Ladies open toe plush terry slipper

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  • foam sole
  • superb comfort: enjoy spa right at your feet. These slip-ons function an opulent micro terry higher and linings, plus cushioned insoles to deliver your feet gentle and heat sensation that’ll make you feel like on foot inside the clouds
  • no slipping, no sliding: walk worry-free even inside the toilet with the slippers’ non-skid rugged soles which can be made best for indoor and outdoor use
  • sophisticated style: the luxurious look and sense offer a classic elegance that makes every pair more attractive. Available in an expansion of colors, these slippers will right away turn out to be your favored!
  • residence slippers of preference: came domestic from a long day at work or a women’ night out? Allow those slippers take correct care of your exhausted ft. The plush foam top and linings relieve the pressure from your feet whilst offering your soles the healing support they need. Use them within the bedroom and bathtub to maintain your ft relaxed and secure. Durable allure: top rate in fashion and pleasant, laura ashley assures you of the slippers’ durability and resistance
  • wash & care: spot easy with slight detergent. Do no longer use bleach. Air dry.
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best and comfort made specially to your feet. The laura ashley plush terry slip-ons will let you revel in most useful comfort and warmth this is like no other. Every pair is made with plush micro terry top and linings, plus cushioned insoles that make you experience like taking walks in the clouds. They relieve the pressure on your toes whilst giving them the therapeutic guide they want. What is extra, it additionally capabilities non-skid rugged soles that provide proper traction to the slippers, stopping undesirable injuries from slipping or sliding. Available in a selection of colours, you will certainly like to select pairs for you, your sisters, spouse, mother, girlfriend, excellent buddies, and all the other special women for your lifestyles.


Small, Medium, Large, X-Large


Black, Grey, Orchid, Rose Tan, Atlantic Blue, Denim, Rosey Pink, Sky Blue, Purple Nitro, Succulent Green

8 reviews for Ladies open toe plush terry slipper

  1. T. Carroll

    I got these a week ago. I wear them in the evening when I get home from work (around the house). The padding on the bottom is non existent. They now hurt to walk in. I could see it if I wore them everyday, all day long and had them for 3 yrs. But that’s not the case. Read more

  2. Diane

    These slippers felt comfy when I first started wearing them but after a week or so, the “cushiness” seems to have gone out of the sole. I have Laura Ashley closed toe slippers and they have not lost their “cush”. Read more

  3. Ceraphina

    Lovely violet shade! They fit perfectly and are well made. I wear a size 7 and got the medium size. Wearing them right now. Love them! Recommend. **UPDATE** I wore these slippers for one day and the cushion is pretty much gone from the heel. You can feel the hard, plastic square things pushing on my heels. It is very bumpy and it hurts! The tag placement is odd too. It is rough on my heels. I loved these slippers when I first put them on, but for them to become basically unwearable and painful (my heels are a red, sore mess) after only 24 hours is unacceptable! I am starting to get annoyed with Amazon junk coming from China. I do not believe these are authentic Laura Ashley shippers. I have had several pairs and they were always good quality. These are crap. As soon as the stores start opening up after being shut down from the Coronavirus, I am going to shop locally where I can actually see and inspect what I am buying. Read more

  4. Henry Finn

    Why do I need a heel on scuff slippers? The hard plastic bottom is molded with a little ridged heel, which is what’s wrong with these slippers. A layer of foam can’t possibly make hard ridged plastic bearable. I’m not walking ten miles in these, but just walking from one end of my tiny house to the other is uncomfortable. I love them IF the bottom is flat. It’s not. Back they go. Read more

  5. Amazon Customer

    These fit as expected, but there’s not much ‘cush’, a step above being barefoot. Color is pretty, but I wouldn’t buy them again. Read more

  6. KillerBee

    These are decent for the price. They are very soft, cute pink color, and I like the band that goes over your foot. It definitely keeps your foot in the shoe but is still soft. The sole is good for indoor/outdoor. But I don’t like that I can feel the sole through the shoe. Could definitely use more cushioning! They are also a bit big. I wear a 6 1/2-7 wide and bought the 6 1/2-7 1/2 and they have extra room in the front and the back. Read more

  7. The Wolf

    Plastic tags are stuck in the middle of the slipper and you need to practically mutilate the slippers and use pliers to get them out of the insides of the slipper. This is so ridiculous! Also, I had asked if there were any tags inside the slipper that would rub on my foot before I ordered these. There most definitely are! One tag on the inside of each slipper, and you can’t get them off. Read more

  8. BobbyofTville

    The hard grid material in the heel presses on the ball bone (calcaneous) and causes extreme pain, you may think you have stepped on a knife blade or a stone, but when your heel comes down on the grid intersections you will definitely know it. They fit and were the right color but they hit the trashcan. Read more

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