Kids’ rave run v1 hook and loop shoe

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the rave run children’ sneaker from new stability offers tender comfort with a excessive-upward thrust silhouette. The light-weight mesh higher is breathable and has a no-stitch tip for sturdiness and no-sew saddle for midfoot support that little feet want as they take their first steps. It’s designed with a imeva midsole that allows offer superior underfoot cushioning with every touchdown.


6 Toddler, 8 Toddler, 9.5 Toddler, 10 Toddler, 1.5 X-Wide Little Kid, 3 Little Kid, 10.5 Wide Little Kid, 11 Little Kid, 12.5 Little Kid, 13 Little Kid, 13, 1 Big Kid, 1.5 Big Kid, 2 Big Kid, 2 X-Wide Big Kid, 2.5 Big Kid, 2.5 Wide Big Kid, 2.5 X-Wide Big Kid, 3.5 Big Kid, 3.5 X-Wide Big Kid, 4 Big Kid, 4.5 Big Kid, 4.5 X-Wide Big Kid, 5 Big Kid, 5 X-Wide Big Kid, 5.5 Big Kid, 5.5 Wide Big Kid, 5.5 X-Wide Big Kid, 6 Big Kid, 6 Wide Big Kid, 6 X-Wide Big Kid, 6.5 Big Kid, 6.5 Wide Big Kid, 6.5 X-Wide Big Kid, 7 Big Kid, 7 Wide Big Kid, 7 X-Wide Big Kid, 10.5 Big Kid, 10.5 Wide Big Kid, 10.5 X-Wide Big Kid, 11 Big Kid, 11 Wide Big Kid, 11 X-Wide Big Kid, 11.5 Big Kid, 11.5 Wide Big Kid, 11.5 X-Wide Big Kid, 12 Big Kid, 12 Wide Big Kid, 12 X-Wide Big Kid, 12.5 Big Kid, 12.5 Wide Big Kid, 12.5 X-Wide Big Kid, 13 Big Kid, 13 Wide Big Kid, 13 X-Wide Big Kid, 13.5 Big Kid, 13.5 Wide Big Kid, 13.5 X-Wide Big Kid


Toddler (1-4 Years), Little Kid (4-8 Years), Big Kid (8-12 Years)


Bali Blue/Mako Blue, Marine, Phantom/Neo Mint, Exhuberant Pink/Candy Pink, Lead, Black/Wild Indigo, Marine Blue/Vision Blue

8 reviews for Kids’ rave run v1 hook and loop shoe

  1. L. Cyn

    I bought these shoes for my 13 YO son in June 2020. It is now mid-October, and the shoes are falling apart. My kid spends a decent amount of time outside, but not so much that I would expect his shoes to have holes all the way through the fabric around the toe pad in just three months. That’s why the three stars: great on comfort and support, mediocre on quality of top-shoe construction/material. I’ll be looking for another brand of shoe for my kid to get him through the fall. Read more

  2. Jessica

    According to my amazon history, I bought these Jan 16 and today is April 13 – LESS THAN 3 MONTHS! My 7 year old son is very active and I expect to replace shoes within 6 months, but not in under 3 months. I think the condition of these shoes in less than 3 months is unacceptable. The color is great. The fit is great. But the quality is poor. Read more

  3. Thankyouverymuch

    My teen has very wide feet at the toe and then narrow at the heel. It is so rare to find a pair of shoes online that actually fit well. But these came in and were a perfect fit from the start. Read more

  4. Erin Roberts

    Shoes are great but a few of the lace loops broke on both shoes with 6yr old regular abuse. They are not integrated into the shoe but rather loops the laces pass through. Looks cool. Not functional. Read more

  5. Sarah

    Cute shoe. Easy to clean. Very durable. Read more

  6. Stacy

    Comfy and stylish Read more

  7. Keoka Lumpkin

    Love the shoes, the clear covering around the shoes, light(transparent)..great shoe Read more

  8. Benjamin Griffith

    Very nice shoe for a good price. Daughter loves them. They look just like the photo above. Read more

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