L. A. Men’s bryson style sneaker

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game knit slip-on informal sneaker


6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16


White/Black, Navy, White/Green, Black, Black Sportknit/White Bottom

8 reviews for L. A. Men’s bryson style sneaker

  1. MS

    I’m a big fan of Mark Nason shoes. I feel the company makes quality designer shoes and the price tends to justify that. That being said, the Bryson sneakers are the type of sneakers I was looking for. I hate laces but also dislike it if they don’t have them. I know confusing right. Well these sneakers takes care of both problems as they have laces but are not meant to be tied. Looks wise they’re excellent and can’t ask for more. They fit snug but perhaps too snug to the point that they’re rather tight. In fact, they’re so snug that they tend to bother the top of my feet after only a couple of hours of wearing them. I should mention that I don’t have fat feet by any means. So I’m thinking perhaps they could have opened up the top of the shoe a little more to prevent this. Perhaps it’s just my feet but I would easily give them 5 stars if it wasn’t for this. Since it doesn’t bother me every moment I wear them (most of the time they feel comfortable) I’m able to forgive this issue. Still it’s something that I’ll keep in mind when I purchase other MN styles as I’d want to avoid this. On a side note to the company, I’ve e-mailed at least one question to you and never received a response or acknowledgement. Please try to do a better job of responding to your customers. Read more

  2. A Gentleman

    I love these Mark Nason Bryson sneakers. I own four pairs, one of each color available. They go well with Kahki’s or jeans and are very comfortable on the feet. The only downside is the lack of arch support but is manageable assuming that you don’t plan to run marathons in them. My most favorite feature is the elastic “laces” that do not require you to tie them. You just slip the shoe on and off like a loafer! Makes me wish that all sneakers were like that. Hopefully, this style will continue and that they will make them available in different colors or even a leather version. Read more

  3. Mike Babbitt

    Positives: These are cool looking shoes. They’re very durable. I have worn them for about 8 months now. Negatives: They’re snug. By the end of the day my feet are killing me on the sides where they are particularly tight. I ordered my size and don’t usually have a problem with other shoes, even Mark Nason brand. This was an exception. They’re very hard to keep clean due to the mesh design. When they get dirty, you really just have to take a high powered vacuum to them which works OK but a lot of stuff gets stuck in the mesh. Overall, I like them but would probably not get another pair given they’ve actually gone up $10 since I purchased them. Read more

  4. Product Of Grace

    These shoes are very comfortable, they have memory foam insoles which feel great. The material used is good quality, i don’t see them falling apart like my nike classics so at half the price (I paid $55) for these I would advise buying a couple pair especially if you get them in white. Not sure the best way to clean these, washer may not be very kind to them and the insoles are glued in so being a new pair of shoes I don’t think thats a good idea just yet. Also, these come with a neat metal keychain and a branded bag for your shoes if you want to use it for storage or the gym etc. which is pretty nice. Overall I would say get these and you wont be disappointed, in fact buy a couple if you can get a good deal. Read more

  5. Jordan

    I purchased Marc Nason’s white pair of shoes on whim and they’ve quickly become my go to shoe. They’re thin, great for people with “hot feet” and they pair super well with slim/skinny jeans. Aside from their appearance (which I love), the best part of these is that they don’t have your standard shoelace. You can quickly hop in and out of your shoes. Great summer shoes! Read more

  6. Kye Lyles

    I absolutely LOVE Mark Nason shoes, the black being my second pair of the same shoe; they are super stylish and comfy! A few notes for those thinking to purchase: they are fairly flat so walking all day or long distances is not recommended, and being cloth they are hard to clean. They definitely fit great with many outfits, provide an awesome shoe for almost any event and I’d say not too bad on the price! Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    I wanted non-leather shoes to wear regularly and found exactly what I hoped to find in these sneakers. They’re synthetic material and white, so it can be tough to prevent them from getting dirty. However, they look exactly how white sneakers should if you keep them clean, and they stay comfortable no matter how long you wear them nor how much walking you do. I also purchased the off-white and green variant which I wear literally every day of the week, and they’ve held up fantastically. Highly recommend both the white/black and the off-white/green to those in search of cruelty-free, comfortable, stylish shoes. (Also would recommend to women with the caveat that these are in men’s sizing.) Read more

  8. K Kredit

    Nice looking shoes – stylish & casual. My feet are narrow, however, so the slip-on style isn’t great for me. I removed the elastic laced with some standard black shoe laces & that worked great. If you don’t like the slip-on style, spend a few dollars to get some regular black shoe laces and your set. Read more

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