Infant little youngster boy and girl traditional adjustable strap sneaker

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  • rubber sole
  • completely lined with herbal, breathable substances
  • construction is flexible and lightweight for all-day consolation
  • double adjustable strap permit for a secure and custom adjustability
  • comfort healthy offers toes room to transport and grow
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  • our undertaking is to provide every toddler with the nice quality and the maximum cozy shoes. Weestep capabilities sophisticated shoes for children whose feet are greater delicate and distinct from adults’ feet. Our exceptional materials and bendy soles are designed to present them extra help and promote their health toes development. Each style we design objectives at being fun, stylish, comfortable and of excessive excellent.
  • youngsters like to discover and feature the preference to be active and flow around for all day lengthy. Your kids can take over 10,000 steps/day at college, whilst most adults work within the office only take 2000-5000 steps/day. We want to ensure every step your youngsters take is consistent and comfortable, and each step they take we can always be with them.
  • we maintain integrating special desires of a changing foot and current style tendencies into our layout, and make adjustments for our new elegant shoes for every season. Each little trade we made is to ensure every step your infant takes is more strong and balanced.
  • product description


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    8 reviews for Infant little youngster boy and girl traditional adjustable strap sneaker

    1. ACC

      The black shoes are what my son wore, the red are the replacements I ordered. The new red shoes do not compare in quality to the old black shoes. The ordinals took a beating, but you can see that they are in pretty good shape still and my son had been wearing them for 6 months! Let me tell you, 2 year olds are hard on shoes, but the black shoes held up. The black shoes weigh about twice as much as the red ones, the plastic welting on the edge is twice as thick and the canvas on the black ones is more substantial too. The large toe box and long Velcro straps that made these shoes work for kids with wider feet is completely gone. These are in no way similar to the weesteps I got a year ago (even sizing is different). It’s unfortunate as I was looking forward to these being my go to shoes for my son as he grew. I am definitely returning the red ones – they are complete junk and not worth $20. Read more

    2. taylormade77

      These are great! My daughter wears AFOs (leg braces) so finding shoes is a pain. The Weestsep shoes are my new go-to. They are a wider shoe, the velcro straps are long enough, and they’re affordable! Read more

    3. Tracey Aldred-Rand

      These are adorable and fit as expected. The bottom was slippery, she was sliding all over the place. But we scuffed them up outside and fine now. We’ve only had them a day but she likes them and ADORABLE ! Size 6 fit as expected. Read more

    4. Ruby Blue

      I ordered this pair of shoes for our toddler. I love converse brand shoes but just couldn’t see paying the high dollar amount for shoes that may only be worn a few times before a larger size is needed so I opted to try these. They look just like above mentioned brand and are well made. Everyone thinks they are the name brand shoe. I will definitely order them again when these become too small. Great price and great shoe. Read more

    5. starstruck

      Initially, I liked the shoe but the soles of the shoes are way too slippery. The first day my toddler wore them she slipped a lot and I had to use sandpaper to scuff them up so they aren’t as dangerous. That’s never happened with any child shoe I’ve bought before. My toddler kept trying to take them off because they were such a hinderance to her walking. I don’t recommend putting them on your child until you do that. The color is also not as white as I would expect a brand new shoe to be either. And, as everyone is saying, they are definitely on the bigger side. Read more

    6. Britney Tenney

      They’re a love!! Super great purchase!! I plan to buy another pair for my older son! Read more

    7. dptk601

      Bought size 6 for my 18 month old. They were a tad too big for her initially but she grew into them in less than a month. They seem to be a little wider, which is great for her little fat feet. The quality is good and mud comes off by spot cleaning with a wet cloth. We do a lot of walking and playing at the playgrounds and they seem comfortable for her. I love these on her, they go with all her casual outfits. I plan on ordering more as she grows. Read more

    8. Amazon Customer

      SO upset that the company put a thin layer of felt on the bottom of the rubber soles and now the bottom of these shoes are too slippery to walk in! These shoes design used to be anti-slip with a rubber bottom. I usually buy my son a pair of the white and a pair of the black shoes but will now be returning both. For some reason the white shoes had felt on the entire bottoms of the shoes and the black shoes had felt on 3/4 of the bottom of the shoes. Picture shows the black shoes on the right with the rubber on the tip of the sole and the rest of the bottoms have felt. Makes no sense. Read more

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