Ladies’s magdalena ankle bootie

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  • a hundred% leather
  • imported
  • artificial sole
  • shaft measures about four” from arch
  • heel measures about 3. 75″
  • platform measures approximately 1. Inches
  • boot beginning measures about nine. 5″ round
  • internal ankle zip
  • made with conventional doc’s dna, together with grooved edges, seen sewing and heel-loop
  • constructed on the enduring dr. Martens air-cushioned sole, that is oil and flat resistant with suitable abrasion and slip resistance
  • heel top is four”, and sole is 1″
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that is the magdalena, a girl’s high-heeled ankle zip boot. First things first: greater peak and road cred come in the shape of an edgy, tough heel. The boot’s were given the equal long lasting ass-kicking buffalo fashion because the authentic boot—however in a light-weight leather.


5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11


Magdalena Black Noir

5 reviews for Ladies’s magdalena ankle bootie

  1. Livia Adrienn Dajko

    I was eyeing with these shoes for years now, and finally I had the opportunity, and made the decision to buy them. But, I had many doubts about the purchase and I want to help to others who are in the same shoes as I was. (haha) They arrived 4 days ago, and I wore them ever since every day in order to write a really detailed review for you guys, and break them in of course. You can see it on the pictures, but don’t worry, they arrived in a non-used, brand new condition. Before I say all the points that made me uncertain, here are some thing to know, so you can compare your preferences to mine and helps you make the best decision later on. I live in Denmark, my shoe size is around EU 37.5, and I have a normal wide feet, but as many brand don’t do half sizes, I usually go with EU 37, and it’s really rare to size up to EU 38, but it happens when the shoe style is narrower, or it’s from fast fashion stores like H&M. Also I really like when the shoe completely fits to my feet and feels like a little bit squeezed, because when I have space inside my foot starts to move forward and back and it drives me crazy. And here are all the things that may raise questions in your heads when planning to buy it. Reliability: It may sound funny as these are my first Dr. Martens pair, but I can say that they are REAL ones. I read a lot of articles, watched a lot of videos about how you can spot if the shoes are replicas, and I found every sign on the shoes that make it an original pair of Docs. Import and extra hidden fees: I was also afraid about if I have to pay more money besides the expected import and delivery fees, as we all can hear that people have to pay more when they buy something from the USA. Well, I did not have to pay any other hidden and extra fees. YAAAAYY Size problem: I think this was the viewpoint which made me the most dilemma. I read reviews about others experiences to decide which size I should go with as I didn’t have the opportunity to try them on in any store. Someone said that they had to SIZE DOWN with one or two, someone else said they had to SIZE UP with one, and also with half feet sizes I read both the options with sizing up to the next one or size down to the available one. Also I tried the Amazon size chart, and it offered me the EU 37 (UK4, US6), but I was confused after all…… like really.. I didn’t know what Martens are like, and didn’t want to deal with returning the boots which would cost me time and more money. At the end I ordered the EU 37 on the 13th of January and I prayed for my luck. They arrived on the 30th, and it was the moment of truth. I tried them on, and not counting with how uncomfortable they were, the size itself was perfect for me, completely molded to my feet, exactly how I like. Break the shoes in: I was prepared about that it will be a long and painful procedure to break the shoes into a usable condition, but I was surprised about how uncomfortable they are for first try and in the first days… I felt a painful pressure on the top of my big toe and all along my little toe and the outer side of my feet. Also the material around my ankle is really hard, it is not squeezing my ankle, but when my foot goes forward, backwards or the side, it hurts a lot, surprisingly, I had no problem with the heel area, but this can be different with everyone. After the first few hours in work, however, I used adhesive plasters I had bruises around my ankle, and some blisters on my toes. Well, as I didn’t have any Wonder balsam to make the leather softer I searched the internet after some great tips to faster and make the break-in-procedure easier. I used the double/thick socks with hair dryer technique, and I also used coconut oil to soften the skin on the problematic areas, and after 4 days I can say that the leather is not that stiff anymore, and getting more and more comfortable day by day. You really should turn time into breaking and caring with the shoe a lot. All in all…I am in love, and really happy to finally have my dream shoe with me after all the long years. Read more

  2. SHerrick

    I had been eyeing these boots for quite awhile because they’re gorgeous and Doc Martens are ubiquitously cool. Normally, Im a 9-9.5 pretty much across the board; this is also the case for the other pair of Docs I own (canvas high tops) so I felt fairly confident in ordering a size 7UK for these. Sadly, they just didn’t fit; the toe box and heel felt good, but the shaft and top of the boot over my arches were very tight. I don’t even have high arches, although that part of my foot is fairly wide. All in all, the shoes were tight enough that I couldn’t wear them for long enough periods to break them in. No matter how pretty they are, I cant justify shoes that I cant wear. And because they fit perfectly elsewhere, I didn’t want to go a size up and have them fit like clown shoes. Its really a shame Doc Martens doesnt do half sizes, because that would have been perfect. The construction was excellent, the leather was beautiful with a very subtle texture, and I especially love the yellow stitching. I wanted to love these but it wasn’t meant to be. Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    I usually never write product reviews but I’m so disappointed in this product that if it helps someone else then it’s worth it. I was originally going to order these from the doc Martin website but found them here cheaper. I received these in August of and by December, (hadn’t worn them even in the snow btw) the zipper had broken. I brought them to a shoe maker near me who told me he could fix the zipper but only with a brass zipper the ones on these a nickel; and I risked it happening again. I don’t believe it is the way I’ve worn these as I considered that maybe I walk funny and they just say wrong on my feet but I think such a “well made boot” from such a reputable company should last waaaay longer. I’m super disappointed in these and I don’t suggest buying them for that reason. Unless you don’t mind never zipping them lol Read more

  4. Violet Z

    I like this shoes so much! I tried them immediately after arrived. Good leather look and really nice shape! They make my legs look much more longer, really really nice. BUT!!! They are too large for me. I tried the 1460 in store and the US 6 fit me well, so I ordered the US 6 for this boots too, but they didn’t fit. The shoe’s feet are bigger so I bought another pair of insoles, but then, I found there’s another problem — the shaft is also big, it rubbed my ankles so much and hurt them really quick when I walk. Finally, I ordered another US5 one instead, and they fit me much better. (Because my left foot is a little bit bigger than the right one, the US5 makes it feel a little bit squeeze, but I’ll still keep them, they are awesome!) PS: Pictures are with US5. Read more

  5. Cassie

    I work in a hair salon so I’m on my feet all day. I was wearing a pair of booties that were cute but hard on my feet and I could feel it in my back. Air soles are the greatest thing ever and in a heel form. Perfect. These shoes are made to last and will probably get better with age. The fist 2-3 days wearing them the tops were hitting my lower shin but now that the leather has softened, they are fine. I’ll definitely be buying another pair soon. No half sizes, so double up on socks if need be. ❤️ Read more

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