Guys’s striper ii cvo sneaker

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  • 100% artificial
  • rubber sole
  • preppy chambray uppers with rawhide laces and hidden gore production for smooth on, smooth off versatility and a secure fit
  • non-marking bendy rubber outsole with molded wave-siping presents the closing no-sliptraction
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  • how do you lace these footwear so the knot doesn’t display?
  • question: how do you lace those sneakers so the knot doesn’t show? Solution: you tie the laces behind the tongue. Now not the most comfortable on some shoes, but the look is smooth. With the aid of drbadass on july eight, 2019 did not get solutions. See more solutions (1) fall apart all solutions

  • is the shoes the actual length
  • question: is the footwear the actual size solution: sperry are known to suit genuine to size. -soled with the aid of soled supplier on april 11, 2019 didn’t get answers. See extra answers (1) disintegrate all answers

  • i’ve huge toes but they don’t have it in 12 extensive. Is the everyday width decent?
  • query: i have extensive ft but they don’t have it in 12 extensive. Is the everyday width first rate? Answer: i’ve normal width toes and they’re extensive on me by means of mike moore on june 1, 2018 fall apart all solutions

  • do they offer respectable arch assist??
  • query: do they provide decent arch guide?? Answer: insoles can be eliminated and replaced with a greater supportive option with the aid of zenguy pinnacle contributor: strolling on january 4, 2019 did not get solutions. See greater solutions (1) fall apart all solutions


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    8 reviews for Guys’s striper ii cvo sneaker

    1. kj

      This shoe looks really nice, but it digs into the back of your heel giving you blisters very quickly. The tip of the heel of the shoe literally feels like its scraping you. The sole is much too soft, which sounds counter-intuitive (wouldn’t you want a softer sole?) but it feels like walking on spongy yoga mats instead of a proper shoe. The actual tread is very soft, which I’m sure gives great grip but it wears out fast. I only wore this shoe for 1 day and I count my lucky stars that I was able to return it. Sperry didn’t do the proper research on this one. Read more

    2. AK

      These shoes/sneakers are nice to look at and I am very impressed at the comfort level. I was careful not to pull the strings (they’re leather) so as not to snap them, so I wear them sort of loose. I have high top arches so this works to my advantage. Also, plenty of room for someone with an E width for sure. Read more

    3. Brian S

      These fit and feel great. I was worried about these shoes being too narrow and/or the arch being too flat, but they worked out well. Vans have always been my go to canvas shoes, but I found that as I get older Vans tend to hurt my feet. These shoes were my first attempt at replacing my Vans and I am very happy with the results. I get the canvas sneaker look in shoes that fit my feet well and don’t hurt after hours of walking. Read more

    4. Wesley Danger

      I really wanted to like this shoe. I ordered it to wear to a business casual wedding. The fit was fine for the most part. I have decently wide feet, but these shoes didn’t feel cramped in the mid-foot or toe box. The style was nice and materials felt premium. The problem is, these shoes rubbed my heels. I wore them with standard quarter length socks and they just weren’t comfortable after a couple hours of light walking around a wedding and reception. If they added a bit of padding to the heel, I think I would’ve been fine. Unfortunately I had to return them. If you don’t experience the heel rubbing, then I think you’ll enjoy these just fine! Read more

    5. WhippetLove

      Disagree with some of the reviews about shoe being too heavy. On the contrary these are much lighter than the original Striper CVO sneakers I’ve bought in the past. Just received them so time will tell how durable they are. I’ve never been a huge fan of boat shoes but need something dressy casual to wear with shorts in the summer. The leather laces make these a nice dress casual alternative. I might even have to get a second pair in Navy! Great looking shoe. Read more

    6. mimthedwarf

      The soles are very thin and the insole is squeaky and squishy. Very little support in this shoe has led to a lot of foot pain, mainly plantar fasciitis in my left foot. The soles are so unlike the Halyards that I also have that I somewhat doubt I received an authentic product. I have a hard time believing that Sperry could get away with selling such a flimsy, squeaky shoe in a retail store. Read more

    7. Dr. Ken

      I’ve been a big fan of Sperry deck sneakers since I first stepped on board a submarine, and that was a looooooong time ago! A few years back, my wife bought some at the mall that were pretty crappy and fell apart. Found out they were made in Asia…cheap knock-offs with a licensing agreement. Yuck! That prompted me to do some homework and find out WTF was going on with this classic American shoe brand. I found out…just like everything else it seems…there are old-fashioned Sperry’s (still made in USA) and the lousy Globalist Sperry shoes. Caveat Emptor! Well, I have wanted new deck sneakers since we moved to FL a few years ago. So I sifted through a whole bunch of cheap junk sold at outrageous prices for obscene profits to find a couple REAL pairs of canvas Sperry sneakers. No $100 Vans or Chucks for this guy! No sir! Nike bought Converse a few years ago, and I don’t my sneakers…or anything else…made by slaves in Communist Chinese concentration camps. No Thanks! These are the real McCoy IF you buy the style/color that says “Made in USA or Imported” or “Made in USA” in the product descriptions. Try to avoid the synthetic uppers. I bought a Chino pair and they rock. Read more

    8. Jimmy M

      Very nice shoes. I’m on the fence regarding the square shoelaces. Also, make sure to wear thick socks because it will dig into your ankles pretty hard. Read more

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