Ladies’s microterry clog

(6 customer reviews)


  • a hundred% microterry
  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • clog-fashion slipper providing plush micro terry top with satin cuff and cushioned insole
  • indoor/outside sole

product description

plush micro terry


5.5-6, 6.5-7, 7.5-8, 8.5-9, 9.5-10


Black, Bonney Blue, Peony, Taupe, Ultra Violet, White, Denim

6 reviews for Ladies’s microterry clog

  1. Hibiscus Flower

    I was so excited to find these on my Amazon Daily Deals on my Kindle Fire. I wore Isotoner slippers for many years and then got away from them for several years after becoming attached to my Uggs. I remember how well they fit. How well made they were. How I could wash and dry them and they always came out clean and perfect. I loved the arches. The snug fit so they didn’t ever slip on my feet. Why did I ever quit buying them? I don’t remember. So, I instantly purchased two pair when the Daily Deal flashed on my Kindle Fire. I bought one pair for myself and one pair for my mom. They arrived and they seemed to be everything I remembered. My mom agreed. They had same nice arches, snug fit, appeared well made, nice rubber soles to keep you from slipping down the stairs. They were comfy. They felt like a hug from an old friend. Mind you, I wear these as slippers – only indoors, usually between the bathroom and the bedroom when I’m getting dressed for the day or getting ready for bed. Occasionally I scuff around the house in them on weekends or in the evenings. They aren’t shoes that ever leave the house, suffer tough terrain, or experience anything near abuse. Just six weeks after my purchase, and only one washing on the gentle cycle, these slippers are totally falling apart. The stitching is coming out as if it’s dissolving between the sole and the upper portion of the shoe. The arches are completely compressed. I feel like I’m walking on concrete. And the fabric has stretched to the point that they complete fall off my feet with every step. My 75 year old mother – same exact situation. I can’t express how disappointed I am. This is just yet another prime example of a poorly constructed products from a one well respected American company now being produced cheaply overseas but carrying the same familiarly quality label. Needless to say, I will not be buying anything from Isotoner ever again. Read more

  2. Angel Moon

    Such sadness. Bought these several months ago, and finally decided they needed a bath. The description says machine washable, so I threw them in the washer. Made sure I put them on delicate cycle, but that didn’t seem to make any difference. Pulled them out of the washer and the left one started falling apart. It’s still wearable, but that’s changing daily. Got online and looked up their warranty information, and here’s the deal. “Please send your defective merchandise back to us with $5 for shopping, so that we can replace it for you.” Okay so this raises a question: what do you expect me to do for slippers during the time that I’m sending these back to you? From a company that says 100% satisfaction guaranteed, lifetime warranty, I must admit I would expect better quality. I’m looking on the photos and reviews on Amazon, and noticing that multiple people have had the same problem I’ve had. Slippers appear to be great, until we wash them. You either need to change your warranty, or you need to change the verbage that says that the slippers can be washed; or, you need to change your slippers so the bloody things do not fall apart on us the first time we wash them. Read more

  3. Karen

    I bought this to use as house slippers due to the tile in my home causing my feet to tire and become sore after being on them for too long. After a full day of unpacking my kitchen from moving, my feet are not as sore as they were after an hour yesterday. The shoe itself is very soft. The fabric used is very plush, but sometimes makes my feet a little too warm. The soles are true as advertised and are very pillowy soft. Very comfortable to wear, although I think they may cause the slipper to run a little smaller. I typically wear a US 8 to US 8.5, but decided to get the large 8.5 to 9 just in case and my feet barely fit inside. If I had it to do again, I would get another size up. The size I have fit fine, I just prefer my house slippers a bit loose. The bottom soles of these shoes are full rubber soles so they are 100% slip proof. I recommend completely! Read more

  4. LB Williams

    I have worn this brand and style of slipper for several years. They used to last much longer than they do now. It is true that the quality has been slipping for about five years, but it is to the point where I feel ripped off. I just bought the last pair in December 2019 and the soles of both started separating in March 2020. It is May 2020 and they look like they have been worn hard for over a year. I only wear these inside in my small, mostly carpeted apartment. This level of quality is unacceptable. I used to get a solid two years of daily wear, then a year and a half, then only a year, and now only three months before they start falling apart? Never again, Isotoner. You have lost this customer. Read more

  5. Drama Queen

    I bought these shoes and I thought because they are Isotoners that they would be a great slipper since that is the type of slipper I always buy. They looked great right out of the box but after wearing for less than a week they started coming apart from the seams. I figured this was just a mistake so I sent them back and got them to replace them- which they did quickly- but same problem, they also came apart at the seams! How could this happen twice? Obviously something is wrong in the manufacturing of these slippers. I didn’t send the second pair back because it is such a bother to have to pack them up and drive once again to the UPS store to drop them off. Just beware because although they have the Isotoner name they do not have the Isotoner quality! Read more

  6. Reviewer

    After only a month or so, both slippers are separating at the inside seem near the heel and up the side. I don’t wear outside and haven’t even washed them yet. I didn’t keep the packaging so can’t return. Other than the disappointing construction, the slippers are very comfortable. Sizing is off a bit. I wear a 7.5 shoe fairly consistently but had to order the 8.5-9 range slipper to get the correct fit. Too bad these are made so poorly as they were perfect otherwise. Can’t help but feel there’s a flaw in the construction process since both slippers are coming apart. Photos of each slipper provided. Read more

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