Ladies’s shape america2. Zero comfort stride style sneaker

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  • a hundred% trubuck
  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • athletic sneaker offering air cooled breathability and memory foam footbed
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skechers is an award-winning international leader within the way of life footwear industry that designs, develops, and markets lifestyle footwear that appeals to trend-savvy guys, women and children. The organization’s achievement stems from it is high exceptional, different, and cheap product line that meets purchasers’ diverse life-style needs. Due to the fact it’s inception in 1992, the skechers various product offering has grown from application style boots to include seven skechers manufacturers and five uniquely branded fashion strains for males and females.





8 reviews for Ladies’s shape america2. Zero comfort stride style sneaker

  1. TechWriter

    I always loved these Shape-Up shoes, but with the addition of the memory foam, they are absolutely heaven! Use caution, though–these shoes shown here have memory foam both in the sole itself of the shoe as well as incorporated into the insole. Some sellers, though, have taken older shoes and simply fitted them with memory foam insoles and are marketing them as being the same as these shoes. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME! You have to buy them to be able to tell–take out the insole and put a regular one (or just one from another shoe) in and make sure you can still feel the heavenly cushion of the memory foam. If you can, you’ve got the real deal. If you can’t, it’s up to you–you can always stick a memory foam insole into any shoe and improve the feel, but it won’t be anywhere near as heavenly as it is to be walking in these shoes. Read more

  2. ThorpeFamily

    Seller was great. Shoes came early for the expected arrival. Thank you for being a great seller!! 👏👏👍 ➡ My frustration is with the product itself. 👎 I have been buying Skechers Shape-Up shoes since they were 1st released in the very very beginning. They used to be soft and supporting, like walking on pillows. These new 2.0 Skechers shape-ups are HARD, like walking on bricks, they have NO give and no shape support. They come with “memory foam” insoles, but the memory foam is about as hard as the shoes soul itself with no give and flat with negative space in arch area for literally NO arch support. (It’s about like putting a 1/2″ bedroll on a concrete floor and trying to sleep on it.) Because the shoe is SO HARD, there is NO BEND while walking and shoes are not deep, so my heels slip right out of the back of the shoe. My feet are MORE tired than ever before, always aching from walking in shoes that are like strapping bricks to your feet. I spend 10-12 hrs/day ON MY FEET, 7 days a week. I have knee and back problems in the past. The Shape-Ups were originally my solution, but seems to no longer be the same product. 😔 Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    The front half of shoe separated from the sole and became very dangerous to walk in. Purchased it 3 months ago and wear them indoors in an operating room only. I am very unhappy with this purchase Read more

  4. SPR618

    I bought these Shape Ups because about 8 years ago I bought a pair of Shape Ups when I was having a lot of foot pain. The heel pain went away and I completely attribute it to the Shape Ups, because nothing else had helped. Unfortunately, these new style Shape Ups are not as comfortable as the old ones, nor do they look as nice. These are pretty ugly, and I refuse to wear them in public. Bring back the originals please, and I’ll buy another pair. Read more

  5. Rhea 🌺

    I love these shoes. My only caution is that I wear a 71/2 and I had to buy a size 8. However I had previously tried them on in a store, so fortunately I already knew this and was able to buy the bigger size when I got them online. I definitely recommend following their instructions about wearing them only a little and slowly more and more. The first couple weeks they sort of hurt my back. But once I got used to them, they are the most cushiony shoes I’ve ever owned. I did not buy them for the muscle toning shape up, I bought them because I neede extra cushion under my feet. I LOVE these shoes!! Now I wear them all day, and I feel great at the end of the day. So don’t judge them by the first couple weeks, let your body get used to them, and then you will love them! Read more

  6. Nom De Plume

    There is so much to like about these shoes, they give you lift, you can feel your calves working, but they are like walking on pillows, but not in a good way. They give you negative arch support. By negative, I mean if you look inside, where the arch is supposed to go, it actually dips down and there is a canyon where the arch support should be. For people with flat feet like myself, it means my foot is rolling inward basically all the time. It becomes more unpleasant the longer you wear them. I just ordered some arch inserts for them, and I’m going to try to wear them again today. It’s a great idea, but poor execution. Read more

  7. SE

    I’m usually a 9 1/2 wide. Since it appears that sketchers is no longer making theshe shoes I was forced to order a 10. They are a little bit tight across the front of my foot just before my toes. I’m hoping they will stretch out over time as shape ups are the only shoes I can wear that help with my plantars faciatis (heal spurs) in both feet. I have been wearing this type of shoe for the last several years and have had no pain unless I go multiple days without them. I’m disappointed that I wasn’t able to get these shoes in the best size for my feet. They are very pretty and I otherwise really like them. Read more

  8. M.N.

    So I got these TWO months ago and yesterday I saw that the leather of the toe box is pulling away from the sole. I’M SO MAD. I’ve had lots of these pairs of shoes and NEVER had this happen. I’m an art teacher so I’ve already gotten paint on them, but I’ve really never had them just pull apart! Read more

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