Guys’s rover sandal

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  • synthetic nubuck
  • rubber sole
  • rover guys’s sandals: revel in comfort with those athletic sports sandals for guys built with compression molded triple density construction.
  • footbed and arch aid: excessive arch help men’s sandals come up with the aid for extended all-day comfort.
  • maximum sturdiness: all substances for the rover men’s sandals had been selected to be water-pleasant and very smooth to guide your normal adventures.
  • strap: tender athletic sports sandals profile with extra padded smooth liner offers you the comfort to stroll all day with out rub.
  • beach freely with reef: we are encouraging human beings around the world to embody the fun, freedom and spirit of the seaside whilst dwelling existence by way of one simple rule: seashore freely. Our merchandise are designed to make you feel relaxed, comfy and unfastened in any surroundings, whether or not you are at the beach or no longer.
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reef mens sandal flip flop reef 남성용 샌들 플립플롭.

reef is surf. They are inspired by way of water, by the ocean, by means of best waves, and the journey along the manner to find them. They’re a true, worldwide surf emblem that harvests the pleasant of the life-style and stocks it thru real, modern and fashionable product. On the center of reef is their latin roots and the inherent sensuality of the seashore. The reef crew is committed to having amusing in and out of the water, in addition to giving again to the sector that conjures up them.


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8 reviews for Guys’s rover sandal

  1. mick04u

    I love my Reef Rover flip flops! I’ve been looking forward to the warm weather so I can start wearing them again. Super comfortable compared to the Reef Manning sandals. Doesn’t come with bottle opener like the Mannings, but that was more of a novelty. Read more

  2. Josh K

    Purchased these after reading all the great reviews, but into a month of owning them they fell apart (Purchased in March of 2018). At first I glued them back together, but it only held up for a short period of time. Realized that they were warrantied for manufacturer defects for a year so I reached out to Reef to make a claim with photos, purchase info, and issues. I have yet to hear back from them (I’ve been trying for over 3.5 months) even though I reached out multiple times and fully filled out a claim form. I’m very disappointed with their lack of response. Edit 12/11: Reef reached out and immediately sent a new pair of Reef Rovers, for that I am bringing the rating up to 4 stars because overall I really enjoyed the flip flops, so we’ll see how these new ones fair. Read more

  3. Patrick

    The good: These are some of the most comfortable flip flops I’ve ever owned. They have good arch support and fit perfectly. After a couple weeks the foam conforms perfectly to your foot shape. The fit is tight enough that they stay secure but not so tight they’re uncomfortable. You can wear them comfortably all day long, even hiking. The bad: I’d have given them 5 stars, but after only about 2 months, the part that goes between your toes is starting to pull away from the sandal. That piece seems to be made of two materials glued together – a cloth piece and a suede piece – and they’ve peeled apart. The cloth is still secured to the sandal, but the suede piece has come loose. Now to be fair, I’ve worn them every single day for a couple months, and I’ve given them some fairly hard use, but I expect a pair of sandals at this price point to last longer than just a couple months. The bottom line: I hate to say it, but they’re so comfortable I think I have to buy another pair. I’m hoping I just got unlucky with the quality of construction on this pair. If the next pair also only lasts a couple months though, I’ll look for an alternative. Read more

  4. Gregory T Reid

    These are really comfortable — once you find the right size. I was heading on vacation and broke the strap of my old Reef flip-flops a week earlier, so got onto Amazon to order these. I’m normally a perfect 9.5 size, but since these don’t come in half-sizes, I ordered a pair in size 9 and also in size 10. When they arrived, I couldn’t fit into the 10s. The 10 sole is plenty big, but the strap was way too tight. So I had to return both pair and then get a rush shipment on another pair, in size 11. The strap on the 11s perfectly fit my foot (which I would think is a “normally proportioned” size 9.5 foot), and the sandals are very comfortable … though now the sole has plenty of extra space around my foot. So anyway, what I’m saying is that you’ll almost certainly want to order a size larger than you normally wear, in order to have enough room for your foot within the strap. The strap isn’t adjustable, of course. And after a week of wearing on vacation, the strap hadn’t stretched at all. Read more

  5. Ultra360

    I dont like flip flops at all. They usually hurt my feet, and I can’t walk too far in them. Ive owned many pairs over the years as Ive always lived by the beach. My last 2 pair were Quicksilvers and they were good quality, but they hurt and didn’t have much of an arch to support my feet. So, I bought these and it changed my mind about flip flops as they are great. Super comfortable and the best Ive ever owned. The sole is soft and cushiony like running shoes are and the upper is made of a rubbery material like wet suit, so its comfortable around your foot. Highly recommended and worth the $$. Read more

  6. Frank & Cheryl

    I purchased these with the understanding they can be worn in wet conditions. They are dangerously slippery on wet surfaces. If you step on wet tile or the shoes are wet and you step on tile you will be down on the floor in a split second. The soles will not hold tiled surfaces, I ended up in the ER after falling and hitting my head so hard on the sink, I was on the floor unable to get up on my own. I also sliced my thumb open on the tile floor when I went down in a restaurant. Do yourself a favor and pass on these dangerous flip flops. Reefs are good but not the sole on this model, I think Reef should at least replace mine with a real rubber sole model since I’m not suing reef or the restaurant for this false advertising. I will be waiting to hear from them. Read more

  7. Guitarwizjam

    Awesome sandal. This is the best replacement I’ve found for the discontinued Reef Slap II which were my all time favorites. I’ve tried the Phantom – too thin and light, the Fannin – too hard, and the Flex – good sandal but the foot bed surface is too coarse. This sandal I can wear for extended periods of walking and they remain very comfortable and cushion my foot well. Read more

  8. Gary S

    Reef sandals = comfort! I pretty much only buy reef sandals. With that said, these are some of the nicest everyday sandals I’ve ever worn. The footbed feels amazing on your feet. The straps are comfortable with pretty much 0 break in time. If you get the leather version it will require break in. I’ve only had these for 2 weeks and will update if any problems arise. But don’t expect any sandal to last much more than a year. The footbed will compress thin and not be as comfortable. They usually won’t break though. I also wear these to the beach and in sea water as that is one reason this model was made. Buy from Amazon and save $20-30 over store prices. These and the Phantom are good water sandals. Read more

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