Guys’s shorewood fisherman sandal

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  • 100% artificial
  • imported
  • artificial sole
  • destressed and tumbled uppers
  • memory foam insole shapes to the foot for instant consolation
  • flexible production
  • fushion footbed provides an additional layer of cushion
  • generous suit for a roomier greater comfy healthy
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product description

up to date classic open toe fisherman sandal


7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13



8 reviews for Guys’s shorewood fisherman sandal

  1. Adrian

    My feet are very wide, so I had to go with a number above my true size and there is about an inch free in front of my toes. This sandal however is the most comfortable sandal i have ever had in my life. It feels secure and is good for days of city-walking. Took them to the beach too and even though they got wet they didn’t get loose at all and after being sun-dried they continue being great. Very comfortable, particularly on the heels (which is something I am very sensitive to). Definitely would buy again. UPDATE. 3 years have gone by and I needed a new pair. Got the exact same size and turns out they made them bigger. Now 9 is too small and 10 is too large. Will have to find another brand Read more

  2. I’m Azon Kustmer

    I normally wear 11.5 or 12 shoes so I ordered these sandals as size 12. Arrived yesterday and they feel really comfortable- snug tight fit but not overly so. Taking them on and off is a bit of a hassle because the velcro strap is small and the fit isn’t loose enough for easy sliding. What concerns me is that they look really big above the toes, at least from my experience with sandals. I took a picture of my foot (while lounging outside my apt) to show the space above my toe. I’m tempted to order a size lower and see how THEY fit. Read more

  3. SaipanRick

    Love the design of these sandals. They were a bit tight at first but after a couple days wear they are stretching enough for my fat feet. They are comfortable to walk in and wear daily. I highly recommend them! Update: After months of wear these sandals are still in perfect shape and are very comfortable. They fit exactly as I had expected them to after the initial stretching to adjust to my feet type. Great shoes!! Read more

  4. Jeff’s

    I haven’t had time to really wear these and break then in yet, but so far, I find them to be comfortable. I’m a size 9 and I ordered a size 9 (even after reading some of the other comments), I have to say… These fit perfectly. I do expect them to loosen some after I break them in. If you’re foot size is closer to the 1/2 size, go with the next size up. e.g. if you are a 9 1/2, get the 10. I like my sandals a little loose and easy to slip my foot in and out without messing with straps. The top strap on this sandal has NO flexibility to make it looser or a little tighter without a lot of trying to soften it up and I’m not sure that you really can. I won’t use the top strap on these for that reason. The back strap has no adjustment. so if you like your sandal to fit more like a shoe, then you’ll like using the top strap. your foot will NOT easily slip out if you do. The Sandals I’m replacing, I’ve had for over 10 years, but water and lots of wear and tear have taken their toll. those were all leather, no Velcro, and more of a true sandal (slip on, slip off). We like to kayak, and I like to wear my sandals when I go. These will get wet and see a lot of wear, so I hope to get 5 or more years out of these, with that type of use. Read more

  5. Bess

    This sandal are beautiful, soft and comfortable. But I bought size 9 for my husband, who is usually size 9W/9M and I was concerned that they would fit too small… well! We just got the sandals and they fit like a size 10 1/2 or 11. They are absolutely too large. I look into exchanging them for an smalkar size, but such option was not available; so I am returning them and buying a size 8 instead. Hopefully they will fit. Also because the exchange is not an option; I got a smaller discount when buying them again. Read more

  6. BgInAz

    Bought for my husband who had a similar pair that he loved. He tried on the Dockers & said theyre a tight so hoping they’ll stretch out a bit after wearing a couple of days. He likes the style and are comfortable. Overall he’s very pleased & said if they stretch out just a little they’ll be perfect. Wish they came in half sizes but it seems most men’s sandals don’t come in half sizes for some reason. I’ll do an update after he wears them a few days to see if they stretch out a little and how they feel on his feet then. Read more

  7. Nana

    I bought the common comparable size for women, figuring these were just plain enough to not matter. I find them very difficult to get on due to a tight instep, but once on, they are the perfect cushioning, length, and toe room. I have a broken toe and have been having the worst time finding a sandal that fits with plenty of toe room, doesn’t squeeze the toe with the shoe or other toes, yet has a strap to hold the shoe on so the toes don’t have to do the work. I like it so far, I just wish that with such a tight instep that they had more velcro openings to allow for ease in getting the shoe on. Pleased with very fast shipment! Read more

  8. brandstadt

    Wear 11.5 and got the 11 and they fit just fine. Recommend half sizes dropping down. Got these to replace craft &burrow similar pair at Kohls but I could not find this year. Decided to get these based on price. I in fact thought I might like not having the adjustable strap in the back, but I was wrong. Even with loosening the side strap, it is a bit of a bear to get back strap over my heel. Might stretch out over time, and if it does will update. But meh, good price. Semi comfortable , but difficult to get heel strap on. Read more

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