Ladies’s terry slip on clog slipper with reminiscence foam for indoor/outdoor consolation

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  • 80% cotton, 20% polyester
  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • premium soft terry upper: slip-on low lower back clog style house shoe designed with long lasting and luxuriously plush cotton-mixture terry fabric for all around comfort. Indoor and outside sole with memory foam provide warm temperature and cushioned aid.
  • arch help: secret sole generation presents arch aid and further balance offering alleviation to worn-out ft and people with plantar fasciitis.
  • reminiscence foam cushioning: reminiscence foam insole absorbs impact and offers comfort interior and out in this robust slipper.
  • flexible: and sturdy versatile clog styling transitions from sofa to save to bedroom and is best for girls of every age and life. Long lasting rubber outsole for traction indoor and out of doors; with skid resistant traction.
  • sizing & care: available sizes: five. Five-6; 6. 5-7; 7. Five-8; eight. 5-nine; nine. Five-10. This slipper runs small, if you want wearing slippers with socks or have a huge foot we propose ordering the next length up. System wash in cool water; dry flat faraway from warmness
  • the terry cloth creation makes them as comfy as they are appropriate looking
  • clog slipper silhouette lets in for smooth foot access for unprecedented comfort
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locate your satisfied vicinity with zenz. Extremely-soft; bendy; supportive; and 30% lighter than traditional slippers; the name of the game of zenz lies inside the innovative sole made with patent-pending everywear technology. This higher-than-reminiscence-foam generation is weightless; wearproof; and resists compression for life; imparting your feet with existence-lengthy comfort. The comfort of zenz is so addictive; you will in no way want to take them off. Zenz로 행복한 장소를 찾아보세요. 매우 부드럽고 유연하며 지지력이 뛰어나며 기존 슬리퍼보다 30% 가볍습니다. Zenz의 비밀은 특허 출원 중인 everywear 기술로 만든 혁신적인 밑창에 있습니다. 메모리 폼보다 우수한 기술은 무중력이며 내마모성이 뛰어나며 평생 동안 압박에 강합니다. Zenz의 편안함은 매우 중독성이 있습니다. 절대 벗고 싶지 않을 것입니다.


5.5-6, 6.5-7, 7.5-8, 8.5-9, 9.5-10


Heather Grey Flower Scalloped, Heather Grey Rounded, Navy Rounded, Periwinkle Scalloped, White Scalloped, Pink Scalloped

7 reviews for Ladies’s terry slip on clog slipper with reminiscence foam for indoor/outdoor consolation

  1. Busy Mommy

    I typically wear a 8.5 wide shoe. I struggle to find durable house shoes that are slip on, as typically they are too big to compensate for my wider foot or my heel hangs off. These are perfect! I ordered a size large (which states fits 8.5-9 ) they fit my foot perfectly and are not too loose (I hate it when you have to work at keeping a slipper on when you walk). These have a great cushion when you walk and I love the hard durable sole. I live in WISCONSIN in the country and we use a wood burner in the kitchen during winter months- so I occasionally pop out the door to grab an arm load of wood. The sold is high enough off the ground so that the cloth on the slipper doesn’t hit the ground- do won’t get wet from snow. Recommended by me. Comfy & durable with a great fit! Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    This is the third pair of these slippers I have had over the past several years. I loved the first two pairs – they were very comfortable, and lasted a good long time (well over a year of consistent use). However, I got this third pair at the end of November 2017, and they are already falling apart at the back of both slippers by the heels. I’m hoping the company will replace them, and that the next pair will be back to the quality that I expect! When I considered the first two pairs that I owned to be warn out, they just had zero support/cushion left in them, but even at that point, they weren’t coming apart like these are in just over a month! Read more

  3. pleinelune

    OK, TODAY I got these: They were on sale for $15 and change and I liked they came in black and were a little fancier than the gray isotoner I have reviewed here. FYI, similar re fit, sizing and style, HOWEVER, THIS CLASSIC TERRY CLOG has more support than this one I tried on one of the old classics I had compared to the fancier one with satin and the old one had more support than the new black with satin one I just got. __________________________________________________ EDIT: Today is April 11, 2020 and another pair just arrived in the mail. As you can see from the date of my original review, this isn’t my first pair. I have literally ordered these about 8 times now. I always have two pair on hand. As one starts to really flatten out, I get another to keep as just inside slippers, the other, outside (as in to take the dog yards from my door, get mail). IF I COULD HAVE ONE CHANGE, it would be that the INNER, supposedly supportive, part would stay firm longer than days. LITERALLY, if you just wear these for a few hours, after days, not weeks, you will notice them FLATTEN out quite a bit. BUT still best I have found, so keep getting them. ________________________ EDIT: Just started wearing when the weather turned cold, so about three months now and just inside and just feet to a patch of grass to take dog out. I ALWAYS wear with socks since I only wear them in the cold months, so am just washing for the first time. Washed on cold, delicate and in a delicates bag and yet the sole is coming apart. I did tumble them on just AIR dry (BUT IN THE DELICATES BAG), maybe that did it. Also before I even washed them, the heels were wearing down, so the non-skid was wearing off there. BUT they tend to get me through the cooler/cold months before I have to replace them, which is better than most slippers you wear a lot in winter.. I DO get about three or four months of wear and these are STILL the best I have found for fit, support and non-skid and tried many. IF ONLY they didn’t FLATTEN OUT SO FAST! _______________________________________ I got the 8.5-9 as I am an 8.5 in shoes. Sometimes in a scuff like this, I could take an 8. PROS: SNUG FIT – BUT DOES STRETCH after wearing a few days. I do NOT have a WIDE fit, but when I push my (bare foot) WAY into the front of the scuff, it’s a good fit. I LOVE they don’t SLIP off your foot like many scuffs do. OH, while the sides fit snugly, there is quite a bit of room at the top of the slipper, which doesn’t bother me at all. But for those whose feet may swell, this may be a good thing to have a bit more space at the top. STYLE and COLOR – really like the style, a simple sturdy scuff. I love gray. I wear gray sweats a lot in winter and it’s hard to find a nice gray scuff and I love the style. PRICE: Well worth the about $25 price, but even better getting them on sale! Just snagged a pair here for about $15 SOLE – it feels FIRM, YET FLEXIBLE. WHICH IS DIFFICULT to find. If it loses it’s cushiony firmness, I will update. INDOOR/OUTDOOR – I like how the rubbery sole comes up a bit on the sides as I want these to just be able to take my dog in the yard, get the mail, take trash out. Not like I am going to run all over town in these (although you probably could). If it is a bit damp out, these should still be fine. CONS: OK at an 8.5, the 8.5-9 BARELY is long enough and I have to REALLY jam my foot in toward the front. BUT the next size up would have been TOO BIG. My suggestion is if you take a 9, DEFINITELY got up a size. If you take an 8.5, you might well prefer the 8.5-9. I DID get the right size for me. . REALLY, OVERALL, I would DEFINITELY have gotten these again, in fact, plan to get another pair. . I like how they fit, could be a SMIDGE longer, but they don’t FLOP, are comfortable, firm sole without being inflexible (I got these to take my small dog up and down stairs to go out in the front yard). With sole coming up a bit on sides, should be good for indoor/outdoor most of the year. Read more

  4. Faeryartist

    I wear a size 6.5 in sneakers, 7 in boots or dress shoes, depending on the shoe. I read the other reviews that said this slipper was just a bit on the smaller side, so I went ahead and ordered the medium, and I find it to be a perfect fit. After I tried it on, I went ahead and washed it in my washing machine. It washed beautifully and I placed it on top of a large fan on high to dry it; I wasn’t going to listen to it bang around in the dryer for 45 minutes or risk the heat damaging the sole. I wear slippers around the house all the time, so it’s important to me to be able to wash them when they get dirty. It’s too early to tell how well they’ll hold up, but they seem very well made so I’m optimistic. They were a bit stuffy at first, but after wearing them around for a couple of days, they’ve gotten stretched to my foot better and are still amazingly cushy and comfortable. Not too terribly hot, though they do retain heat more then my last pair. Could not find that same or similar slipper, I think this will do for a new spring-summer-fall slipper, though. Read more

  5. Serena

    I received these slippers today in the light blue and am very pleased. They are attractive with tiny embroidered pink and blue flowers with green stems. I wanted shoes with a sole more like a gym shoe and these do not disappoint. Unfortunately, I think they run a little small. My 9.5 sized feet barely fit in these size 9-10 slippers. The heels almost fall off the back of the slipper. I think they should be slightly longer, but I can get by okay. These are supposed to be machine washable in cool water. Should not be put in the dryer. All-in-all I think I will be very happy with these. If I am not I will surely come back and say so. Added later: Still very happy, but these do make a little clip-clip noise on hard floors. That might bother some people. Read more

  6. Sedonartist

    The interior fabric started to degraded within the first 6 months. Now that I have better slippers I thought it best to take a photo and show it to others before I throw them in the trash. Read more

  7. AZNative

    I was pleased until they were worn for the entire morning and the memory foam sank so low in the shoe it made them loose and I stepped out of them. They advertise these have arch support in them, and while I will admit there is a small bump in the shoe, it is really insignificant and will not help anyone with plantar fasciitis or in need of true arch support. I have attached a photo of the heel of the slipper to show how my foot slid while wearing them, and wore down the side of the heel. I also felt the memory foam gave out quickly and didn’t bounce back as stated (again see photo taken when slippers had not been worn that day) Read more

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