Men residence slippers shoes light-weight yoga family tender relaxed indoor out of doors bedroom breathable anti-slip on sock shoes with rubber sole

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  • rubber sole
  • tender and relaxed uppers: smooth uppers deliver timeless fashion and breathable, whilst smooth lining keeps feet at ease and dry
  • versatile layout: light as a sock appearance makes them for both indoor and outdoor use, suitable for the bedroom, dwelling room, kitchen, observe, road, and yoga and many others and notable to pair with any casual wear
  • non-slip consteruction: green factors are inserted into this style. Additionally, we utilize grippy rub down rubber sole to strengthen security for his or her footing
  • professional light-weight layout: mohem home slippers provide properly all-round insurance of the entire foot,slip-on layout with elastic for short and easy on and stale,while nevertheless have sufficient elasticity to fit your foot well
  • smooth to care: washing by using hand or you could placed them via the bathing machine, with cold water and mild setting, then air dried after, very convenient

product description

mild as a sock appearance makes them for each indoor and outdoor use, suitable for the bedroom, dwelling room, kitchen, study, street, and yoga and many others and amazing to pair with any informal wear

soft and relaxed uppers: smooth uppers supply timeless style and breathable, even as tender lining continues toes relaxed and dry

professional lightweight design: mohem home slippers offer correct all-around insurance of the whole foot,slip-on layout for quick and easy on and stale,at the same time as still have sufficient elasticity to fit your foot well

smooth to care: washing with the aid of hand or you can placed them thru the showering machine


4.5-5.5 Women/4-4.5 Men, 6-7 Women/5-6 Men, 7.5-8 Women/6.5-7 Men, 8.5-9 Women/7.5-8 Men, 9.5-10 Women/8.5-9 Men, 9.5-10.5 Women/8.5-9 Men, 10.5-11.5 Women/9.5-10.5 Men, 12-13 Women/11-11.5 Men, 13.5-14.5 Women/12-13 Men


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8 reviews for Men residence slippers shoes light-weight yoga family tender relaxed indoor out of doors bedroom breathable anti-slip on sock shoes with rubber sole

  1. MKW

    I needed something ULTRAlight and breathable. I a fan of Five Finger shoes, but the tread isn’t aggressive enough, and your toes are very exposed in rough terrain and I found FF slippery on rocks. I simply can not afford to twist an ankle while ‘out there’. These Mohens have an extremely aggressive tread – and remain somewhat tacky on slick surfaces even when wet. You simply will NOT be slipping in these. I tried them out on rocky hiking and they are easily better than FF. This very light shoe has highly flexible soles and gives me better purchase on rocks than the rigid soles of my hiking boots. The soles are very flexible, and can be bent almost 180 degrees over itself. So great road ‘feel’ but the compromise is that these are not like my Nike Air’s, you WILL feel the road and there isn’t the stability of a tightly laced high ankle hiking boot. However for what I need it for, hiking on semi-groomed trails and touring conventional tourist sites, with rubber toe cap protection, and a highly breathable upper sole – these are unbeatable IMHO. These are not water shoes, but the insoles come out, and the uppers are mesh construction, thus will dry very quickly. The laces are elastic drawstrings secured by a plastic tab, so you can slip them on/off at TSA or cinch them down tight while on trail. I have very flat arches, and there is minimal arch support in these shoes – however my solution is to replace the insoles with custom ones I bought (which I do with any other ‘hiking’ shoe that I have). Works for me. Like everything else – you need the right ‘tool’ for the job – so consider your needs. I am a very light traveler, and never check luggage in, and these are always on my feet or in my pack. I’ve left the FF and hiking boots at home. I’m planning to buy a second pair. Read more

  2. krys

    i ordered my regullar size and i would say order at least a size up, my big toenails were jabbing through the fabric (and yes i trimmed them, they aren’t hideously long) while the heel dug in and irritated my skin. i solved this by stepping on the heel to leave the back open. if you do that and use the insole it’s comfortable enough but if you don’t/ have the insole out then i suggest socks to soften it. i couldn’t find anything about the company and it arrived in a plain plastic bag with just “Made in China” written on it, i can’t even be sure it means the shoes and not the bag itself. they do have a nice tread and look like the picture, they also clean up fairly easily. Read more

  3. nkwebmama

    I bought these to wear strictly as house shoes for the colder months because I dislike slippers. These are so perfect that I just ordered a second pair. I didn’t plan to wear them outside, but after reading other reviews I may just do it. Fit is exactly to my size. The don’t have a supportive arch, but easily fixed with my favorite insoles. Read more

  4. Yvonne

    The fit of this sock slipper is what you would normally expect from a house shoe. Yet, with this particular shoe I wish I had gone a size smaller for a snugger sock fit. I am not sure about the size change, but I will get a smaller size when I order my next pair. Read more

  5. Rj

    Found this while looking for cheap keens. Quite comfortable, very breathable. A month on (addition of regular fumigation with foot powder, and active carbon inserts [under the insole]) they have not yet taken on the smell of a cheese that has gone horribly wrong, mixed with ammonia, the way my socks and feet do in other shoes. And everybody asks if me if you can wear them in the water, at best they will work as well as handcrafted leather wingtips, so you might want to avoid that. Read more

  6. Kathryn Benevento

    These shoes are amazing!! Easily slip them on and off, and with no shoe laces getting in the way, they are ready to be worn for any occasion. It really feels like I am wearing socks instead of shoes.🤗 Read more

  7. Ágüela

    Excelentes para caminar dentro y fuera de la playa. Great for walking on and off the beach. Read more

  8. kjs

    My husband was super happy with these water shoes. Great tread. He states that it seems slightly long in length but did feel like a size smaller would be too small. Have used for 1week on vacation on the water and held up. Did not let small pebbles into the shoe and that made him happy Read more

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