Ladies’s too comfy-meow pajamas slipper

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  • imported
  • synthetic sole
  • shaft measures approximately not_applicable from arch
  • reminiscence foam footbed
  • bendy sole
  • charitable
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product description

catitude slipper w reminiscence foam footbed.


5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 11



8 reviews for Ladies’s too comfy-meow pajamas slipper

  1. MissKittyfromGA

    I had been looking at these cute slippers since they first came out. They were on QVC a couple nights ago and they were going on and on about them. I came here to Amazon and found the slippers cheaper which is usually the case compared to QVC prices. What I discovered is this little slipper runs about a half size too small. I think another reviewer said these slippers ran small for her, so I ordered a half size larger. I normally wear a 7M. I ordered the 7.5M in the black kitty style. It’s adorable but it’s not really as lightweight as I expected. I could tell by the weight of the shoebox. My toes would have been at the tip of the size 7. The 7.5 is perfect lengthwise but seems a tiny bit wide. I’m afraid they’ll stretch out and be sloppy on my feet. We’ll see. I may return them. They were a great price at under $27.00 though. My fur baby Twix wasn’t impressed by these cat slippers I’m afraid. 😁 They shipped in Prime time. Read more

  2. K. Salinger, Holistic Nurse Practitioner

    These are really cute slippers, but they don’t fit in the same way that their regular shoes do. They’re quite wide. I double checked the size inside to make sure I hadn’t accidentally received a wide size, but it was regular & not the wides. Because they’re so wide my foot slides too far forward & my toes hit the end of the slipper. I went ahead and kept them because they are so cute, but I find I don’t really wear them much because they’re not very comfortable due to the strange sizing. Read more

  3. 72valmn72

    These are cute they make me smile. They are nice and warm for cold weather nights. Most importantly, they are very comfortable. I have nerve damage that affects my feet and it makes it difficult to find comfortable shoes. Skechers work for me most of the time and these are no exception. I’m considering getting another pair. Read more

  4. Pamela

    I love, love, love these slippers! I was torn whether to go 5.5 or 6 because I can be either one depending on brand, but I went with 5.5 and they’re perfect. Warm and fuzzy, just like a real kitty, and so adorable! The outer fabric is microfiber so cat hair doesn’t stick to it. And I love that the soles are “real” shoe soles because I have osteoporosis and am terrified of falling. Read more

  5. Bug

    I love these slippers I wish I could find a pair that actually fit. The problem with these slippers no matter what size you order is that the part that goes over the top of your foot is so tight its hard to slip your foot into it. Unless you have a flat foot I have had nothing but problems finding a proper fit. Then somehow I started to receive several pair of the same size and now I have to pay to send them back. I’m a Prime Amazon Member, I have tried to find a pair to fit, its not my fault their slippers are defective. Now I have to pay 15.00+ dollars to send them back which is what it costs to send by mail with a tracking number. Since the Company that sold these was SoftMoc you can be assured I won’t be purchasing anything from them again. Read more

  6. Jamal

    Bought these for my wife, she works in a pharmacy and she wears these all day and loves them. They fit perfect and don’t seem to slide off her feet and have good drip on the bottom. Plus as she says it they are cute I’m still not sure how she gets away with wearing slippers all day… Read more

  7. CDL

    I ordered these for my daughter’s birthday, knowing that she would love the design. My daughter wears a size 7-8 shoe, depending on style and width, and since the size 7 wouldn’t ship to my location, I went with size 7 1/2, which turned out to be a good choice as they are snug but not too tight. My daughter LOVES them and commented on how soft and comfy they are. They look just as pictured and seem to be very well constructed slippers/house shoes. My young granddaughter may have been a teensy bit jealous of her mom’s birthday present and wants a pair just like them! With Christmas just around the corner I might order another pair very soon. Read more

  8. Amber Katya Anderson

    These were super cute and I needed more serious slippers since I go through them once a year. They seem well made to me despite some other reviews, and they fit ok at my regular shoe size but I won’t be wearing thick socks with them. I’m not use to slippers in half sizes but snug is better than too large. They’re super warm though so I may wear no socks at all. They’re kind of stiff soled but better than the wood floors are on my feet and my occasional painful callus on one foot is relieved. I’ve been wearing them one day so I have no complaints and expect them to break in a bit. They require a hand to slip on, and since I usually have slipper boots that’s fine with me but would annoy some people (a reason to size up?). My only issue with them is that I’m confused about the material they’re made from. I checked here and on several other websites that sell them to verify, there is no mention of leather anywhere. But there was a half stuck sticker in the bottom of one that I didn’t notice til I’d worn them all day that had a hide symbol next to the “sole” symbol. I don’t mess with dead animal skin but I would hope to hell Sketchers would be honest about their materials and every website says synthetic. So I’m going on faith here because I don’t think I can return them covered in cat hair. But vegans beware, it’s dicey. I peeled back the insole a little and it looks synthetic to me, memory foam like it says. Here’s hoping the sticker was from another shoe :/ Read more

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