Guys’s slippers house shoes moccasin consolation memory foam indoor outside clean iq

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  • synthetic sole
  • comfort: thick memory foam cushioning presents support while contouring on your foot providing you with final consolation
  • smell safety: made with hanes clean iq develop scent protection generation continues your slippers clean season after season
  • indoor / outside: made with a long lasting, gripped sole to prevent slipping or sliding whether you are sporting these footwear inner or outdoor
  • unisex: available in hues black, army, and grey suitable for each ladies and men. This additionally makes the best college dorm room slipper.
  • sizing: available in size small (mens us 6. Five -7. Five) medium (mens us eight – nine) huge (mens us 9. 5-10. 5) x-huge (mens us 11-12) xx-large (mens us 12. 5-thirteen. 5) xxx-large (mens us 14-15).
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secure & traditional

hanes men’s indoor/outdoor venetian moccasin slippers are as long lasting as they may be high-priced, keeping you feeling comfortable and cozy all day long.

the inner comfortsoft reminiscence foam cushioning allows the slipper to mould to the form of your foot, creating the maximum at ease custom in shape and affords you with all the style, flexibility and support you want in a slipper.

  • secure, closed again moccasin production
  • device wash, lay flat to dry
  • durable indoor/outside sole
  • comfortsoft memory foam footbed
  • breathable cotton fabrication
  • product description

    consolation: thick reminiscence foam cushioning gives guide while contouring in your foot providing you with final comfort. Odor safety: made with hanes fresh iq strengthen scent safety generation continues your slippers sparkling season after season. Indoor / out of doors: made with a durable, gripped sole to prevent slipping or sliding whether or not you’re sporting these footwear inner or outside. Unisex: available in shades black, army, and grey appropriate for each men and women. This also makes the precise college dorm room slipper sizing: available in length small (mens us 6. 5 -7. Five) medium (mens us eight – nine) massive (mens us nine. Five-10. Five) x-large (mens us eleven-12) xx-massive (mens us 12. Five-thirteen. Five) xxx-big (mens us 14-15) 편안함: 두꺼운 메모리 폼 쿠션은 발을 감싸면서 지지력을 제공하여 최고의 편안함을 제공합니다. 냄새 보호: hanes clean iq의 고급 악취 방지 기술로 제작되어 계절마다 슬리퍼를 신선하게 유지합니다. 실내 / 실외: 내구성이 뛰어난 그립 밑창으로 제작되어 신발을 안팎으로 착용할 때 미끄러지거나 미끄러지지 않습니다. 유니섹스: 남성과 여성 모두에게 적합한 블랙, 네이비, 그레이 색상으로 제공됩니다. 또한 완벽한 대학 기숙사 방 슬리퍼 사이즈: 스몰 (남성 미국 6. Five -7. Five) 미디엄 (남성 미국 8 – 9) 라지 (남성 미국 9. Five-10. 5) xl (남성 미국 eleven-12) xxl (남성 미국 12. Five-thirteen. 5) 3xl (남성 미국 14-15)


    Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, 3X-Large




    Black, Brown, Charcoal, Dark Black, Grey, Navy, Navy/Blue, Navy Ribbed

    8 reviews for Guys’s slippers house shoes moccasin consolation memory foam indoor outside clean iq

    1. Reapster

      These are very poorly designed. The heel of the sole is not smooth but have a hard rubber grid. You can tell this from the first time you put them on and it feels like you are standing on something. The memory foam feels to be way too thin to mask this grid and instead it feels like you are walking on grating at your heel. I have decided to throw these away as I have never had a worse slipper, and am not going to return them (if they are even returnable). Since these are getting thrown away I decided to dissect them and see exactly what makes these so poorly designed. Attached are the pictures I took of anatomy of these slippers. Two show the thin memory foam pad, one at the heel and one full length to show they are the same thickness across the sole. I also have a picture of the thin piece of cardboard between the memory foam and the sole, and here you can clearly see the imprints of the grid that you will feel digging into your heel when standing or walking in these. Next is the Sole itself where you can see just how poorly designed these are. Then if there is any doubt I dissected these I threw a picture on of the remains of the top portion that clearly shows these are the slippers I am writing a review for. Read more

    2. Pamela C Rodrigues

      These were purchased the first week of July 2018. It is now August 16 and both slippers have holes in the heel area. They are not used everyday so I am really disappointed in the quality of them. The last pair of slippers I had lasted for 2.5 years. Then, to make matters worse, I am not able to return or exchange them. Not happy. Read more

    3. Andrew

      Slippers fit great for the 2 days they lasted. I was very happy about the fit and comfort level when they arrived. I wore them to work the day after they arrived with no problem (full commute and full work day), then wore them the next day to drive an hour. Luckily I brought a change of shoes with me (subconsciously I guess I couldn’t put that much trust in slippers), because a few minutes out of the car, while walking and doing nothing remarkable, the entire left side of one sole came detached. I taped up the slipper to last me the rest of the weekend but they’re trash now, there’s no way I can return them like this, despite being clean and barely broken in. I compared a few items before purchasing and ultimately decided the “Hanes” brand was the most reliable, but in retrospect I should reserve assumptions like that to the product the company’s known for (in this case, t-shirts and underpants) Read more

    4. Robert Alexander

      Let me start by saying that I am no slipper snob. I fully expect to buy a pair of slippers when the weather gets colder, wear them throughout winter, and then trash them in spring. Rinse and repeat. I’m not looking for a whole lot, just warmth and comfort that I can beat into the ground by wearing them every evening. I stay in the $10 – $20 range, so I’m not talking about designer clothing, either. I have had these slippers for less than a week and they are, by far, the most uncomfortable pair of slippers ever. They hurt your feet, especially your heel. There is no support, the memory foam is basically paper thin, and they aren’t even warm. The inside of the hell is already worn out and I’ve work these around my home, and maybe a grand total of 2 hours. It legitimately feels like it’s messing my feet up even when I wear them for only 10 minutes. Stay away, and spend your money elsewhere. Read more

    5. Lee R.

      Only had them a couple of weeks and the “memory foam” is already flat and provides little cushion. I wouldn’t recommend them if cushion is important to you. Read more

    6. Stella Bella

      These slippers are phenomenal. My husbands feet are very wide and its difficult to fit him. I compensated that by buying a size bigger. Worked as planned. Good quality, and comfortable. Would buy again. Color is very nice too. Read more

    7. Seniorwolf

      I give these slippers five stars. I knew for me they would be a little big, but that has always been a problem. I really like these and they are comfortable. Put together nicely with no seams cutting into you. I liked them so much that the day I received them I ordered a second pair. I find it hard to get a slipper I like and this one is a winner. Read more

    8. David W. Orr

      Looked like a great deal. And it was from Hanes, so expected much more from them. Don’t waste your time on these (Thank you Amazon, for refunding my money). I wear a size 12/13 and purchased the size 12.5/13.5, expecting them to fit well. However the slippers were more like size 10/11 – my toes pushed out forward over the front of the slipper. And they were too wide as well. Apparently Hanes has defective quality control for their slippers – wrong length and width. Read more

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