, and they just developed sole wear…although the upper and lower are STILL attached and sealed. My second pair of 928’s were brown V2’s that were again purchased from my podiatrist office. They lasted approximately 4 months before the right sole separated and blew out completely! I chalked this up to a freak accident, with the possibility of water damage and blamed myself. I attempted a repair, which lasted a couple of weeks and decided to buy YET ANOTHER pair of 928s and some rubber boots for wet days…I have attached photos of the carnage, My third pair of 928’s were brown V3’s that I purchased here on Amazon in September of ’17. These shoes were worn in good weather with minimal abuse and suffered the SAME RESULT as the V2’s after only 3 months!!! I attempted yet another repair with a higher quality glue and they lasted a month before ripping right through again! Pictures of these are also attached. I loved and adored my original V1’s, but New Balance has dropped the ball on this once amazing line. Save your money and buy a different brand if you need additional support/motion control. These aren’t worth the price of the shoddy construction! Read more

  2. Cynesige

    I wore the original 928 for years for aerobic walking, and recently needed a new pair. The reviews for 928v2 were terrible so I skipped that generation. But the reviews for 928v3 were good, and I couldn’t find the original 928 anywhere, so I went with these. Basically, these are 95 % similar to the original 928’s. HOWEVER, not exactly the same. The tongue is shorter, and sometimes seems “too short”. You have to really tug on it to get it to be long enough for the shoe. In addition, I don’t think the shoe is fully as comfortable as the original Gen 1; it seems to be slightly less tall, i.e., the top of my foot gets a bit squeezed on long walks. To be clear, the differences are not huge, and people just coming to the 928’s will probably be happy, but I can’t really give this model 5 stars anymore, like I did with the Gen 1 version. Also, none of this will matter much if you are just wearing them to the store for errands. I wear them for 45+ minute power walks 6 days/week so every little idiosyncracy takes on heightened importance. Read more

  3. Scott Richards

    I began wearing these shoes for walking when I weighed over 380lbs. I began walking a mile and then two miles and then almost four miles. I now walk three miles a day. These shoes are stable enough and strong enough to handle that kind of duty. Now that I weigh 230 lbs. they wear a little longer than they used to and I discovered that the insoles wear out faster than the shoes. Replacing the insoles is easier and cheaper than a new pair of shoes so now each pair lasts me almost a year. No other shoe I have worn has the stability these shoes have! I have worn Brooks and others but they wear out quickly and give way. I used to roll out over my right foot and all my shoes wear out and crater on the right hand side of the right foot. These do also eventually but not as bad as any other shoe I have tried. One down side is that some executive is making his bonus by having the tongues cut a 1/4 inch too short. Also, there are several different shoes that are 928’s; some are all leather, some with a mesh tongue, and some that are primarily mesh. If you need support the all leather is the only way to go. There is a lot of difference between the strength of the shoe even with just the mesh tongue. Read more

  4. Joseph Otterby

    This shoe fits like I expected, and feels much like my old (discontinued) 840s. They do feel really good on my feet, and overall i think are a good shoe. Unfortunately, one of the felt liners on the inserts started peeling inside 2 weeks. Not exactly something i want or expect in a shoe this expensive. If the insert had stayed together, this would be an easy 5 stars, but as it is i need to buy a replacement pair of inserts, so i am docking a star for that. Edit: 6 Months later – After 6 months, the shoe (Aside from the liner) still is in great shape. It’s not uncommon by now for me to wear out a pair of shoes. (I have a pair of NB769s i bought about the same time that I’ve nearly worn out the heel section of) Honestly, my opinion of this shoe has gone up a few notches after wearing them this long. I would have expected more wear and tear. Since the wear here has been exceptional, I’m adding back the star that i took out earlier. Read more

  5. Matthew Frederick

    These are overall great shoes, the latest iteration of ones I’ve been buying for years. HOWEVER, the tongue is way too short, much shorter than the previous versions. The top lace — the heel lock one — slips up over the top of the tongue after 50 steps and digs into my ankle the rest of the day. I can’t skip lacing that one because, as the name implies, my heel slips if I do. (I’d return them but it’s been too long.) Very disappointed, my go-to shoe for a decade. Read more


    I’ve worn NB 928 sneakers for years. This is a revamped version that I sent back to Amazon. I have an orthodic insert for my left foot. I struggled to put it into these new sneakers and it didn’t fit properly. I couldn’t get my foot fully into the shoe. Among redesigned features is a much tighter fit at the base of the tongue, where the toe of the shoe begins. My toes got past this part but the rest of my foot didn’t go into the shoe. The whole shoe is redesigned with a much weaker back of the shoe. They also eliminated many of the ventilation perforations. I definitely don’t recommend these sneakers. I will have to take care of the 2 pair of white ones I have. Read more

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