Men’s 900 v1 on foot shoe

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  • one hundred% leather
  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • clean foam midsole cushioning offers high-priced consolation
  • engineered mesh front for breathable consolation
  • rubber outsole grounds each step with superior sturdiness

product description

convenient informal 900 game slip on mule with an 8mm fresh foam midsole.

new balance, is devoted to supporting athletes reap their dreams. It is been their task for more than a century. It is why they do not invest in celeb endorsements. They spend it on studies and development. It’s why they don’t design merchandise to fit an photo. They design them to fit. New stability is pushed to make the finest shoes for the same motive athletes lace them up: to acquire the very exceptional.


7, 7 X-Wide, 7.5, 7.5 X-Wide, 8, 8 X-Wide, 8.5, 8.5 X-Wide, 9, 9 X-Wide, 9.5, 9.5 X-Wide, 10, 10 X-Wide, 10.5, 10.5 X-Wide, 11, 11 X-Wide, 11.5, 11.5 X-Wide, 12, 12 X-Wide, 12.5, 12.5 X-Wide, 13, 13 X-Wide, 14, 14 X-Wide, 15, 15 X-Wide, 16, 16 X-Wide


Black/Black, Grey/Grey

8 reviews for Men’s 900 v1 on foot shoe

  1. TJT

    Comfortable and stylish for my son with autism. He has wide feet and plantar fasciitis which causes heel pain in addition to having discomfort from flat feet. These are true to size, well crafted and highly recommended! Read more

  2. Nicole C

    I really love my old (now discontinued) 801 slip-on/clogs but needed a replacement. Whatever your regular NB sneaker size is should be appropriate for these (I’m usually a 10.5 in NB and tried a 10.5 and 11 in these – the 10.5 was the best one). That said, they do fit differently than the 801s – your heel lifts out of the back more, and the sneakers seem a little narrower (even though both are “D” width). It’s just a different design, you get used to it enough. The new ones are more up to date so are better from a looks perspective. Read more

  3. Kindle Customer

    These slips are really comfortable, however I wish I would have bought them a half size smaller. They fit perfect when I first bought them, but after having them for about a month, they have losened up. As people have said, you can’t run in them, well no kidding, they are slides, they will slide off your feet if you try to run in them. As far as the low back, ummm, slides, hello, they are supposed to have a low back, if you want something with a higher back, by Shoes, not SLIDES. I would have give 5stars, but the sizing issuse cot them a point. Read more

  4. dannyxx92

    After several months of pretty consistent use.. Love them.. no issue whatsoever. They have worn as expected, I’m not working in them but I wear them for leisure consistently from the beach to the campground to around the house, etc.. Picture is wear at about 4 months.. Read more

  5. Pete

    Extremely comfortable and light weight. The only draw back is that the rear of the shoe could be a little bit taller and the material needs to be reinforced, because your foot slides out the rear of the shoe while walking and you have to readjust your foot. It really comes out when you sitting and stand up, and the shifting of your body weight almost always causes your foot to come out. Other then that it’s a nice shoe to wear. Read more

  6. T-Square

    Back of heel cup is soft and does not rebound after being stepped onto as the older NB slip-on did. It was solid. I’m hoping they bring back the old model which was built like my NB running shoe. Outstanding! Read more

  7. 4u2

    Bought these to replace an older pair of them (that needed to be “retired”). Fit is as expected for someone who wears an 11.5 wide width shoe. Easy to slip on and off, which is what I really like about this type of sneaker. Comfortable slip on. If they last me a couple of years, I will be happy. Update on 08-27-2019 — After having these for awhile, these shoes now are too big. They are too wide & too long, even though I ordered them in the size I wear, 11.5 wide width shoe. Feet slip easily out of these shoes when wearing them because of how big they run. Now feel I wasted a $100 on these shoes and it’s too late for me to return them. I am not at all happy with these shoes. They just sit here unused! If I had to do again, I would only order a 1/2 size smaller in 11 with just a D width, which is smaller then the size I wear. Why can’t manufacturers make shoes that fit instead of being bigger than others. Were is the uniformity in sizing? I think it’s out the window! Because of this, I have reduced my star rating from a 5 down to a 3. Read more

  8. cbh

    My husband only wears New Balance. He loves them. This particular style runs large so we are returning them for a smaller size. Be aware that the half sizes are $20 more than full sizes. Disappointing, but not a reflection on how good New Balance shoes are. Read more

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