Ladies’s indulge relax slipper

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  • one hundred% synthetic
  • imported
  • artificial sole
  • fabric top. Fabric protected eva footbed. Tpr with fabric outsole. Adjustable hook and loop strap.
  • acquired apma (american podiatric medical affiliation) seal of popularity
  • your new favored slippers: satisfaction your toes in indulge relax, a slipper designed to pamper in luxe padded terry and an adjustable hook and loop strap.
  • vio movement aid is hid within every vionic shoe, helping each step from the floor up so that you can with a bit of luck pass in unequalled consolation. Complete biomechanical touch hugs your foot’s natural curves, presenting crucial support in all of our casual, dress and energetic shoes and slippers.
  • vionic supports you, so that you can walk. Pass. Stay.
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pride your feet in indulge relax, a slipper designed to pamper in luxe padded terry and an adjustable velcro strap.


5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12


Black, Leopard Natural, Light Grey, Natural, Navy, Pink, Purple Cactus, Tan, Light Blue, Sea Coral

6 reviews for Ladies’s indulge relax slipper

  1. Sweet Stuff

    These slippers are definitely the most comfortable I’ve ever owned. I have all kinds of foot problems (posterior tibial tendonitis or “fallen arches”, heel spurs and a Taylor’s bunion or bunionette as they are sometimes called, on my left foot) from working on concrete floors my whole life. I was told by my podiatrist to always wear good shoes, even in the house, to support my arches. I wanted something I could slip on easily, but that also had great arch support and these fit the bill perfectly. I am a definite size 9 1/2 in all shoes—size 9’s are too small and size 10’s are too big. Because these slippers only come in full sizes, I went back and forth in my mind whether to get a size 9 or 10, and I ended up getting a pair of each to try. The picture I am posting with this review is the size 10 that I ended up keeping. I chose the 10 because I also have sensory neuropathy in my toes/feet from lumbar spine issues and I like how they are a little bit long so that I don’t hit my toes and injure them. I do the same thing with open toe sandals. The size 9 also bothered my Taylor’s bunion after wearing them a while where it happened to hit it, even when I tried to adjust the flaps that cross over the top of the foot. My orthopedic surgeon told me to give the bunion enough room so that the sides of shoes aren’t pressing too tightly against it, but, with my foot not too snugly in the flaps, my feet would kind of slide forward and my toes were just too close to the end of the slippers for comfort in the size 9’s. I agree with other reviewers that Vionic needs to work on placement of the velcro so that it doesn’t irritate the top of your foot, and I considered only giving 4 stars because of this issue, but they are otherwise so darn comfortable I had to go with 5 stars. You can adjust the velcro straps so they don’t irritate, but they might not be in the perfect place of where you want them. This did work for me, however, and i also trimmed up the edge of the velcro a bit, too. In a couple weeks I will be having knee surgery for torn cartilage on my medial chondile of my femur (I know, I’m a mess!) and when I put these slippers on I felt an immediate comfort in my knee, like it put it in alignment or something. That might be helpful for those of you with knee issues. Oh, and by the way, I gave the size 9’s to my mother in law and they worked great for her as she is about a half size smaller than me. Hope this helps fellow size 9 1/2 gals out there! Update: October 7, 2019…still have these, and they’re still going strong! I now have a pair of the clog-type covered-toe ones as well and love them for winter or if my toes are just cold…size 10 also. Update: September 6, 2020… Just got a notification from Amazon that my review helped 100 people! That’s great! Can’t believe I bought these over 3 years ago! Where does the time go?!? They are still in great shape and I’m still wearing them! I wear the open toe ones in the summer and the closed toe ones in the winter. Love these slippers!!! Read more

  2. Lindy

    **If my review helped your decision, please like** As usual, I read as many reviews as I could and researched the ever loving crap out of orthotic house shoes/slippers/sandals. I had a spinal fusion almost 3 years ago but was recently in another car accident. I am constantly working on home projects and chasing my toddler, my knees and back are barking all day everyday. I would have given the product the benefit of the doubt based on my unique circumstances but I just can’t. I wore these slippers around my house for a total of 5 hours and they wore down to the nitty gritty. The pictures don’t do it justice (sorry for the dog hair distraction).They also caused pain on the tops of my feet which subsequently felt like knifes shooting through my toe bones with every step I took. This might be circumstantial to my medical issues but it took me days to recover. I assume if you are looking for orthotic house shoes you either have a bad back or bad knees, I have both. If you are are willing to invest serious money in your physical comfort and health and you don’t just want quality, you NEED it for daily functioning. These are not for you. **If my review helped your decision, please like** Read more

  3. debshops2

    Love the shoe but, like any fabric lined slipper worn w/o socks, it will need cleaning and ‘refreshing’ at some point. Manufacture’s care guidelines didn’t work (damp wipe) and you can’t toss this wonderful – and expensive! – slipper into the wash or dishwasher. I did manage to get mine clean & dry & oder free free with Dawn dishwashing liquid, clean damp cloth, kitchen brush, paper towels and a hand vac. Here’s a picture of mine with 1 clean and 1 before cleaning. Happy to share details of process if anyone is interested. Read more

  4. L. Maranto

    I am tempted to give 5 stars because these are the most comfortable slippers I have ever worn and this is my second pair. But I had to take off one star because they are too wide and don’t come in narrow. I have to take them to a shoe repairer to see the flap closed. When I pull it far enough to stay on my foot, there is not enough Velcro touching to keep it secure. Also, I don’t like any of the colors. It comes in black(ugh), and light pink and blue, either of which are too pale, they would immediately show dirt and stains. So this is my second of the animal prints, which I don’t like, but anyway because my plantar fasciitis does not hurt when I wear them! I would buy other Vionic shoes if they were attractive, so I suggest they hire someone to design shoes that keep the comfort and are also nice-looking. Read more

  5. Kindle Customer

    Falling apart after 6 weeks. I have worn these around the house for approximately 6 weeks and the fabric at the heels has already worn through. Very disappointed, especially given how much I paid for them. Read more

  6. J Canfield

    I have purchased the same slippers yearly for the past several years. Usually I buy directly from the good feet store. I don’t know if this last pair was used or is a knock-off but they are nowhere near the same quality as the ones I purchased previously. One, they don’t have the same level of support as the “real” ones. Orthaheel slippers are known for their arch support. On these the arch support was almost non-existent after a month of wear. Two, they wore out extremely quickly. I work from home and wear them everyday but the pairs I’ve purchased elsewhere typically take a full year before the fur/fabric on the slipper insole wears through. This pair it happened after only 4 months of wear. In summary, if you are looking for great slippers I’d recommend these, just buy them from somewhere else. Read more

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