Ladies’s conventional nylon sneaker

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  • made in united states of america or imported
  • rubber sole
  • breathable and sturdy fabric: these classic shoes feature nylon higher with suede overlays for breathable assist
  • green foot support: these elegant running shoes with die-cut eva midsole provides support which lasts many strolls and jogs
  • comfortable and robust layout: this footwear functions low-reduce design for a graceful and sophisticated silhouette for an multiplied ankles mobility so you preserve transferring all day lengthy
  • high-overall performance informal shoes: high abrasion rubber outsole adds durable responsiveness; best for throwback appears, regular put on, and traditional style

from the manufacturer

product description

reebok women’s classic nylon footwear offer consolation that in no way seemed so properly. Lace up these women’s classic nylons for smooth cushioning. An eva foam sockliner enables enhance comfort, while the enduring layers recreate a throwback going for walks silhouette that pairs with almost any casual ensemble.

reebok changed into based for one of the satisfactory motives viable: athletes wanted to run quicker. So inside the eighteen nineties, joseph william foster made a number of the first recognized running footwear with spikes in them. With the aid of 1895, he was in business making footwear by means of hand for top runners; and earlier than lengthy his fledgling employer, j. W. Foster and sons, advanced an global clientele of prominent athletes.


3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 12


Classic Black/White 2, Classic Team Navy/Platinum 2, Classic White/Light Grey 2, Classic Black/White, Classic White/Light Grey, Stucco/Chalk/Rose Gold, Asteroid Dust/Cloud Grey/Noble Blue/Rose Rage/Aqua Fantasy, Black/Chalk/Flint Grey, Classic Team Navy/Platinum, Opal/Hi Vis Green/Forest Grey/Teal Dust/Coral/White, Alloy/Flat Grey/Chalk/Coral, Moody Pink/Tuscan Clay/Chalk, Sandstone/Laser Red/Night Violet/Lunar Blue/Moondust, Collegiate Navy/Royal Slate, White

5 reviews for Ladies’s conventional nylon sneaker

  1. Nessa C

    I’ve worn Reeboks for 25 years. They’ve been really comfortable, well padded inside, fit like a glove right out of the box, and just got better as time went by. I got these shoes today and could see immediately that they were narrow. While my normal size 6 1/2 fits okay, they are not comfortable, not well padded inside, and just don’t feel like the Reeboks I’ve always worn. Because they’re narrow, the toe box feels tight. And when I walk, the heel slides up and down while the rest of the shoe fits a bit too snugly. The description says they have the normal rubber sole, but these shoes are stiff and the sole doesn’t give much when I walk. Because this is the third pair of Reeboks I’ve ordered in the last three weeks (three different styles) and I’ve already returned the first two pairs because they were way mis-sized and very cheap looking, I’ll hang onto these since they’re the best fit of the three pairs. I will say after wearing them everyday to start breaking them in, after about a week, they do feel like they’re fitting a bit better. One more comment, the description says these are white and gray. They are not, they are white and beige. I don’t mind the leather portions being beige, in fact I prefer the beige color. But if you’re really looking for gray, these are not gray. I’m really glad I picked up these shoes for a temporary cut price of nearly $20 off. The next day they went back up to $59.95, and I would not have paid $59.95 for these shoes. Read more

  2. fashionhedge

    These shoes are awesome! I was looking for a comfortable but minimal pair of sneakers that didn’t cost more then $100, since walking shoes to me are kind if a waste of time, I like to spend my money on heels and oxfords, dress shoes, people call them. I just call them shoes. I went to Zappos and the closest thing to these were a couple pairs of Nike and New Balance that looked ok, but we’re more like $80-$100. I wanted to get the NB 979 but I just wasn’t sure they were great for walking and again, that is a nice pair of sneakers but I walk almost 2 hours (to work and back) several times a week, so I know these are not going to last forever, so why spend more? I’m also kind of a Zen freak and hate buying things I don’t really need or aren’t awesome enough to be added to my monochrome wardrobe. After reading a few reviews, getting mesmerized at the old school look of these shoes and getting a $50 gift card, I went for it. According to experts, I should have gotten half a size larger, but I like the look of small feet. Superficially aside, I have wide feet, but they are not long, I would say these are pretty standard width, not like Narrow Nike, but they are absolutely perfect and the slightly smaller size than so-called experts recommend helps my pathetically flat foot. I read on a review that they didn’t have much arch support, but they do! It’s almost an aspect ratio equation: you want the shoe to mold to your feet in a way that optimizes its standing position. For me, these do just that and I feel like a retired Asian man in a good and kinda hipster kind of way. Just buy them. Read more

  3. Serena

    I wanted to love these, because I remember how comfortable they were back in the day. But these are either not authentic Reebok or they’ve changed for the worse over the years. First of all, the right shoe had something weird going on in it. Like the arch support was put in the wrong place, up near the base of the toes. It wasn’t that the toe box was too narrow (although they weren’t as wide as I remember them being) because the other shoe didn’t have that going on in it’s shoe. The sole was also cheaply made, not rubber, more of like a slick plastic. I returned them immediately, thank goodness for Amazon’s return policy. Read more

  4. CBrown

    OMG, I absolutely LOVE 💕 my Women’s Classic Reebok’s!! I wear an 8 in tennis shoes, so I ordered an 8, and they fit perfectly!! They are so comfortable, I didn’t even want to take them off last night! Lol!! And I love the fact that they send you two sets of shoe strings, black ones and white ones!! Read more

  5. Shiloh True

    I purchased my first pair of these colorful classic sneakers several years ago, at a local ‘brand name’ discount store. To be honest, they initially caught my eye because of their vibrant color. Once I tried them on, they felt so wonderful, that I knew from that very moment, that I would wear them until they literally fell off my feet. They had such fantastic cushioning, with arch support, a cut above the highest standard. These are the only shoes I have ever owned that did NOT require additional supportive inserts. The sad day came, when I had to delegate my foot savers to the trash. I wasn’t too upset, because I figured they would never discontinue such a wonderful product. I was wrong. No one seemed to carry them. Disgruntled in my search, I gave up looking the last couple of years, only to stumble on them by complete accident, on Amazon. When I found them again, I was ecstatic. Not only were they old favorites, but I work as an RN, and we have recently been required to wear only navy blue scrubs. A perfect match! The shoes arrived and I was not disappointed in their appearance. They are still striking and fun to look at. But, as other reviewers have noted, the foot-bed is not the same. They definitely do not have the same degree of cushioning, and the arch support is minimal, at best. So, I did have to resort to orthotic inserts, this time, before I could even wear them. But, after doing so, they were brought up to almost the same degree of comfort as my first pair. But, not quite! I normally wear an 8 1/2 but sized up to a 9 because some reviewers felt this new version runs a little small. I didn’t find this to be true. Even with an additional insert, this shoe is a little looser than I like, requiring some pretty tight lacing, or a thicker sock. I think most would do well to just order their regular size. I’m disappointed that they have, in my opinion, cheapened this wonderful shoe. But, that does seem to be the sign of the times, doesn’t it. Read more

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