Ladies’s keepsakes ice angel mule

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  • a hundred% cable knit sweater
  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • plush foam
  • fake fur
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sweater slipper with plush foam


5, 5 Wide, 5.5, 5.5 Wide, 6, 6 Wide, 6.5, 6.5 Wide, 7, 7 Wide, 7.5, 7.5 Wide, 8, 8 Wide, 8.5, 8.5 Wide, 9, 9 Wide, 9.5, 9.5 Wide, 10, 10 Wide, 11, 11 Wide


Black, Charcoal, Bbk, Chocolate

4 reviews for Ladies’s keepsakes ice angel mule

  1. Unik

    I’ve been on a shoe hunt for slippers for the past 3 months and I’ve become very frustrated. I’ve order from many brands, primarily through Amazon, and this is my honest detailed review. Overall: I was expecting so much more from Sketchers, considering these are my favorite everyday shoe brand. These slippers missed the mark with a very high/platform heel making them more of a shoe than a slipper. Foot/Arch Support Since these shoes are more of an outside-like shoe, I would say it has some foot support. However this is NOT like the memory foam shoes that Sketchers are infamous for. Inside Cushion/Softness These slippers are more like a shoe as it doesn’t really have a comfortable inside sole, as the inside fur is fluffy but the soles are still hard. You will feel like you are walking in platform heels as these are mostly flat with a bit of an arch like a tennis shoe. Outside Material/ Design / Color The shoe looks as pictured. However, the outside material (in my opinion) is what makes these shoes categorize as a slipper. The outside material is like a thin sweater rib material which wouldn’t be ideal for outside wear in moist/wet weather. The fur is nice but would have felt nice with more padding inside the shoe with the fur. Bottom Grip The bottom has a good grip, better than most slippers I’ve reviewed so far. Again, this shoe feels like a platform heel so you will be walking like you have high heels on. Sizing/Width This shoe is true to size and has a lot of room in the toe area (maybe too much room). These shoes definitely feet like clogs with a wider toe area. Longterm Prediction Based off my experiences with Sketchers, these are definitely not what I was expecting. I feel like this shoe is durable and will last you a descent amount of time if you do not mind the heel height of these shoes. The first part that may deter the quickest is the outside sweater material that is venerability to lint and starching/ripping (from pets). Final Verdict I RETURNED THEM. I hated how much height these slippers gave and how I felt like I was walking in platform heels. I’ve tired and reviewed Dearfoams, Dr. Scholl’s, Isotoner, Sketchers, Vionic and more on Amazon and still had no luck. I will keep trying and keep you posted… please follow my page for updates and more reviews. I hope this helped 🙂 Read more

  2. Smoothie

    My heels of feet hurt from standing for long especially on hard surfaces. I had many different slippers before, but the sole would get squashed in too thin and I ended up adding gel inserts making it for a slippery-tripping situation. These are just as warm and cozy as regular slippers, but with a real sole, you should be able to even walk outside without problems. The knit fabric does attract cat hair a bit, otherwise looks great. The only thing is that the foam is dense, not like a soft squashy slippers usually get, but I do like it because the soft fluff usually doesn’t last more than a month or two for me. Now these are pricey, and I did give these a chance on deal of the day promotion (bought two similar pairs), but considering that these are better constructed, will last very long, can walk outside in these and no need for adding inserts: I am very happy with my purchase since it will be much cheaper in the long run. Read more

  3. Christina

    FREAKING AMAZEBALLS! I had a pair of these from a few years ago, and loved them soooo much. I wore them everyday, as a WAHM and homeschool mom, yeah I live in them! Since Ahead of Christmas in 2015 I had been trying to find these at a low price so I could get them for my mom and mother in law and my teen daughter and my best friend. At $49, I would say they are worth every penny! But spending $200 on slippers as gifts would be a bit much, imo. So I waited for a lower price. Lo! Ahead of Christmas 2016 they went on lightning deal and I scooped them up! They were such a great price, I even replaced my own just because mine were at least 3 years old and had a couple blemishes by then. Still in great shape, just cosmetic blemishes from my daily use. I actually handed down my used pair to my young son because he is always slipping his feet in my slippers and walking off with them. He LOVES that he got my older pair! Everyone I gifted them to LOVES them! This is what I like… Super cute! I love the style! I like the knit sweater detail all over, and the furry trim. I feel so winter posh wearing them! The soles are hard and thick on the bottom. AWESOME for walking out the house to get the paper or grab something from the car or mailbox, or stand on the front porch when unexpected company drops by or meeting the UPS man to get my Amazon deliveries, or running up to the little store on the corner to grab s’mores ingredients and a Redbox movie… you get the point! These mammatammas are durable enough to go places. Even if it rains, if I am just walking out to the mailbox these will be fine because the outter sole is solid and thick. No soggy slippers here! The inside sole is firm but not hard. If you are looking for a super soft memory foam type inner sole, this ain’t it. But lemme tell you, those soft sole slippers do not hold up. I have had a few memory foam slippers before and it is always surprising how quickly they get mashed and never get their shape/softness back. THESE inner soles are very comfortable, lined in the same furry stuff that you see lining the opening of the slipper. So it is still soft, but firm, and shaped nicely for your foot. Not flat. 🙂 They hold up forever! If it weren’t for the incredible deal I scooped up, I would not have replaced my 3+ year old same slippers. The only thing that happened was the toe snagged on something at some point, and the knit sweater styling started to come loose and made a hole. But the hole didn’t go all the way through the slipper, it was just in the sweater covering. My toes were still warm! Other than that, they just had a slightly “old” look to them. You could tell they had been worn a bit, but they still were super comfy and cute, with years more life in them. I have included a picture of the old and new pair side by side. The old pair didn’t have the same fur as the new pair to begin with, so don’t think that they will have that matted look to them necessarily. It was a different kind of trim. I love the fur on the new ones! Honestly, these are the only slippers I ever want. Ahead of my first pair of these, I probably went through 25 different slippers in 7 years. I always had several pairs and would switch them out throughout the day because the ones I was wearing would “go flat”. And I had some that were pricey, like my sherpa thong slippers from LL Bean. They had a hard outter sole too, but the sherpa inner sole rubbed off of them very quickly. I am on the hunt for a men’s version of these. I want my hubby to have a nice pair! But I can’t seem to find any. Guess he is stuck with the old stale flat memory foam ones for now. Haha! I wear a size 6 and got a size 6 and I think they fit perfectly. They are roomy, because they are slippers, not intended for running laps. I would say buy the size you are and they should fit you perfectly. I have a narrow heal and often have trouble with my heel slipping out of my shoes, but that is not an issue with the way these are designed. They are roomy enough for wide feet but don’t slip off of narrow heels. The back has a low heel style, which is perfect for slipping them on and off quickly without having to use your hands. Do yourself a solid and get these! Read more

  4. ElleBee

    These are WARM! I’ve never had fur-lined shoes before. These things are amazing. I usually wear slippers around the house but I do have to go outside to take the dog out, get the mail, run a quick errand, and I have to change my shoes each time. These are the perfect alternative because they are warm and comfy enough to wear around the house, but they are actual shoes so I can step outside with them without worrying about messing them up. I’ve always been a fan of Skechers, I can’t believe I didn’t try these sooner!! I measured my foot and used the size chart to pick my size, which is my usual shoe size, and they fit perfect, so I’d say these are true to size. Read more

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