Ladies’s fruit sneaker

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  • material
  • made in u. S. A. Or imported
  • fabric sole
  • lace slip on sneaker
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  • do these run genuine you size?
  • query: do those run real you size? Solution: they run a half of size small. I ordered a 7 due to the fact that’s my size and that they stated authentic to length, however my toes touch. I am going to have to return for a 7. Five. With the aid of bobbi on october 23, 2020 did not get solutions. See more solutions (4) collapse all answers

  • can the insole be removed for an orthotic?
  • question: can the insole be eliminated for an orthotic? Answer: sure!! I’ve eliminated the insole & located (blowfish malibu girls’s fruit sneaker) an orthotic in 2 one of a kind pairs! By way of heather j on november 6, 2020 failed to get answers. See extra answers (three) disintegrate all solutions

  • why is the scale 6. 5 white shoe 39. Ninety five and the scale 7 is simplest $26?
  • question: why is the scale 6. Five white shoe 39. 95 and the scale 7 is best $26? Answer: because of myself buying multiple gadgets with sizing, i learned if one size is less expensive than other length it’s because they’ve extra of length 7s to promote and much less 6. 5s in stock. Like now the 6. 5s are less expensive than the 7s 🙂 hope that helps 🙂 by using jenni renee on october 21, 2020 didn’t get answers. See more answers (1) fall apart all answers

  • are there replacement laces?
  • question: are there substitute laces? Answer: i did now not acquire any alternative laces………… However i like the shoes! Via lindann65 on march 30, 2021 did not get answers. See extra solutions (2) collapse all solutions


    5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 7.5 Narrow, 8, 8 Narrow, 8.5, 9, 10, 11


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    8 reviews for Ladies’s fruit sneaker

    1. Jason&Jenniferc9695

      Love the shoes. However, I generally like to wear the same color of shoe on both feet on any given day. What the heck?! Read more

    2. SB

      The shoes I received were very poorly manufacturered. The left shoe was fine. The right ahoe was constructed very lopsided -the lace eyelets were set all the way over toward the instep of the shoe. Basically they looked like two different shoes of the same color. It’s very disappointing because they fit pretty well and insole is very comfortable. The other issue I had was woth the seller’s return policy. As a prime member I never would have expected to have pay shipping to return an item, especially when there is a visable issue. This seller charges shipping to return. Luckily Amazon intervened. I went with a pair of Sperrys and am never buying from this seller again Read more

    3. Shelly Brown

      Very cute shoes and comfortable. I bought a 7 the size I always buy and the fit great! Maybe just a tiny big wider then most of my shoes but so comfortable. Read more

    4. Terrie S.

      Don’t you hate it when you order shoes online..Crossing your fingers that they will fit?! These!!! These are like clouds of happiness on my feet! I was worried they would be either too narrow, or too tight, given that they are ‘prelaced’.. I am a size 7.. I ordered a size 7.. No rubbing on my heel.. even barefoot these are a dream.. No break in time. Perfect from the get go. HIGHLY recommend. I may have to get more. Originally saw on Famous Footwear, but we all know to run to Amazon to see if we can find a product cheaper, and if you are smart enough to have Prime, get free shipping. I seriously don’t have the time, nor do I want to waste gas on driving all over to find things that are calling my name. These were significantly cheaper than FF.. So total win!! Read more

    5. Bre

      I have wide feet And have tried many many slip on sneakers without success. I cant fit into most slim sneakers except for these. Not only can my wide 8.5 feet fit into a 8.5 blowfish sneaker, they are super company! That being said I don’t typically have to buy wide shoes but for sneakers, I do. These shoes are awesome and comfortable. Read more

    6. sarah and Craig carda

      Blow fish is my favorite brand now. I have a couple pair and I love them all due to the comfort and durability. Each pair seems to last about 9-12 months but that is heavy activity. The material is very durable on the outside and the soles hold up well. The Inside, Thats what you buy these for. ITs like a blow fish around your foot in a good way. Soft, squishy and very comfortable, Nothing seems to rub the wrong way on top or bottom and In the 3 pairs I have owned so far I have had no sole material separation. The Other great thing is they are just cute. I love the mix style of old and new and you combine that with comfort. I am a lifer. Read more

    7. MomsHeart

      I bought these to have some casual shoes for the airport and traveling. I bought my regular size. The width is snug without being uncomfortable, but one of the shoes rubbed the back of my heel to the point I had to put a bandaid on during our layover – and the first airport only has 3 gates, so we hadn’t done a ton of walking. I didn’t wear them the rest of the trip, because we were going to an outdoor festival with a lot of walking. They’re really cute, but only good for wearing a short period of time with minimal walking. Read more

    8. Irish

      Received these cuties today, I took out the cushy innersole and popped in my orthotic innersole’s. I did order up a 1/2 size (8.5) because of the tapered toe box, I’m happy I did .. my toes need some room. I love the “Whiskey” color, similar to a deep army green. The zippers actually zip. I’m very happy with my purchase. Read more

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