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  • ➤honeycomb insole:healthy to ft layout the elastic rubber insole with unique honeycomb mainly to fully soak up surprise and reduce stress on ft with each step.
  • ➤flying woven mesh: breathable cloth for a breathable,circulate system to keep your feet dry and sparkling.
  • ➤anti-slip and air cushion sole:rubber sole, non slip sample,elastic rubber sole with bump texture for strong traction.
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fujeak guys going for walks footwear guys casual breathable on foot shoes game athletic sneakers fitness center tennis slip on cozy lightweight shoes q: is the dimensions accurate? A:yes and please test the dimensions introduction in the description before shopping for. Fits proper to length,take your nomal size. Size chart: 6. 0=240mm/label 38=9. 45in 6. 5=245mm/label 39=9. 65in 7. Zero=250mm/label forty=nine. 85in 8. 0=255mm/label 41=10. 04in eight. Five=260mm/label 42=10. 24in 9. 5=265mm/label forty three=10. 43in 10. 0=270mm/label 44=10. 63in 11. Zero=275mm/label forty five=10. 83in 12. 0=280mm/label 46=eleven. 02in q: can introduce the product characteristics? A: sure,breathable,sweat-absorbant,difficult-sporting,anti-smell,long lasting and relaxed. Commencing type:lace-up. Gentle cloud foam insole + anti-bypass flex outsole for excellent carrying enjoy. Q: why you choose our shoes? A:for a higher shopping revel in,our manufacturing facility specializes in the manufacturing of footwear, and undergoes three-step inspections at some point of the production technique. In phrases of product fine and length, we obtain the closing. And we are able to provide incredible after-sales service for after-sales issues.


6.5, 7, 8, 8.5, 9.5, 10, 11, 12


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8 reviews for Men running shoes guys informal breathable strolling shoes game athletic shoes gymnasium tennis slip on comfortable light-weight shoes

  1. Kevin T.

    I had a pair of sock shoes I bought years ago and when they finally kicked the bucket (longer ago than I want to admit), I couldn’t find a replacement pair that I liked until now. I work on my feet in manufacturing, so having something that breathes and allows my feet to swell during the day is a must. When I found these, I was pretty stoked. Got them in and was a bit concerned as they do run a tad narrow at first. After wearing them for a day they formed to my feet and were perfect. I didn’t want to go through the new shoe search again, so I went ahead and ordered an additional 4 pairs (and plan on buying several more to stockpile before they get discontinued some day). Of I never wear a different pair of sneakers, I’ll be just fine with that. If you get these and are worried that they are a bit tight, just give them a day. If you upsize, they will end up too big once they stretch. Hope this helps somebody out there that hates buying new shoes as much as I do. Read more

  2. WD Willis

    Running has never been my thing, but since the doctor told me I was past playing around, I have been walking a lot more, and even doing some light jogging. It has helped bring my weight down a lot, and leaves me feeling much better at the end of the day. The right shoes really do help. I am putting 10 miles a day on these and they are great. They are very comfortable on my feet, and few like I am walking on clouds. The mesh design allows my feet to stay nice and cool, which leads to less foot sweat, and less odor. Truly though, they feel amazing when I turn the AC on in the car and it feels like I have bare feet. I won’t turn back from this style for my walking in the future. Read more

  3. Diane Kukich

    Shoes look great and are pretty comfortable. They seem a little narrow, but I do have a wife foot so I’ll say that’s just me. My only issue is they are listed as a slip on and the pictures look like there isn’t a lace to tie but there is. I was looking for a slip on shoes that doesn’t need to be tied and this isn’t it. I will prob just knot and cut the laces and it should be fine. UPDATE: Keeping 4 stars because they are listed as slip on’s but I wanted to comment on how these are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. Read more

  4. Marc

    This shoe is a great comfortable shoe. The only thing is the sole is more plastic like than rubber like compared to other shoes i have gotten. This can make them more slippery on wet or smooth surfaces. Overall they are a good bang for the buck and looks and feel great. Read more

  5. Michael Deuser

    Bought these as indoor workout shoes, and they are exactly what I wanted. Lightweight, comfortable, cheap, and nondescript. Read a review that said they run small – that wasn’t my experience. I wear a 10, virtually always; sometimes they run a little small, sometimes they run a little big, sometimes they’re juuust right. These 10s if anything seemed a little roomy, though non uncomfortably so, and I didn’t tighten the laces all the way as I would have if I were actually going somewhere or running or something. I can easily slip these on and off, which is a bonus. Would buy them again, at the same size. Read more

  6. Casey stiffler

    These are actually pretty great so far. I wear a 12 and I thought awe boy here we go I’ll be sending these back. Not a big fan of slip ons but these are nice. Bought them so I would have something quick and easy at the airport and then something light and ventilated for walking on the broadwalk in florida. These will do the trick. They are more comfortable than they look and are not restricting e. I haven’t used the rubber loop on the back because I don’t trust it but I use the fabric loop and it it very strong. Overall happy so far. Read more

  7. Jesse Salas

    I ordered a size 10 shoe because that is what I normally wear, even though I have small feet that are about 9.5 inches. However I have a wide foot, so I fit better in a 10. The only problem with my feet length in comparison to shoe sizes is that I always have a gap between my toes and the tip of the shoe. That is the same problem with these. I might need cushioning or something to fill the gap because when I walk, the gap between the tip of my shoe and my toes keeps bending as I walk. Otherwise, they feel very cofortable. I like that I can just slip them on as well. I have plantar fasciitis, so I bought plantar fasciitis inserts that work well for me and put them in these shoes. Without those though, the shoes do still feel comfortable. Very light weight. If their wasn’t too much of a gap between my toes and the tip of the shoe, I think I would give this 5 stars, but sizing issue was my problem as I a 9.5 might not have fit my foot width, even though it would fit my foot length. So the fact that the width is good for my feet, I might have just been better off with a 9.5 size shoe. Read more

  8. locochristopher

    So light, comfortable, and stylish. For the price, I’m glad I gave these shoes a shot! My only gripes are the shoe is a tad bit tight at the top and feel that if they did make a size 9 they would be perfect. Also, I’m not a huge fan of the “Designed 2020” type on the heel strap. I’d rather it be blank Only time will tell about the quality and how well the hold up but for now I’m extremely satisfied with my purchase! Read more

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